The Real Housewives Net Worth And Salaries


Do you ever wonder just how rich your favorite Real Housewife is? Well, we have all the answers for you. We have listed how much each Housewife is worth and even reveal their Bravo salaries.

Note: some couples may have the same net worth.


Cynthia Bailey:
Net Worth: $500,000
RHOA Salary: $300,000
Peter Thomas Net Worth: $100,000

Kandi Burruss:
Net Worth: $35 MILLION
RHOA Salary: $450,000
Todd Tucker Net Worth: $200,000

Kenya Moore:
Net Worth: $300,000
RHOA Salary: Unknown

NeNe Leakes:
Net Worth: $12 MILLION
Gregg Leakes Net Worth: $3.5 MILLION

Phaedra Parks:
Net Worth: $2 MILLION
RHOA Salary: $300,000
Apollo Nida Net Worth: $400,000

Porsha Williams:
Net Worth: $500,000
RHOA Salary: Unknown
Kordell Stewart Net Worth: $16 MILLION

Claudia Jordan:
Net Worth: $500,000
RHOA Salary: Unknown

Kim Zolciak-Biermann
Net Worth: $1.5 MILLION
RHOA Salary: Unknown
Kroy Biermann Net Worth: $5.5 MILLION


Joyce Giraud:
Net Worth: $10 MILLION
RHOBH Salary: Unknown
Michael Ohoven Net Worth: $50 MILLION

Brandi Glanville:
Net Worth: $1 MILLION
RHOBH Salary: $175,000
Eddie Cibrian Net Worth: $6 MILLION

Kim Richards:
Net Worth: $100,000
RHOBH Salary: $100,000

Kyle Richards:
Net Worth: $30 MILLION
RHOBH Salary: $270,000
Mauricio Umansky Net Worth: $30 MILLION

Lisa Vanderpump:
Net Worth: $65 MILLION
RHOBH Salary: $350,000
Ken Todd Net Worth: $85 MILLION

Yolanda Hadid:
Net Worth: $45 MILLION
RHOBH Salary: $100,000
David Foster Net Worth: $30 MILLION
Mohammed Hadid Net Worth: $200 MILLION

Lisa Rinna:
Net Worth: $8 MILLION
RHOBH Salary: Unknown
Harry Hamlin Net Worth: $5.5 MILLION

Eileen Davidson:
Net Worth: $3 MILLION
RHOBH Salary: Unknown

Erika Jayne:
Net Worth: $5 MILLION
RHOBH Salary: Unknown
Thomas Girardi Net Worth: $30 MILLION


Tamra Barney:
Net Worth: $800,000
RHOC Salary: $325,000
Eddie Judge Net Worth: $300,000

Shannon Beador:
Net Worth: $20 MILLION
RHOC Salary: Unknown
David Beador Net Worth: $20 MILLION

Heather Dubrow:
Net Worth: $30 MILLION
RHOC Salary: Unknown
Terry Dubrow Net Worth: $30 MILLION

Vicki Gunvalson:
Net Worth: $7 MILLION
RHOC Salary: $500,000
Brooks Ayers Net Worth: $150 Thousand

Lizzie Rovsek:
Net Worth: $25 MILLION
RHOC Salary: Unknown
Christian Rovsek Net Worth: $25 MILLION

Meghan Edmonds:
Net Worth: $5 MILLION
RHOC Salary: Unknown
Jim Edmonds Net Worth: $35 MILLION

Kelly Dodd:
Net Worth: $10 MILLION
RHOC Salary: Unknown

Peggy Sulahian:
Net Worth: $6 MILLION
RHOC Salary: Unknown
Diko Sulahian Net Worth: $6 MILLION


Adriana de Moura-Sidi:
Net Worth: $10 MILLION
RHOM Salary: $75,000
Frederic Marq Net Worth: $15 MILLION

Alexia Echevarria:
Net Worth: $30 MILLION
RHOM Salary: Unknown
Herman Echevarria Net Worth: $30 MILLION

Joanna Krupa:
Net Worth: $1 MILLION
RHOM Salary: Unknown
Romain Zago Net Worth: $15 MILLION

Lea Black:
Net Worth: $65 MILLION
RHOM Salary: Unknown
Roy Black Net Worth: $65 MILLION

Lisa Hochstein:
Net Worth: $20 MILLION
RHOM Salary: Unknown
Lenny Hochstein Net Worth: $20 MILLION

Marysol Patton:
Net Worth: $15 MILLION
RHOM Salary: Unknown


Caroline Manzo:
Net Worth: $8 MILLION
RHONJ Salary: Unknown
Albert Manzo Net Worth: $8 MILLION

Jacqueline Laurita:
Net Worth: $500,000
RHONJ Salary: Unknown
Chris Laurita Net Worth: $500,000

Kathy Wakile:
Net Worth: $5 MILLION
RHONJ Salary: Unknown
Richard Wakile Net Worth: $5 MILLION

Melissa Gorga:
Net Worth: -$1.5 MILLION
RHONJ Salary: $250,000
Joe Gorga Net Worth: -$1.5 MILLION

Teresa Giudice:
Net Worth: -$11 MILLION
RHONJ Salary: $700,000
Joe Giudice Net Worth: -$11 MILLION

Dina Manzo:
Net Worth: $4.5 MILLION
RHONJ Salary: $100,000
Tommy Manzo Net Worth: $8 MILLION

Amber Marchese:
Net Worth: $3 MILLION
RHONJ Salary: $60,000
Jim Marchese Net Worth: $3 MILLION

Nicole Napolitano:
Net Worth: $5 MILLION
RHONJ Salary: $60,000
Bobby Ciasulli Net Worth: Unknown

Teresa Aprea:
Net Worth: $10 MILLION
RHONJ Salary: $60,000
Rino Aprea Net Worth: $10 MILLION

Dolores Catania:
Net Worth: Unknown
RHONJ Salary: Unknown

Siggy Flicker:
Net Worth: Unknown
RHONJ Salary: Unknown

Danielle Staub:
Net Worth: -$1 MILLION
RHONJ Salary: Unknown


Bethenny Frankel:
Net Worth: $25 MILLION
RHONY Salary: Reportedly $1 MILLION
Jason Hoppy Net Worth: $5 MILLION

