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Real Housewives of Dallas Season 4 Drama Teaser

As season four of The Real Housewives of Dallas kicks off, Stephanie Hollman is teasing us about the dramatic new season. Last season’s biggest storyline was the implosion of LeeAnne Locken’s friendship with D’Andra Simmons, Hollman recently told AOL’s Gibson Johns that their relationship won’t be the only focus of

Did Brandi Redmond Date Stephanie Hollman’s Husband Travis?

Viewers may have noticed that Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman’s husband, Travis, have a long history as they shopped for an engagement gift on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Brandi and Travis go way back, they have been friends for over 20 years. Brandi even helped

Cary Deuber Opens Up About Having Issues Conceiving Children

RHOD star Cary Deuber couldn’t be cuter with her 5-year-old daughter, Zuri. However, Deuber is opening up about how hard it was for her to get pregnant and why she decided to have a hysterectomy. “I am not one of those cute pregnant girls that runs around [excited],” she said.

Cary Deuber Shares Relationship With Her Stepchildren

If you are a viewer of The Real Housewives of Dallas, you should be pretty familiar with Cary Deuber’s daughter, Zuri Deuber. But, the five-year-old isn’t the only child in her life. On The Daily Dish Podcast, Cary chatted about Mark’s two children from a previous marriage. “Lara is 18 and she’s

LeeAnne Locken Slams D’Andra Simmons After Feud Explodes

This season on The Real Housewives of Dallas, the feud between LeeAnne Locken and D’Andra Simmons has some viewer’s heads spinning. Who said what, when and why. But LeAnne is issuing a piece of advice to D’Andra. “When I said I didn’t feel like Cary Deuber had a side with

D’Andra Simmons Reveals She’s a Domestic Violence Survivor

Real Housewives of Dallas star D’Andra Simmons is opening up about her past and shares that she is a survivor of domestic violence. “Successful women, that it looks like they have everything going for them from the outside, but then there’s a secret they’re hiding,” said Simmons. Simmons says she

PHOTOS: The Real Housewives Without Makeup

The women of the Real Housewives franchise are known for their extreme glam and style, they even travel internationally with their own glam squads, but what would they look like if they didn’t wear so much makeup? We are going to show you. These Housewives shared makeup-free selfies with People

Season One Housewife- The Gauntlet

In the early days of Bravo (when reunion sets looked like the DMV and Andy Cohen didn’t refer to himself as ‘Daddy’ yet) Housewives got hired and stayed around a long time. Somewhere circa New York Season 3 it became okay to Fire and Hire faster than Karen Walker downs

Real Housewives of Dallas Season 3 Update

Season two of The Real Housewives of Dallas was received very well by viewers and we have an update about season three. So, for all of you Dallas fans, we have good news! According to a new report, they are already working on season three. Everybody knows when you have

Real Housewives of Dallas Midseason Trailer Packed With Drama

Bravo has released the midseason trailer for The Real Housewives of Dallas and it seems like the show will be heating up! In the preview for what’s still to come this season, we see everything from dildos, multiple threats of violence and more outrageous behavior from LeeAnne Locken. Locken is

RHOD Star D’Andra Simmons Regrets Outfit She Wore On Show

We are only a few episodes into the new season of RHOD and star D’Andra Simmons is already regretting an outfit that she wore. The outfit in question was when D’Andra had an emotional conversation with her stepson Keaton. “I was wearing my sweater inside out from Anthropologie. I had

Brandi Redmond Believes Kameron Westcott is Judging Her

Brandi Redmond is taking to her blog to react to hearing that she doesn’t fit in with Dallas society. Redmond says if she doesn’t have anything in common with new Housewife Kameron Westcott it’s because she’s judging her. “I’m not gonna lie, hearing that I don’t fit in and the

RHOD Star D’Andra Simmons Admits Watching LeeAnne Locken on Season 1 was Difficult

RHOD star D’Andra Simmons admits that it wasn’t the fans who were the only ones who had a hard time watching LeeAnne Locken during season 1.  D’Andra, who has long been a friend to LeeAnne, had a difficult time watching her friend on the show. “I would call her, and

