Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Meltdown in Milan

Tonight on RHONJ, the women traveled to Milan. Everyone was excited for the trip, but told their significant others about how they were scared for the drama that could happen after what happened at the POSCHE Fashion Show.

The women split up into pairs when they arrived in Milan. Dolores and Siggy went shopping. Teresa and Danielle had a drink near the Duomo di Milano. Melissa and Margaret headed to a showroom to load up on sweaters with fringe and sweater dresses with fringe to stock the shelves at Envy.

After everyone talked about what had happened at Kim D’s, the resentment built up and the women decided to hash it out. For example: Why didn’t Siggy stand up to Kim D? Why hasn’t Dolores apologized? And Siggy is very upset that Margaret made a joke about Hitler.

Once Kim D is discussed the sh*t hits the fan. It was clear Siggy and Dolores were all alone. We will break down what happened during the dinner:

-Siggy declared that Margaret is anti-Semitic, inspiring a shocking response from the group
-Margaret, whose explains her children are Jewish, is so upset she is shaking
-Danielle defended Marge, telling Siggy to back off, which only made things worse
“You don’t matter,” Siggy tells Danielle. “You’re disgusting.”
-Danielle smashes glasses off the table and Teresa hustles her out of the restaurant before she could do anymore damage
-“Go to jail, you loser,” Siggy shouts at Danielle.
-Outside, Danielle tries to remember how the Italian’s say the C- Word

The next day, the ladies went on separate journeys. Danielle and Siggy both chose to stay behind, but Dolores comes joins the group. Dolores finally apologized to Melissa for the way she talked to her at the fashion show, though she still doesn’t regret walking in it.

At the hotel, Danielle and Siggy tried to make peace. Siggy apologized for the way she spoke to Staub. Danielle says she saw red, adding, “I don’t ever want to see that color again.”

Over lunch, Dolores claims that she doesn’t believe Margaret is anti-Semitic, just “anti-Siggy.” Dolores insists that Margaret’s Hitler analogy was in “poor taste,” and she would have responded just as Siggy had, but “probably worse.”

Meanwhile, Siggy called her husband Michael Campanella for advice on what to do. Michael told Sig to “walk away from a toxic situation,” and she agreed to come home early.

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Photo Credit: Bravo