Aviva Drescher:
Net Worth: $20 MILLION
RHONY Salary: $200,000
Reid Drescher Net Worth: $20 MILLION

Carole Radziwill:
Net Worth: $50 MILLION
RHONY Salary: Unknown

Heather Thomson:
Net Worth: $10 MILLION
RHONY Salary: $175,000
Jonathan Schindler Net Worth: $10 MILLION

LuAnn de Lesseps:
Net Worth: $2 MILLION
RHONY Salary: Unknown
Count de Lesseps Net Worth: $50 MILLION
Thomas D’Agostino: Unknown

Ramona Singer:
Net Worth: $18 MILLION
RHONY Salary: $500,000
Mario Singer Net Worth: $18 MILLION

Sonja Morgan:
Net Worth: $8 MILLION
RHONY Salary: $220,000

Kristen Taekman:
Net Worth: $20 MILLION
RHONY Salary: Unknown
Josh Taekman Net Worth: $20 MILLION

Dorinda Medley:
Net Worth: $20 MILLION
RHONY Salary: Unknown

Jules Wainstein:
Net Worth: Unknown
RHONY Salary: Unknown

Tinsley Mortimer:
Net Worth: $35 MILLION
RHONY Salary: Unknown


Andy Cohen:
Net Worth: $15 MILLION
WWHL Salary: Unknown

Credit: Celebrity Net Worth
Photo Credit: Bravo

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It’s confusing to me how Teresa is considered to be worth anything when she seems to owe many times more than she has in assets. I also wonder how Dubrow is worth so much. What a shame that doctors who saves lives are worth so much less than one who doesn’t seem too bright and makes his living performing skin deep procedures for the vain and vacuous. His wife said once they both had about the same amount of money. Playing the side kick of a half dozen sitcoms over a period of 20 years must pay more than I… Read more »

Teresa’s is negative lol

So is Melissa and Joe’s

I thought they were worth millions. How did they lose their money?

Probably the same way Joe and Teresa did. They spend worse than Teresa G ever did.. And that is saying alot.

and you don’t have their money either quit judging people I think it’s a little bit of jealousy

I still dnt understand how they got there. Criminals

So are Melissa and Joe Gorga That’s surprising to me

there is no way that is accurate. Joe and Melissa Gorga’s net worth has always been a lot more than Teresa and Joes. And they dont have Lisa Vanderpumps, or a lot of the ladies anywhere near correct either…I dont know who did this list, but they arent even close.

Pay attention that their saladies are negatives

Surely Teresa’s salary for RH is reported and known somewhere, since there are public records due to her criminal charges, etc…

I agree. Garnishments???

First of all Heather husband does not save lives he is a plastic surgeon.

That’s kind of what I said.

Obviously there is way more money in being a plastic surgeon, because its paid through private money, not insurance companies.
People who go into the medical field know how much which medical profession makes what.
So why should any plastic surgeon be put down because he/she makes more than a doctor who saves lives. That individual person chooses their profession.


In response to the “vain and vacuous” comment…plastic surgeons contribute so much more than that. Babies are born every day with congenital deformities, people’s lives are nearly ruined by accidents such as automobile accidents, fires, and on-the-job accidents where a plastic surgeon’s skilled hands are the only ones that can place these people on the road to as normal as possible after a horrendous accident. I know. My son-in-law would have lost his arm after an on-the-job accident caused compartment syndrome. Two surgeons turned the surgery down and recommended amputation. The plastic surgeon talked them into it, performed two of… Read more »

I agree with you totally, my daughter would have lost her arm if it wasn’t for a plastic surgeon and a very determined ER surgeon. I thank God every day for the plastic surgeon pushing for the surgery.

Thank you. I was about to chime in because there are many a woman who has the self-esteem to go out and face the world after cancer, particularly, breast cancer, due to a plastic surgeon. When some texting teen destroys one of these bauble-headed trolls and they need a plastic surgeon to put them back together to look like a woman, perhaps one who is beautiful on the outside, at least, they will understand and curtail the trolling of plastic surgeons.

I agree.

As an RN since 1987 & married to a cardiologist/medical for 20+ years I will tell you why for many reasons. Back when my DH was in med school-the SMARTEST students went into medicine, the mediocre went into surgery. I found that out this truth during my training & while working. It is disgusting to me that insurance companies value procedures over KNOWLEDGE THAT SAVES PEOPLE’S LIVES WHEN COMPLICATION’S HAPPEN!! I have worked on medical floors & cardiac surgery post-op floors & I AM GOING TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH, WHEN A SURGICAL PATIENT DEVELOPS COMPLICATION/S, THE FIRST THING THEY… Read more »

Actually, surgeons collaborate with physicians if medical clearance is needed. The only person who calls the shots in the OR is the anesthesiologist. Every physician and surgeon can say, DO THE OPERATION and if the anesthesiologist says, “No” its “NO!”

That’s exactly what you said and your point. I really lol when I read that comment regarding yours! Don’t you wish people would actually read the comments before saying something? She was so quick to want to point out someone was wrong she ended up looking a little stupid…Guess that’s karma: )

YOU’RE STUPID! Arguing over shit THE INTERNET POSTS! I’M LOLing thinking you probably have a French model wearing a fAnny pack!

Huh whaaaat?

Really? You guys sound like children! ” lol

Who really cares anyways?

she didnt say he saved lives..she said its ashame ones who do save lives get paid less.

You should read that again


that’s what she said

That is so true!!!

That’s what they said read it again

She didn’t say he saved lives!

What school did you graduate from Einstein? She said that !

The house they are building is ridiculous. A luggage room????She is riding an Terry’s talents and seemingly caring personality. Heather…get a job.

Heather has a job as a stay at home mom her hours are 24/7. It also bears mentioning, Heather is also an actress. Running a household and raising children is not easy. These women make it possible for their husbands to go to work each day and do their jobs knowing everything on the home front is being attended to.

Being a long-suffering housewife as an explanation of Heather just cracks me up. I don’t begrudge her what she married, but PLEASE. Having nannies (for half grown kids) and cooks and housekeepers and chauffeurs, while she worked as an actress (her stated ‘profession’) a whopping 5 days last year does not make her Cinderella. Figuring out how she wants to spend almost unlimited funds does not make her overworked. If her husband needs to praise her effusively for the “job” she does by shopping, lunching with friends, and having to deal with that spoiled little one then he’s earned his… Read more »

AMEN Sista!