LeeAnne Locken Explains Why She Exploded On Cary Deuber

LeeAnne Locken is finally opening up about her engagement to her long-time boyfriend Rich. In her blog this week, Locken relives the proposal and says her heart is still melting. “#NewsFlash: I’m ENGAGED! Are you SHOCKED? Excited? Well, I am BEYOND thrilled that I was able to share one of

Real Housewives of Dallas Season 2 Ratings Suffer

We had high hopes for season two of The Real Housewives of Dallas, but apparently viewers don’t feel the same way, because the show’s ratings have taken a major dive. Season one of RHOD premiered to 1,076,000 viewers in 2016, but this year only 843,000 people tuned in to episode

LeeAnne Locken Makes Shocking Comment About RHOD Husbands

As you might of seen on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Monday evening, RHOD stars Brandi Remond, Carey Deuber and Stephanie Hollman didn’t hold back their feelings about their co-star LeeAnne Locken. LeeAnne took to Twitter to respond to the ladies saying, “When you hear MY NAME on

Stephanie Hollman Reacts to Cary Deuber’s Concerns About Her Friendship With Brandi

Stephanie Hollman is revealing how she felt about the trip to Memphis with her co-stars Brandi Redmond and Cary Deuber. In her blog, Stephanie admits she hates fishing but explains what a great time she had on the trip. She also addresses accusations that she kisses Brandi’s ass. “I was

Cary Deuber Reacts to Co-Stars Saying She’s Being Manipulated

Cary Deuber is reacting to her co-stars that claim she is being manipulated by Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman. In her blog, Cary also explains why she questioned Stephanie about kissing Brandi’s ass. “What a fun episode for me and the other ladies! Friendship and positivity are what this is

LeeAnne Locken Says It’s Obvious Stephanie Hollman Hates Her

LeeAnne Locken says it’s beyond obvious that Stephanie Hollman hates her. In her blog, Locken admits it is extremely hurtful to watch Brandi Redmond act like they never had a friendship. Locken explains this has been one of the worst and most painful parts of the show. “Alright, so I

Brandi Redmond Gets Rejected By Her Grandmother

As RHOD viewers saw on this week’s episode, Brandi Redmond’s maternal grandmother hasn’t spoken to her in a year and a half. The episode showed a very sad moment when Brandi attempted to fix their relationship by showing up to her grandmother’s house in Senatobia, Mississippi, with flowers in hand, only

Kameron Westcott On Her Feud With Brandi Redmond

New RHOD star Kameron Westcott is opening up about her feud with Brandi Redmond in an interview with Bravo. Kameron reacts to Brandi not inviting her on the trip and shares her thoughts on Brandi’s imitation of her. She also explains that Brandi doesn’t know her at all and believes

D’Andra Simmons Says Brandi Redmond is an Outsider to Dallas Society

D’Andra Simmons is taking to her blog to respond to Brandi Redmond’s criticism of the Dallas charity world. Simmons says Brandi is an outsider when it comes to Dallas society and explains that she’s one of the very few people that can dish it to LeeAnne Locken. Read what else

Brandi Redmond Thinks Plastic Surgery Caused Her Miscarriage

RHOD star Brandi Redmond is opening up more about her miscarriage that she suffered and believes that too much plastic surgery could be the cause of it. On this week’s episode, Brandi and her husband Bryan Redmond went to see OB/GYN Dr. Holt to check about Brandi’s fertility. “I’ve been having

LeeAnne Locken is Sad She Has to Question Her Friendship With Brandi Redmond

LeeAnne Locken is slamming critics who call her a bully. In her blog this week, Locken reacts to Brandi Redmond’s house rule about her, Brandi’s behavior to Kameron Westcott and is sad that she is starting to question their friendship. “I make friends with people who set me straight, not

Brandi Redmond Insists She Has Nothing in Common With Kameron Westcott

Brandi Redmond is taking to her blog to explain the “rule” her husband made about LeeAnne Locken. She also insists that she has nothing in common with Kameron Westcott and throws some shade at her new co-star. “First, I want to thank my Grandfather and Nona for taking me up