Adriana de Moura

  • ullala00@gmail.com

    Anoying wannabe even back then! Ugly kid

  • Melissa D.

    Sounds like someone is jealous. This is by far an ugly kid or woman. Sexiest housewife by far. 5 languages is very sexy!

    • iheartdogsnyc

      Hi Adriana! Trolling around the net again I see. Still have yourself on Google alert. You’re “by far” the farthest from being the “sexiest housewife by far.” Know why I know it’s your ugly self posting? Andy should have “by far” as his sdrinking game if he has you back on WWHL.

      • Anonymous

        Ugly no way, she is sexy. Ugly Carlton from rhoBH, Teresa from RHONj & many others please!!!!!

  • rhoafan

    Strange bird… Untrustworthy for sure.

  • Ellen

    She’s a handful for sure, but damn, she’s beautiful. Even when I’ve questioned her motivation, I still was fascinated watching her.