She has nanny’s stay at home mom is not an accurate job title for her by any means and is a slap in the face for genuine stay at home moms to be placed in the same category

If it wasn’t for her salary, she would not have that much cash I am sure. She is nil as an actress.

So true,Amen!!!! I watched Heather do several TV programs other than being on hwonj.A real paying job.So she works.

Terry does a lot of gratis surgery, on disfigured people, that would otherwise not be able to afford it. He Does “Give Back”.

Who really believes there are enough hours in the day for DuBrow to afford his $20 Million in-your-face house and still have earned your applause for his charity work? And how the hell does having servants to cook, clean, and raise your children while your “acting” has required about 1 week per year of your time qualify Heather as a hard worker?

She gave him beautiful kids some men are caring and loving like that real men cherish the mother of his kids he makes good money why qould he want her to work like a slave

She works acting when something comes around that she wants to do. I guess u didn’t know that either. Plus he makes enough so she is able to stay home with her kids. Is that a problem?

she said other doc’s save lives an h’s husband makes more.-airhead-wooooow!!!!

wondering the same thing…. how can she have a net worth…. I would think it would be minus….

deb brenn if you look Teresa is – (negative) 11 million. also debrow, she has a very long actress career, its not all from her husbands career. Also all drs go through all the basic training 4 yrs pre med, 4 yrs med. then a resident period. Dr debrow chose to futher his training and he is good at what he does. He deserves every cent he makes!!!!

Thanks, Ted I didn’t notice the negative. But as for the Dubrows, you’re kidding me, right? Heather Dubrow’s acting career has been a bit part here and there. I thought it was laughable when she said both she and her husband contributed about equally toward their multi-million dollar house. She wasn’t comparing it to what they were making when he was a resident or an intern or a student.

Exactly! Thumbs up

Theres a –

She’s actually minus 11million

Indeed. Dubrow would probably be waiting tables at this point in her life if her quirky husband did not swoop her up. Without him she’s nothing.

Hater. Get a life.

What are you, a 13 year old girl? Using the word, “Hater” makes you sound ridiculous.

Thank you for your post!! I always find it amusing when posters/”Anonymous” use & make comments like you pointed out. I think the Anonymous post/posters is a possibly a teenager-I would find it more acceptable & understanding of the “attacks” aka comments. Sadly, I don’t think this is true….
Also for the posters on this site who HAVE AN IDENTITY-WHY DO YOU THINK THEIR NAME IS ANONYMOUS?? Would love to know YOUR POV’s ON THIS SUBJECT-thanks!!!

I know that’s what I’m thinking these people are so jealous LOL

She is minus 11million dollars because of the debt.

He’s a plastic surgeon, saving lives is a bit of a stretch…

Laurie, That was my point. I was pointing out the difference between doctor’s who actually save lives and Dubrow and his boob factory.

Some people need boobs too… Just sayin

Excuse me it is not just boobs… do you realize how important when fixing a face of someone in serious accident or OUR SOLDIERS COMING HOME DISFIGURED. OR born with nose lip etc problems that you have been made fun of and hate to go out in public . Especially a child… go back AND DO YOUR COMMENT OVER…

Show me the soldiers that DuBrow has worked on, or the children with heartbreaking deformities, Jeanette. Do you watch his show? It’s a steady line of boobs and butt implants. Before this he was on that horrid show where they turned average women into plastic freaks. This guy isn’t paying for his eight digit mausoleum with it’s million dollar TV room and 3/4 of a million dollar cabinets with his braggy wife by doing pro bono work. Those two are ALL about the money. Make no mistake. Rewrite your own post if you want.

I don’t think they would be together if it wasn’t for the show and his profession being able to provide. Something in that marriage is not right.

Last I heard we still lived in a capitalist society. Whether or not I agree with how it’s been abused, he has done nothing wrong in his career choice and just out of curiosity, how do you know he’s never done any work on vets, etc. We’re talking TV, entertainment, not the moral breakdown of Western civilization. I’m sure there are plenty of forums for that. Actually, I’m very much into discussing what has been happening to our own country, but I do it at the right place. I just cannot connect that with The Real Housewives of Anywhere.
Robert, You need to think before you react incorrectly. I sometimes have opinions on people’s actions (that’s why Bravo blogs exist, BTW), including what they may spend their life savings on, and who they revere. I find it sad and pathological when someone clearly lives a middle class life and is getting their 5th boob job because they don’t feel good about themselves. And I’ve got no respect for the guy who exploits that, or his slimy little wife who thinks that money makes her special. But there was nothing in what I said that you could interpret as me… Read more »

Why are you people so hard on this guy? People who can afford what he does pay can a broke person even be in the mix

Hilarious a plastic surgeon saves lives? not an A&E or OR as you say in the USA…
We have now heard it all!
Anyhow if his wife is a sample of his works, I’d stir well clear of this useless charcutier.

Do you have trouble reading or just processing visual information? No where has anyone claimed plastic surgeons save lives.

Actually Anonymous, you need to read all of the posts on this subjects-there are at least 3-4. I have posted as an RN who is married to a cardiologist/medical who doesn’t get the $$/kudos/appreciation of all the valuable work before/after procedure…Anyone who ever had a surgical procedure w/pre-existing or post-op complications-WHO DID YOU SEE more afterwards-the surgeon or your MEDICAL physicians??


What is wrong with people??? READ what people are saying! We have 15 people saying ” Teresa has negative” I mean it’s like 3-4 comments in a row saying this. Don’t people read before you comment??? Then the Debrow debate…. Geez NO ONE said he saves lives!!! Goodness it’s annoying how people just blurt things out in here….

In answer to you question, “What is wrong with people???” I would have to say: Just about everything. I kind of think I was first to miss the negative before the number on Teresa (many apologies for that), and also the tongue-in-cheek comment that Dubrow isn’t saving lives. The fact that it’s been beaten to death since probably means not everyone reads carefully as do you, and not everyone reads the comments before making their own. So expect your comment to go unread, and those same comments to continue until this article finally goes away.

Laurie you need some reading glasses. That’s not what she said above. SMH.

I agree regarding Teresa & Joe G. Are their accounts, etc. not frozen? I can’t imagine there is any equity in their homes.

