Melissa Gorga

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Thank god for that nose job!!

in this pix, i think she looks black or latina

that is not just Italian hair..

Funny, all Melissa needed was a nose job to look stunning. Theresa got one too but she still looks busted. I guess I would be a hater too if I looked like Theresa. Lol.

LMAO..above comment..yikes at that nose..but gorg aft n Teresa..Yuck! Hot mess..

N ya she looks mixed here w.something..

She was , is and will always be UGLY as hell !!!

Wow, she could give somebody else a nose donation, and still have a nose left!

Gee Anne don’t hold back tell us how you feel! Zevans I agree she looks like a Black but not a Latina, all the Latina’s I know have smooth sliky black hair. Maybe Dominican or Puerto Rican black.

It’s amazing what money can do.

She not only had her nose done but the bags under her eyes and her mouth.

Wow. Plastic surgery was a definite plus in her case. Her big nose and her buggy eyes are gone!!!