Real Housewives, PHOTOS! Before Plastic Surgery & Before They Were Famous

We love our Real Housewives, so we decided to do some google searching. We know that a lot of viewers want to know what their favorite Real Housewives looked like before they had any plastic surgery and before they were famous! So below you can find photos of The Real Housewives, before they were famous, before they were Housewives, and before they had plastic surgery! Take a peek at some of these vintage pictures and see if you can spot your favorite Real Housewife, before she was famous! Click on a picture to reveal who it is! The photos appear in order of city. We have photos from Real Housewives of Atlanta, Beverly Hills, Miami, Orange County, New Jersey, and New York! Leave a comment and tell us who YOU think has changed the most since becoming famous!

Which Housewives do you think have changed the most over the years? Who has had the most plastic surgery? Who was the cutest kid? Who is unrecognizable? Sound off in our comment section below and let us know which Housewife is in your favorite before photo.

Note: We are constantly updating this post with the most current “before” photos of the Housewives. Check back regularly for updates and new ‘Wives added.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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bring a few of Teresa’s friends on, and Bravo needs to stop the bullying

What a joke…Friend….

Adrianna is vile crazy psycho

IS Teresa leaving the rhonj

Photos of Vicki and Heather are not as old.The one that has changed the most,Gretchen.I had to look up the one photo of her.I thought it might be vicki.Vicki has those big Dimples up close.Alexis,You can tell by the eyes.She has the kind and Loyal eyes.Tamra,looks alittle sneaky back then.

Gretchen looks totally Revamped, I didn’t even recognize her, Vicky looks the same except for lighter hair, Taylor Armstrong and Brandi, I couldn’t even recognize, Totally revamped as well, Bethany’s eyes were so sad and saggy

Wonderful look to the past! Loved the pics…especially Taylor, Teresa, Alexis, Gretchen and Vicki! Just adorable! If we all could only act as adorable as adults…LOL!

Taylor looks the most different to me! Loved these pics on throwback Thursday!

Taylor has changed the most. I would have never recognized her without some help. I think little Camille and Alexis come in close seconds. Lisa V, Brandi, and Kim Richards were beautiful (still good looking too)!

This is great! I loved looking through all of the photos and trying to guess who is who. Thanks for sharing!

These are great! Thank you for sharing

Young and cute and innocent….But now some are Evil….

Funny, I see no child/baby pictures of Kenya…hmmmm. I can tell you why right now! Because she doesn’t want you to see that flat ass BEFORE fat injections, that nose BEFORE nose job and God knows what else. Haaaaaa!!!!!!!

I LOVE this site. So glad I found it when I googled earlier, keep up the good work!!

Gosh darn Anthony Radziwil had like THEE biggest forehead ever. Cute face but wow that head. Carole looks no different. Taylor Armstrong looks totally different. Totally. Nene & Kim Z have had A LOT done. Lisa Vanderpump & Yo fo look pretty much the same. Props to those 2 for aging gracefully.

I vote for Tamra Barney – it has to be Tamra as the picture we have here is just a new born.

My favortie….Andy!!! Love the tie-dye and the poofy hair!