If you look at the Guidice net worth it’s actually in the negativ -11 million dollars.

However her income for the show is $700k which i believe most of it goes towards their legal costs

I can’t believe that they couldn’t live well on her $700,000.00 salary. Wow. I’ll take 1/10th of that!

That’s 700,000, not $700,000,000. And they don’t live in the real world where people actually live within their means and pay their bills.

Well considering I raised a family of 4 on a 2 income salary of 80,000.00 a year I would say 700,000 is a lot of money wouldn’t you?


What do you think being a single mom of 5 kids (all same father), working 70+ hours a week, being the sole provider while earning a “whopping” TEN THOUSAND dollars was like??
Definitely not conducive to “aging gracefully”. I would probably make Dr. Dubrow work harder than he ever has! I wonder if he ever does charity cases???

So calling myself RHW lover would make u feel better than annonymous? cause oh yeah that’s my real name…lol. Who cares if it annon or my name is kittylitter…haha


Why did all of you look up this site if it was just going to make u jealous & mad? A man who PAYS to go to school for 13 yrs and has a $2-3m bill for malpractice insurance deserves to make a good salary…maybe more so than someone who writes songs & sings???? It’s not equality here, it’s America! Calm down

Why do you read the comments if it’s going to make you mad? This is a forum for opinions based on a bunch of TV shows with no more socially redeeming value than to satisfy some curiosity about how some others live their lives (most of whom are whack jobs). If you are watching the shows because you admire and want to emulate these people, that’s fine, too. Whatever floats your boat. P.S. My comment didn’t come from jealousy. I wasn’t saying that I envy what he has, only that a guy that does nose jobs making more than a… Read more »

That was great DebB. Sock it to em.

Thanks, Ann!

It does state that she’s a minus $11 million

That comment was awesome.

You guys are hilarious, love reading these comments from the peanut gallery of which I am a member too. How are these dumb, self absorbed, over the top women worth so much? Who came up with these figures? Bethenny sold Skinny Girl to Seagrams for at least 80 million. Where did Lizzie get 15 mil? I know Carol Radiz-whatever has some journaling credits but I don’t consider her a great literary talent. She’s also one of the most boring HW’s. Teresa may think she has 11 mil but I’m pretty sure her old man has spent it by now while… Read more »

I laughed at your post. The funniest scene – or one of them – when she acquiesced and changed her name to Dubrow. She is obnoxious and kind of funny looking but I do like her husband Sometimes plastic surgery does save a person’s self confidence and he and Paul do a very good job.

thank you, i feel exactly the same way especially with teresa,

Terry got his money from the plastic surgery tv shows. Heather has said she had money before Meeting Terry do yes, I do think her one off shows brought in cash. LOL on Teresa’s negative number!

Teresa shows as being in the negative as does Melissa.

I think that’s their share met worth. And Teresa and Melissa both have a negative signs by the money I had to look twice soon guess they both are negative in a hole

You should do alittle more research…
.. and might see that Mr. Dubrow is far more then just a guy who can give you a perfect nose job ..

Very accredited in the medical field.

How much research do I need besides seeing him project his own image on reality series after reality series for 12 years, associating himself with such vacuous projects starting with “The Swan,” to “Bridalplasty,” and on and on. That said, this post was over 2 years ago and I still haven’t seen him do anything that makes me think he deserves any accolades for being professional. He’s, first and foremost, a money and fame whore who peddles the message that dissatisfaction with ourselves is valid unless our boobs are volleyballs and our faces are blown up with artificial fillers. People… Read more »
I hear you, but I can’t hold it against Terry for making the kind of money he makes doing the kind of doctoring he does. 1) It’s simply how our kind of economic system works. 2) I’m glad for doctors the likes of Doctors Without Borders. It’s truly reassuring to see that people who could be making themselves rich are more concerned with making it possible for the impoverished to live. As for Theresa, if she really is worth $11 million, then we have our own Congress to blame. What they committed is a federal crime and if the federal… Read more »

It’s a negative $11 (-11,000,000.00). She owes so many millions!!

Love this! Very interesting..

A lot of these are totally off… Carole Radziwill is no way worth $50 mio or Nene Leaks $10 mio… those are just speculations… Also what are these woman really worth without their man? (Kyle Richards $30 million?! Where from?) etc.

Celebrity Net Worth is a fairly legit site. Carole was married to a Radziwill and was a well known journalist. Kyle’s worth would include mauricio, etc

It actually didn’t Mauricio’s is $100 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. Maybe she got a good divorce settlement from her first husband. She has a quite a few sponsorship deals too. Also, a little research and you would have found out a lot more of their salaries. I highly doubt Kim Richards is only being paid $100,000. She was being paid that in season 2 or 3, I can’t remember which one. Plus, there’s no way she’s only being paid a little more than someone from RHOM and the same as Yolanda who is just on her second season.… Read more »

Lee radziwill, Carole’s, I believe sister in law, was Jackie kennedys sister. Locks of bucks in their backgrounds.

Lee Radziwill is Carol’s mother in law.

mother in law

Mauricio, I hear, is a very successful realtor. Also he has a roving eye.

Definitely NO roving eye. But, very very successful Real Estate Broker. In which he would have to appear like he has one to woo the female customer. He’s ranked in the top 10 in the U.S. And he just happens to look like a Hollywood movie star: John Tuturro.

I’m sure Nene’s stock just tanked–new net worth: $800,000; (she doesn’t own her home–it is part of Bravo’s contract to pay for her lease); her new salary for RHATL should be $250,000 and increase Kandi’s.

kyle was an actress since her young age, also don’t forget she is a Hilton!!!!

carole, umm yes she is. she had seveal best sellers, she was married to a prince, as well as kennedy family as well. so do a little research before you come on here blasting e site that its wrong!!

Kyle was not a Hilton. Her sister, Kathy, is married to Conrad Hilton’s grandson. And Conrad Hilton was a good and kind man and productive man. He’d be ashamed to be associated with most of them. P.S. Her acting career probably hasn’t netted her more than $10,000 a year on her good years, which were few.

Kyle has a successful clothing store in Beverly Hills

The Hilton is in name only. Her sister is married to Paris Hilton’s father, who got none of the Hilton fortune. He made his money in real estate in BH, the Hilton name helped him draw clients. Paris made all her money on her own and is worth more than her parents.

