Real Housewives of Orange County Ladies Buying Twitter Followers?!

If you could guess which Real Housewife of Orange County would you peg to PAY for Twitter Followers? Ha! Accoring to former house husband Micah Tanous, Peggy’s husband, some of the wives may be paying to look more popular than they actually are!

Micah tweeted, “I just answered a call from the company that is SELLING all the current #RHOC cast their Twitter followers, What a F’ing Joke! Fake likes!?! Current cast members just got pissed I tweeted that… Too funny. Oh god, what do you think these $2500 “PR” agents that promise “social media marketing” are doing. The software only costs $50!”

It’s hard to believe someone would be desperate enough to BUY followers, so rumorfix.com took a look at twitter counter to see some results, take a look:


Aug 1, 2012 – 312,714 followers

Aug 3, 2012 – Drops to 299,960 followers

Aug 7, 2012 – Rises to 307,371 followers

Aug 9, 2012 – Suddenly goes up to 338,121 followers

Alexis gained 30,750 followers in just two days!


Aug 1, 2012 – 329,992 followers

Aug 4, 2012 – 330,873 followers

Aug 7, 2012 – 331,848 followers

Aug 9, 2012 – 332,399 followers

Tamra has gained 2,407 new followers since Aug 1.


Aug 1, 2012 – 323, 340 followers

Aug 4, 2012 – 326,404 followers

Aug 7, 2012 – 328,292 followers

Aug 9, 2012 – 331, 275 followers

Gretchen has gained 7,935 followers since Aug 1.


Aug ,1 2012 – 199,411 followers

Aug 4, 2012 – 200,120 followers

Aug 7, 2012 – 200,789 followers

Aug 9, 2012 – 201, 442 followers

Vicki has gained 2,031 followers since Aug 1.


Aug 1, 2012 – 102,621 followers

Aug 4, 2012 – 103,996 followers

Aug 7, 2012 – 104,738 followers

Aug 9, 2012 – 105,234 followers

Heather has gained 2,613 followers since Aug 1.

Notice a difference in consistency? Alexis Bellino seems to be the only housewife with a dramatic increase in followers. Which is extremely high, because the show isn’t airing right now. Alexis took to twitter to respond to Micah’s accusations, “Beyond crazy. I wouldn’t know the 1st thing about this & would never want fake fans following me.”

What do you think of this?

Photo Credit: Hollywood Gossip



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