Melissa Gorga

  • ullala00@gmail.com

    Thank god for that nose job!!

  • zevans

    in this pix, i think she looks black or latina

    • Anonymous

      that is not just Italian hair..

  • Kwilliams

    Funny, all Melissa needed was a nose job to look stunning. Theresa got one too but she still looks busted. I guess I would be a hater too if I looked like Theresa. Lol.

    • Caligirl_4lyfe

      LMAO..above comment..yikes at that nose..but gorg aft n Teresa..Yuck! Hot mess..

  • Caligirl_4lyfe

    N ya she looks mixed here w.something..

  • Anne

    She was , is and will always be UGLY as hell !!!

  • kizzy

    Wow, she could give somebody else a nose donation, and still have a nose left!

  • Tica

    Gee Anne don’t hold back tell us how you feel! Zevans I agree she looks like a Black but not a Latina, all the Latina’s I know have smooth sliky black hair. Maybe Dominican or Puerto Rican black.

  • jessie

    It’s amazing what money can do.

  • Susanraff

    She not only had her nose done but the bags under her eyes and her mouth.