I don’t know how accurate the above amounts are but Kyle was not and never has been a Hilton. Her sister Kathy is married to Rick Hilton. She is the sister-in-law of a Hilton and that would not entitle her to any of the Hilton fortune. I also find it hard to believe some of the other amounts. Carole Radziwill was married to a very rich man and when he died I’m sure she was left very well off. Also, she has had a long career as a journalist and working on television. I DO NOT believe that Sonja is… Read more »

I don’t claim to know what any of them are worth, but my best guess is that Sonje has money. I think she ended up with multiple properties and her ex-husband comes from one of the wealthiest families ever, a grandson or great grandson of J.P. Morgan, one of a handful of tycoons at the turn of the century. The Kennedys never came close to that kind of money.

Kyle is not a Hilton. Her sister Kathy married a Hilton.

Ah Ted… Kylie’s sister is Married to a Hilton, that DOESN’T make her a Hilton.

Ted, you are wrong. Kyle is not a Hilton. Her last name is and always has been Richards as she did not take her husbands last name( as most actors/actresses do). Her older half sister Kathy married into the Hilton family. Your the one that needs to do research…you stuck your foot in your mouth on that comment.

Kyle is not a Hilton. Her sister is married to one.

Kyle is not a Hilton. Her sister Kathy is married to a Hilton. Paris and Niki Hilton are her nieces.

Its been proven Nene is worth 10mil and whatever any of their net worths are, I’m sure they make Way more than any of you people on here questioning why their worth so much. And a plastic surgeons job is not to save lives, they change peoples appearance. Smdh at all the hate coming from peoples couch about people that have become famous.

She is a very talented and famous author.

no wonder Kenya is the craziest, she needs the paychecks.


Cynthia, Kandi & Kenya don’t brag about their wealth like Nene does. Nene spends every dime she makes on LV shoes,etc. She’s broke!

not true.

No way Carole is worth $50 million! did you see her apartment?? Maybe her mother in law has that money, but there is no way Carole does. She wrote 2 books about a man she was married to for 5 years 10 years ago and 4 out of 5 of those married years he was sick and dying…No one ever heard of her before the show, so what career has she had? . She likes to portray herself as a “serious writer” but 2 books about her husband who was a cousin of the Kennedys is hardly literature. I personally… Read more »

You are kidding right? The woman won 3 Emmy’s and a Peabody Award for her journalism. I don’t how much she’s worth but she’s definitely successful and was a ‘somebody’ before the show and her marriage.

No dear, I am not kidding. Did you ever hear of the show she won those awards for? Did you hear of her before RH? She was a third rate producer on a show no one watched or heard of. She’s been living off her dead husband which no one would care about if he wasn’t related to the kennedys.

it’s pretty classless to be so cruel about someone who lost her husband, and also about her apartment, i’m sorry but if i had that kind of money i would be SMART and live in a normal house that way you have more money then you would spending MILLIONS of dollars on a house you are just a hater like most of the others on here


i beg to differ with you Gina. Those awards are no joke. What have you won?

I agree I’ve stopped watching these shows their not reality at all their wrote and produced every bit of the way

you stopped watching but read reality forums, you must be even more of a weirdo that you think

These shows are fake and becoming more laughable everytime I read another article about one of them or their snobbish residents yes I do read about them 4 a good laugh just like all the other reality shows now their all Laughingstock’S

Carole may or may not be worth that kind of money but she is definitely capable of earning her own money and never needed to be an “opportunist”. And if you write a best seller, and you’re smart and know about the publishing industry (as most Journalists do) you make a good deal and bring in some serious coin for book deals.
So, before you call a very smart and accomplished woman an opportunist, do some research – or at least thinking.

she has 3 emmys and a PEABODY award!! know ur facts, I bet she is worth more prob. also just because she chooses to live like the average person means shes poor!! grow up, she just doesn’t have to flaunt her stuff all around like some others do. she lives a very stressfree, peaceful, happy, life!!

Shes not an opportunist and you clearly stated you never heard of her before the show to assume where her money came from. How insensitive to talk about her husbands death. Maybe she wrote the books, that people bought, to help her grieve and share her memories of him. She was a journalist before the show as well as a princess. People should think before they speak on things they know nothing about.

Brandi’s a best selling author. I guess she is rich and has class.

I not only knew who Carole was before this HW show but I remember her sitting on the boat with the Kennedy Family when they spread John Jr.’s ashes in the sea. She met her husband when they both worked on a television program.

Clearing up a few things. Kyle Richards isn’t a Hilton. Her older sister, Kathy ( Paris’s Mom) married a Hilton. Kyle & Kim came from money. Kim gets what she deserves. You have to remember for a few years she broke her contract by her many absences. Carole Radziwell married Prince Radziwell. His lineage goes back and they are extremely wealthy. His family compensated Carole nicely when the Prince passed away from cancer. Carole had a few million of her own prior to their marriage. Btw someone mention a tie to the Kennedys. Carole’s husband was only a cousin to… Read more »

Do Kim and Kyle really come from money? Because I thought it was Kim’s childhood acting money that supported her mom and sisters. Child actors aren’t supposed to support their adult parents, but it happens all the time. I’ve never heard anything about a dad in their lives, nor anything about the mom’s financial accomplishments.

I just researched it and the Richards sisters did NOT come from money. Kim’s acting seems to be the main support. Their mom was married 5 times, twice in shotgun marriages, and both Kathy’s father and Kim and Kyle’s father died in poverty.

That’s interesting. I didn’t know Kim and Kyle have a different dad than Kathy.

Yes, their mom is married many times ( i read that in the book about their mother many years ago. It was a very interesting one) And mom taught her daughters too well! marrying guys with money. Cathy is the eldest but took the Richards family name.

Their mother always married for money.

Believe it or not, RHOA has the most viewers & highest ratings. That is most likely why Nene is the highest paid (1 million) of the housewives with Teresa (who has a very interesting storyline) coming in 2nd with 700k. Ramona (long tenure) makes 500k and Kandi B. (Also from RHOA) comes in 4th with 450k. As for the salaries, it’s all about negotiating your contracts and having awesome attorneys to help you through the process. With that being said, it is obvious that the most watched housewives & the ones with the longest running tenure, are the highest paid.… Read more »

Bethanny’s salary for RHONY is $1million.

