Real Housewives of Orange County- Filming Begins For Season 8! Which Ladies Are Apart Of The Cast? Plus- Heather Insinuates Alexis Was Fired!

Filming for Season 8 of The Real Housewives of Orange County has officially begun! And while the cast is still unknown, we have some hints! According to a report by Orange Coast, the ladies sat ringside with their significant others at Sunday night’s Golden Foodie Awards. The ladies in attendance were even required to send waivers granting Bravo permission to use footage and images of the event for the show.

Which Housewives were there? The only one that confirmed the appearance was Tamra Barney. There was no mention of it from Gretchen Rossi, Vicki Gunvalson, or Heather Dubrow. There have been rumors that Vicki Gunvalson won’t be returning for another season, even though she is the last standing Original Housewife. However, she did just welcome her grandson into the world, which could be a good reason she wasn’t there. Gretchen was on the East Coast for business, as we know from her tweets, and Heather Dubrow seemed to be in the area, just not in attendance. Heather has already spoke about the drama in Season 8, so it’s safe to say she will be returning along with Tamra and Gretchen.

We know Alexis has already announced she won’t be returning for another season, and many of the wives have questioned her statements for why she isn’t coming back. Heather Dubrow recently interviewed with The Stir and revealed, “I know a bit about the real circumstances under which she is leaving and it’s not how she’s portraying it to the press. I will tell you this much, I think she should come back but I’m not really sure it was her choice.” Hmm.. interesting, goes along with what Tamra said too…

So there will probably be new additions to the cast in Orange County, and the big question remains, will Vicki return? We will keep you posted!

Tell Us- Do you want Vicki to return? Would you like to see new ladies in the OC?

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4 Replies to “Real Housewives of Orange County- Filming Begins For Season 8! Which Ladies Are Apart Of The Cast? Plus- Heather Insinuates Alexis Was Fired!”

  1. I think Heather tries too hard to be top dog. She is one of the newer ones so doesn’t really need to gossip about the other gals. She not a favorite of many as she is too forward in letting us know how smart she thinks she is. The show was far better with her not being on this one. She has no right speaking about the other gals personal life. Ruins the show for my group of friends.

  2. Alexis and vicki are back.Laurie on some to.alexis my favorite.Now i will be watching season 8.Guess Heather was wrong.Not fired.Alexis,is the kind of the OC.My wish for this season 8.Fun…It seems since around season 3&4 it has turned mean.OC ladies need to support each other more.I have a filling this season will be different.Hope it is the Best of all!

  3. Vicki- she needs to get of her high horse. She is so clueless about Brooks. Also, treat others how you want to be treated Vicki. Tamara – decide who your friends are, don’t let others decide for you. Gretchen – I like her. I know most people don’t but she says it like it is and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Heather -I like her too but she has to realize she’s not always right. Alexis – grow a back bone!

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