Real Housewives of Orange County Cast Lose Bonuses

As many of you know, the cast of RHOC can’t stop hurling insults to each other through social media, and it looks like it is going to cost them some money.

“This season, the Housewives were asked to refrain from attacking one another on social media. They were told that if they were able to control their posts, they’d receive a $30,000 bonus.

However, Tamra Judge, Vicki Gunvalson, Kelly Dodd and Meghan King Edmonds have already lost there potential bonuses.

“Tamra lasted less than a week, and Vicki wasn’t far behind,” an insider told In Touch. And we’ve all seen Kelly and Meghan going at it on Twitter.

Are you surprised by this? Tell us your thoughts about this season of RHOC.

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15 Replies to “Real Housewives of Orange County Cast Lose Bonuses”

  1. I can’t say that I am surprised that Kelly Dodd lost her shot at an extra thirty grand. Nor am I surpirised that Tamra and Vicki lost theirs either. Funny thing is I tweeted Shanno n over the weekend and told her I was rooting for her to get her thirty grand at the end of the season; because I read somewhere that she was on the boderline of losing it. I guess we will see what happens.

    1. They all write blogs anyway with nasty comments so Twitter or their blogs; what’s the difference? What I can’t stand is Kelly attacking people posting things to her. Telling women they’re whores or ugly or need to put the fork down then stealing their pictures and putting them on blast over and over.

    2. I read through Shannon’s tweets and think she takes some of her comments right to the edge. Anyone who watches the show knows what she means.

      1. That’s what the article that I read had said, that Shannon was teetering on losing that thirty grand. By the looks of things, it will be Peggy and Lydia who will get that money at the end of this season. I guess that is just the way the cookie crumbles.

  2. If, Bravo really, wanted The “Ladies of Lunacy” to Stop “Hurling Insults” at each other on Social Media.
    Bravo, should Fine them.
    This seems Logical , to me.
    Losing Money, is a Serious Motivator.
    If, they Had to “Pay A Fine”, that might end this Nonscence.
    Or, not!

  3. Let’s face it: The network just wants to make sure that the cage fights remain only on the show. Too bad it’s not to promote some civility, but I’m glad they’ll lose their bonuses for their bad behavior.

  4. I don’t think this constitutes why they were getting a bonus. Didn’t they give away what was going on during filming and then brought things back up while it was airing that gave away the season? Them commenting on what is happening as it is shown and not revealing what happens is completely different. I don’t think any of the cast has revealed anything about what’s to come other than the fact it’s obvious Tamra and Shannon are not friends with Vicki.

  5. They deserve to lose not only their bonuses, they should lose themselves. Their behavior is an abomination to society——-ALL of them!!!!!! I take that back. Lydia & Peggy deserve not only their bonuses but all of the others as well. They are ladies.

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