I’m so happy that Bethany is back on New York Housewives, she tells it like it is like Nene and they will both be paid a million dollars for putting bitches in their place! Welcome Back Bethany!!!

Carol Radziwill’s deceased husband was the son of Lee Radziwill who was Jackie Kennedy Onasis’ sister and she was married to Prince Radziwill. They had a son who is Carol’s deceased husband, who was also Prince Radziwill. He was first cousins with John Jr. and Caroline Kennedy, son and daughter of John F. and Jackie Kennedy. Carol is not blood related to the Kennedys. Only related by marriage to Caroline. I hope this clears that up.

Ok – whichever it is…I like her and she can stand o her own.


Thank for that comment. You are right about Carole.

She inherited the 50M from her dead husband, who was not a Kennedy, but the nephew of Jackie O. former Mrs. Kennedy.

She never had a journalistic career, she worked for the station as a correspondent or such…but she wasn’t a winner of a Pulitzer Prize.

She is a scalable social climber, who wrote two books about her dead husband. Your are right. Two books is not a career. But, Ok…Carole, tell that to the ghost writer.

I am confused GIna. Can you tell me who is mad at who on here.

I understand why Teresa is negative but Melissa too?

I find it hard to believe that Kathy Wakile’s net worth is 5 million…

yeah that shocked me too.
Doesn’t Richie own Exxon millions of unpaid gas or something like that.

Bout Sonja how is she worth 15million dollars i know she married money but in the divorce she barely got anything, her house is in foreclosurer & isn’t she been sued for 7 million for backing out of a film deal

I was wondering the same thing about Sonja. She was about to lose her house and I thought she was broke. What kills me is these people live beyond their means so much and wonder why their broke

Hey people some of them come from money yes. Some may not have. Many have made good investments and or have made their own through hard work or just had opportunities most of us would like to have had. Truly who are any of us to assume anything about what we only see through the media etc..

Please, angrianna (RHOM) worth $10 million–that’s a joke right, because a few seasons ago, she got scraped up off the floor of an art gallery (that she & her son were sleeping/ living ) in and helped by Leah Black—angriana, said her husband cheated and abandoned her and her son ? And magically-she was married for 3 seasons pretending to be “engaged”—yea, right.
And we all know Joanna Krupta (RHOM) is worth more than 1 million, the lady owns 5 homes in LA, and 2 in miami from her modeling alone……….

If heather dubrow supposably is so rich why is she on housewives. Her face looks like dawn of the dead. She wouldn’t need makeup for looking like a zombie. She is the ugliest so called small part actress ever. And her husband terry he looks like a homeless hobo. What’s up if ur a plastic doctor. I need to work on ur wife or did he?

There is no need to be hateful… you need your eyes.checked because Heather looks better than all but 2 other wives in the housewives franchise… Saying stupid things like that is what keeps Heather there… lol

I agree Katie. There is nothing wrong with Heather or Terry. I like them on the show.

I agree with both of you!

Well, That’s convenient Katie, Golfcar 48, and RealJerseyBelle, You can throw a party for all Heather’s fans and Heather, and still be able to book a keep the guest list at four.

I agree with all of you, I think Heather is beautiful and on top of that she’s intelligent, unlike some of the other housewives in the o.c, if you want to dispose of a housewife vile Vickie comes to mind!

She hates Heather and Terry and wants them off the show. She’s writing immature comments that are childish personal attacks. I like Heather and Terry, plus if you look at Shannon and the real Lizzy, neither of them need the money either.

I agree, no need to be hateful. It is obvious all these girls are in desperate need for attention and that is why they do the show. With respect to Heather, I just wish she didn’t always come off like she is so much better then everyone else. What makes it worse is the fact that she does it in such a condescending way!!

Katie, I think you might be the one who needs their eyes checked. Heather looks like a plastic zombie.

Please please get heather n Terri dubrow off the show. Also that ugly Lizzy OMG where are you finding these ugly women. Geez. Vicki is great Shannon drinks alot n tamara is trying to stay young but AGE IS CATCHING UP.!she is looking like my grandma now that she is trying all these things to try to keep her young. Let nature take its course I’m sure she would look better. Wow so wrinkled like a shar-pei. They your dog looks like you so she needs to get a shar-pei. Baby oh brother isn’t she memo pausing ? How can… Read more »

I love Heather, shes classy and sophisticated. And regardless of Tamra aging, she is still young at heart, healthy, and has a great shape, especially for a mother of 4. I would love to see how you look and know why you are so judgmental. You seem to be hateful and jealous. I’m sure your grandma doesn’t look half as pretty as Tamra. And everyone doesn’t want to be Angelina. What is your occupation?

What is going on with RHOC this year?! Where did they find the Dubrows – in a dumpster outside Studio C? First off, Terry is a total creep…always lurking in the back of scenes waiting to say something stupid and aggressive to back up his classless stupid wife. They both have a decent case of antisocial disorder. Guess what, there are innumerable people much wealthier than these morons, yet they act like the biggest prima donnas the world has ever seen. Side note, Heather, just because you don’t curse at people when you’re speaking, it doesn’t mean that talking OVER… Read more »

You’re so right bout Terry he’s a little bitch always lurking in the background getting involved in the women’s business. No other husband does that he’s also a fameWhore love his mug on tv

as for him being a creep he Def is not to mention he’s gross just as much a crooks.

They both think so high & mighty compared to the others.

I’ve also noticed that he’s constantly gossiping to Heather bout the others like a little bitch

I agree. I can’t stand either one of the Dubrows. They reek of new money and want everyone in their midst to know that they are RICH!!!!!! Yet, how many times have we heard Heather claim that she has friends from every walk of life? It takes more than just one white trash friend like Tamra and her husband who completely lacks any semblance of table manners, to make that statement believable.

Me too can’t STAND Heather & Terry & their holier than thou attitude

Did anyone notice that Melissa Gorga is negative 1.5 million? I wonder why that is?

They have a lot of debt from Joe’s debts around town.

I love Heather and Terry. I think they are a great addition to the show. Tamra is the bitch and I hope Eddie divorces her once he finds out what a drama queen he married.

Good job Nicki!! Thanks for putting all this together… very interesting….

Why are y’all so emotionally involved in reality stars? Lol. My opinion of Tamra though, two faced psycho.

