Real Housewives Of Atlanta Celebrate 100 Episodes


Sunday night Bravo aired a special tribute to The Real Housewives of Atlanta for their 100th episode. In one of the show highlights, NeNe Leakes revealed what her biggest regret was.

In a special interview, Andy Cohen talked to Leakes about her early journey of finding out the identity of her biological father.

“I regret ever going on that search because that really hurt my dad,” NeNe shared. “To this day our relationship has never been the same. Once he heard about [another man saying he slept with my mom], he never had a relationship with me or my children again.”

Another big part of RHOA history is Kim Zolciak’s singing career, Andy had to ask some of the ladies their own thoughts about the footage.

“I think that when I’m by myself I sing pretty good,” Kim says. “When [Kandi] played [Don’t Be Tardy] back for me I’ll never forget that moment. It’s one of my best memories ever.”

Kandi Burruss smiled and said, “I always go for the underdog and I was like, ‘You know what? I’m gonna help her.'”

Andy brought up the legal battle Kandi and Kim had over the royalties for the song. “So when she put the song out her lawyer told her she shouldn’t have to pay us. I was like, ‘Wait a minute though. That’s not what we agreed to.””

Next the ladies discussed fashion and who the best and worst dressed titles should go to on the show.

“Me of course,” Kenya Moore said, while Claudia Jordan agreed. “I would say Kenya and Cynthia.”

Kandi Burruss also gave props to Cynthia Bailey’s risky fashion choices and chose her as best dressed. Cynthia also got the award for best hair too.

“I would have to say Phaedra,” Porsha Williams said.

Phaedra said, “Kim Zolciak always wore the best labels.”

“Kim is a good dresser,” NeNe Leakes agreed.

And what would RHOA be without the infamous Big Papa? Kim dished about her love life throughout the years and how she almost didn’t meet her now husband Kroy Biermann.

“He lived in Atlanta,” Kim shares. “He was in real estate. He chased me for about a year and he was just my best friend.”

When Andy asked about the lavish gifts Papa would give Kim, she said, “I was a nurse at the time and I worked really hard. I had my townhouse before I met him.”

Kim also revealed that Papa dropped her off to the event that she met her husband Kroy at. “I did not even want to go to that event,” Kim admitted. “I was swimming in a pool and was like, ‘I’m not coming.’ In fact the guy that married Kroy and I, he was supposed to dance but he couldn’t so he passed it off to Kroy.”

What are some of your favorite moments from RHOA? Comment below!

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6 Replies to “Real Housewives Of Atlanta Celebrate 100 Episodes”

    1. Do you need to give her that advice when she has been married for years to Kroy with four children by him? What she did in the past is in the past! I’m sure you have made mistakes! No one is perfect!!

      1. Hey crap–I was referencing which is my favorite part of the ATL episode–it was during the reunion when NeNe told Kim (when she was labeled as a trash box hooker) “close your legs to married men)”.

        Ps–I still think Kim came off as a paid escort.

  1. I haven’t see this yet, but this sounds kinda boring.

    The special they did for RHOC when it reached 100 episodes was really good, they really went back through the show and talked to all the ex housewives, this just looks like an add for the current season, not really a look at the history of the show.

    Hope they do a better job with the RHONY one

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