Real Housewives Of Cheshire Coming To Bravo


The Real Housewives is coming to England! On November 14th, The Real Housewives of Cheshire premieres, giving viewers a look at the wealthy area located in Northwest England that is known as the Golden Triangle. The countryside is best known for expensive homes and famous residents.

The 10-episode series will follow the lives of the women who run in the area’s most exclusive social circle, including former model/life coach Tanya Bardsley, footballer wife Leanne Brown, writer Magali Gorre, salon and spa-owner Ampika Pickston, Cheshire native and and self-proclaimed “domestic goddess” Lauren Simon, and celebrity interior designer Dawn Ward.

Check out the preview below:

The series will premiere on Bravo on November 14th at 12/11c. Will you be watching?

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33 Replies to “Real Housewives Of Cheshire Coming To Bravo”

    1. First series wasn’t very good at all but second is a bit better and that’s on just now only part way through. The main criticism from people on American blogs is the accent but it is just a Lancashire accent where most of the cast are from. But it’s not the same as the US versions so I’m not sure how it will go down in your country.

      1. I’m English but live in Australia and still need subtitles to understand these girls especially when they’re all talking at the same time. Anyway I will watch the next season as I did like a few of the ladies and want to see if they sort out their differences.

            1. I gave up on Towie as well, can’t stand half of them! You have a few more to go with MIC.
              You aren’t to far away from Lancs, but some do have very strong accents! I have only been to Psrth but I loved Australia!

          1. I watch made in Chelsea – at the moment we are watching the episodes they did in LA. So not sure how far behind we are. Gave up watching TOWIE. That show has just bombed in my opinion. Can’t stand Ferne, Jess and Lydia. They have definately become the mean girls.

        1. I can’t understand them either. From what I do understand they are not very interesting women. Definitely needs subtitles. Give me the Housewives of Orange County.

      2. It looks like Bravo heard your comments, Sally! I will watch them…with captions to help me understand. I use captions all the time anyway. They may lose in the translation a bit or not keep up with the conversation, but it is better than nothing. I look forward to seeing a new place with new housewives. 😉

  1. I’ve watched the first 5 episodes of season 2, it’s so much better than the awful first season, but it’s like they pulled out all the housewives staples and knew exactly what to do. Accusations of lying, cheating on husbands, going bankrupt etc.
    The tag lines of the first season are the worst ones ever, season 2 is a little better. And Magali is one of the most frustrating housewives, she’s up there with Jody from Real Housewives of Vancouver as annoyingly delusional.

    Season 2 at least has some drama though, season 1 was absolutely dull

      1. I actually hope the second season has a reunion, all the ladies are super bitchy behind each others back when they are talking to the camera, but they never say it to each others faces, if they have a reunion and they confront them about all the things they are saying it may actually go somewhere.

        1. I agree again, now I’m really worried!!! Yes It does need a reunion, I also would have loved to see Magali on the train! I really think Ampika is nuts as well as Magali.

          1. That secret recording had the potential to be an amazing storyline, but they totally blew it. They should have shown the viewers it. And then the stoyline just went away, it really showed that the ladies aren’t really interested in showing who they really are on camera, they are just being very fake.

            1. Isn’t that the same right through HW’s they are fake mostly, in that they show what they want us to see! Editing goes someway to that of course.

      1. Common people put milk in their tea cup first, you should always pour the tea first! Right Countess?? I refuse to say which way round I do it!!!

  2. Oh, I guess I’m a common, what else is new! However I don’t drink tea, just coffee and the light cream goes in first or I won’t drink it! Maybe I’m not common, just a little flighty 😉

  3. Don’t know about these ladies, this show—-but I HOPE THEY BRING BACK LADIES OF LONDON, they are so civilized & posh, better than most RH’s bravo put’s on….These ladies have class, minus jules (frantic overly sensitive puppet) with no brain…

    1. Are you from the states?

      I really enjoy the series, but I’d say this show goes over more posh than it is in the states.

      Like Bravo straight up lied to you trying to paint Caprice as posh on season 1.

      Caprice is absolute tabloid trash over this part of the world, so very very far from posh.

  4. Hey Andy! How about a “Real Housewives of the Hood”???? THAT would be some real sh*t for your t.v. viewers! Not all this fake crap you’re pushing.

  5. The worst housewives show ever. Dull uninteresting women and I can’t understand anything they say. Definitely need subtitles. The women come across as low class.

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