Terry and Heather are the best thing about the RHOC, now that the one lady that was married to the baseball player is no longer on the show. Tamar is a gold digger she will sleep with anyone if she thinks they have money, you, take the women out of the trash, (Tamar) but you cant take the trash out of the women, I think people dont like Terry or Heather because they have respect for themselves, unlike Tamar and Vicki. Tamar thought Eddie had alot of money boy she was fooled.


I do agree that Heather belongs more in B.H. than Orange County. She’s the only one with class, (emotional) intelligence and talent in this franchise.

They are pretty useless on the grand scheme of life. The producers went out and found every nut case they could. Some of them need to be committed. Do you really think I would take insurance advice from Vicki?, and I really want to hang out with convicted felons such as Teresa and Joe. I really like picking up the tab with my tax dollars for those who don’t think they should pay their taxes or bills. Lets get real people, They offer nothing to society! They should cancel all the housewives.

It’s hard to believe some of these figures. How can Dina Manzo be worth 4.5 million and
the Gorgas be – 1.5 million. Doesn’t he own 3 buildings. One for each of his children.
Is Nene worth 1 million in salary and only pay Lisa Vanderpump $350,000 for two shows, one
that bears her name. These figures are as crazy as most of the housewives.

Carol Radziwill is indeed very rich. She was married to Prince Radziwill (he died) She inherited. She’s a lovely person and talented writer. She is still a Princess even tho her husband passed away.

Ne Ne Leeks has a very successful fashion line as well as being a Housewife.

Why does Teresa and family still get to live in their house? How do they afford it? And didn’t Heather and Terry already have the house of all houses? Didnt I hear the kids begging not move? No one is ever satisfied.I dont know hhow Lizzie got rich but her and her family need to RUN!!! Beautiful family way to good for reality for Tamara I got nothin just that what was Eddie thinking??????

I wonder the same about Teresa. It was explained that they owe more on the house than it’s worth, so nobody confiscates it. But if you don’t make payments how do you get to stay? Heather’s tag line says it all: She’s got a lot but is still not satisfied. I don’t think she’s talking about tending to the sick or helping the unfortunate.

Family home. Wait until sentencing. May be different story. She’s already hinted at downsizing. They will force her out to liquidate assets. She doesn’t own that house. Never did

Heather and a Terry are jealous of the Dubrows. Tamara is afraid of not being invited to parties. She lies every chance she gets. Eddie looks like a dumb jock.
Teresa and Joe are sad and sorry now that they were caught. They should have to move out of their fraud house.

Believe it or not, RHOA has the most viewers & highest ratings. That is most likely why Nene is the highest paid (1 million) of the housewives with Teresa (who has a very interesting storyline) coming in 2nd with 700k. Ramona (long tenure) makes 500k and Kandi B. (Also from RHOA) comes in 4th with 450k. As for the salaries, it’s all about negotiating your contracts and having awesome attorneys to help you through the process. With that being said, it is obvious that the most watched housewives & the ones with the longest running tenure, are the highest paid.… Read more »
Why would you think the website Celebrity Net Worth is a credible source? Take your example (Kandi Buruss) for instance. You believe the $35Million figure that Celebrity Net Worth reported as Kandi’s net worth. However, did you stop to think HOW that figure was compiled and where that amount “could have been” derived from? Kanji’s claim to fame is the R&B girl group — Escape. She is also known to have wrote popular songs for groups like TLC and Destiny’s Child in the 1990s. Now, considering that Kandi’s group, Escape, only achieved moderate success during their heyday AND the songs… Read more »

A lot of these seem to be way off…I find it very hard to believe Nicole Napolitano (RHONJ) is worth 5 MILLION when she still lives at home with her parents.

Ruby… ITA!! Maybe in pesos, but not dollars!

These worths are a bit unreal. As for salaries as housewives, not sure. One thing that I do know is, a grew up in a well to do family of new money which was self made. We had many priveleges, but were taught manners. Also, now, enjoy many things that most do not, I.e., own private jet, however, Never would I do nor live, nor have their lives,… As Luann #rhny, money can’t buy you class.

I really wish they’d cast from people like you, Just Sayin. I’d prefer to watch the lifestyle if the people living it were gracious and polite and happy, instead of so ignorant and miserable and clawing.

Just Not beleving

I can’t understand why these women who have good lives act like classless, manipulative, egotistical idiots. In my 78 years I’ve never known anyone like these women. Where do you find them??

Jean, I agree so much! I can only guess they have so little challenge in their lives that they have no never had to develop any character. But that isn’t really enough. How does someone grow up in this world and be so utterly oblivious?

Orange County, CA; Northern, NJ; Hollywood, CA, Miami, FL;Dallas, Texas;Atlanta, GA That’s where.I think you would be hard pressed to see any Philadelphian or Bostonian on the Real Housewives. They were born and raised with class.

There is no way kandi has that net worth.

Yes, she would. Kandi is a songwriter and has been since a teenager. She earned her money the hard way — working her natural gift of writing. U should check her accomplishments…seriously. Many of her songs are multimillion dollar hits. Look up the groups she’s written for. Then get back to us. Songwriters make the most money in the music industry. Don’t go chasing waterfalls…

Sure kandi is worth Big Dollars she has talent from her Teen year’s on she earned her money on her own with writing song’s and singing she’s my favorite Atlanta Housewife 4sure

Mandi is the real deal. She made money early and did not blow-it.

These nets worthy are way overstated.

Lack of class. The few on here who earn their own living …okay. The rest non working aka rich wives…we will see you in five years..aka Melissa…newer and younger will take your place…

Truly can’t wait for that day LOL

Yes they should be stocking it away for a rainy day – such as when they are not on the show any longer

According to this article, Mellssa and Joe both are in negative territory worth…like the Guidices See the minus sign before their net worth?

Kandi ‘ s net worth is probably understated actually. Check her songwriting accomplishments before you doubt the figures. The woman has been writing multimillion dollar hits for years, and songwriting is the most lucrative part of the music industry. I give her proper respect for her accomplishments, and her ability to flaunt her cash the way the others do with their $20,000 purses and shoes. Go Kandi!

I truly wish i had Kandi talent for song writing i don’t doubt her net worth

Sorry…meant NOT flaunting her cash.

