LuAnn de Lesseps

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Did she have a head transplant?

@D – best comment EVER !!

Haha other comments..yikes! Those teeth..n her eyes..doesn’t look like her at all!

WOAH! THERE IS HOPE FOR ME! She became a model AFTER this was taken? WOW!

Such horse teeth!

Sneaky chic…

She looked like a gym teacher.

No bloody way! That’s not plastic surgery, that’s a face transplant!

Every time I watch the show I enjoy her style, sense of ease in her own skin, and her face is spectacular. This looks like she was just young, wearing little to no makeup, and hadn’t reached her “modeling weight.” She may have tweaked a few things with surgery, but not a lot.

Wow. She was extremely homely and those teeth!!! She could chew thru a barbed-wire fence!!!! Whatever she’s done, she looks like a completely different person.