Im actually surprised at Lisa Rima & Eileen Davidson net worth i thought they would be worth much more hmmm

I don’t know why all of you even looked up this site if its going to make u so jealous & mad. A man who PAYS to go to school for at least 12 yrs and pays $2-3M/yr for malpractice insurance deserves to make a good salary if he’s good..?maybe more so than a gal who writes some songs and sings ok. This is not equality, people, it’s America!!! Calm down.

true that…they can go to school too

Jeez if ever i got a response that proved my point, it’s yours debbrenn . Although I agree with many of the comments about the huge range of salaries I find you and some others to be obsessively jealous. If you broke your nose and needed it fixed in order to breathe correctly you definitely want a well-trained good plastic surgeon. It’s not unheard of for people to die while under the knife….for any kind of surgery. Watch Dr Dubrows show where he changes people’s lives by correcting a body part or someone else’s “Botched” plastic surgery. To think he… Read more »


I’m truly sorry fir your loss I couldn’t imagine losing my husband like you said no amount of money could compensate for a loss sending you hugs

You’re hoisting yourself on your own petard. Am I to assume you are “obsessively jealous” of “silly actress[es] and song writer[s]” because YOU have an opinion on where they should rank in the salary continuum? Or was it just another comment from the peanut gallery, as was mine? Lighten up with the condescension. It is nice that you’ve included a name so we can tell one “anonymous” from another.

A very slippery slope when talking about money… how one makes it, spends it, etc. We all judge others based on our own personal experiences and complexes. But thats life! There’s a reason why the subject is usually lumped together with religion and politics.

I don’t get it. Somehow one is brave or “gut”sy for adding some username to the comments section of a site dedicated to a reality tv franchise. For all we know, you (or I for that matter) could be one of these Rhousewives trolling the web.

I don’t understand how these celebrity net worth’s vary so much from each site you look at. In one place, it states some of these people to be worth millions, and this one states they are not worth any more than I am. Actually, according to this site, I’m worth more than Kenya Moore Whore. I love it!

I have been rich and I have been poor and homeless. What a blessing that is for me because I know that money makes you comfortable but that’s about it. You don’t have to worry about heat or food but money won’t make a husband be faithful, it won’t prevent children from being very ill, etc. I am neither envious or angry at what these women make. Just curious. Without God your money is pretty much useless. Most wealthy people just want more wealth. Money can either build a house of God or a whore house and poor people can… Read more »

It sounds like you’ve found a peaceful life, ChristineB. Good for you.

I recently had a bad accident that left me with a broken nose, right cheek, and other facial injuries. These injuries will cost me many dollars and time recuperating. I think a good plastic Sergeoun is worth his weight in gold. God bless Terry!!!

Hope all is well and yes – easy to make smart comments until it is them that needs a plastic surgeon.

C’mon, Guys. Have you watched “Botched”? Dubrow is making his money off the body dysmorphic and kooks of the world. Any self respecting surgeon would turn down most of them. He’s not doing pro bono work in third world countries or even here, as far as I can tell.

How do you know who and what Dubrow is doing? Have you been to his practice?

He’s been on reality TV for years plumping lips and boobs. Besides, listen to him. Does he ever sound any deeper than that?

Oh well…at least he has a job and isn’t sitting home sucking up tax payer money.

I KNOW you aren’t talking about me, because you know less about me than I know about Dubrow after ours and hours of watching him. I pay taxes, I have always paid taxes and have never “suck[ed] up taxpayer money.” What are you doing on an entire Tuesday morning, besides commenting on a Housewive’s site? Curing Cancer?

Not talking about you DebBrenn…you DO crack me up and are very witty.

Hahahaha….I wasn’t talking about you specifically for peets sake. It was just a general statement that it was nice that he had a job and paid taxes.

Why can’t anyone actually read?


Because we’re scanners, and we didn’t know there would be a pop quiz.


Yet money can buy you class….

Money can’t buy you class.
I’m surprised at the worth of some these housewives!
Come to Philly and start a show!
Housewives of Philadelphia

Money can’t buy you class!
I’m surprised at the net worth of some of the housewives!
Why not start a show titled
“Housewives of Philadelphia”

My thoughts exactly. I am shocked they don’t have one. But, then again, “Class” and “Old Money” really emanated from the City of Brotherly Love. And that means non of this airing your dirty underwear in public and also never ever mentioning money in any way.

Is Jacqueiine and Chris net worth that low?

I’m surprised at the net worth of Jacqueline’s and Chris
I thought it be much more.
I’ve always had a crush on Chris.
It would be a great idea to start a new housewives
“Housewives of Philadelphia”

I thought Sonja was broke. What I don’t get is why these woman live beyond their means so much and then wonder why their broke

When she (Sonja Morgan) first came on the show I looked her up in “Wackipedia” & it said she had been a hostess in a restaurant where she met her husband. Now all of a sudden she was a model, went to fashion school, etc etc…maybe a degree in alcoholism?? She’s a fraud, a con, a liar, does Xanax, drinks, and makes up stories in her run down townhouse in NY. She treats people like crap (interns…what a joke!). Nobody (Bethanny pay attention & fix yourself!) will ever change her, as she is over a century old & set in… Read more »
I can not figure out how they put Carole R.’s net worth at $50 million. Her father-in-law died bankrupt so the idea that he left his children money seems impossible. The title of Prince was renounced during WWII when the family fled to England and British rules, in exchange for citizenshi,p demading that. The title is not recognized here in the she is not a “princess” except in the way Lou Ann is a countess!. Carole did not come from money but a middle/lower class background. And while she wons awards, they were for being part of a group… Read more »
She worked for ABC News for nearly 20 years as both a journalist and a producer. Her books were released in 2005 and 2014 and her first was on the New York Times Bestseller List. She is also a columnist for other magazines. As for her husband, his net worth was estimated at around $50million, which will come from family money (he is the son of one of European nobility and one of America’s wealthiest families in the Bouviers) and the fact that he was an executive producer and filmmaker. You can be damn sure she got a good chunk… Read more »

His family (the royal line) lost almost all their wealth during wwii and the bouviers did not have money.He was not worth $50 mil.

Whatever. Neither are you. Does it really matter?

Apparently is does to you

Someone Who Knows Not To Believe Wikipedia (Unlike Harriet)

Oh Harriet, don’t believe everything you read on Wikipedia. Their wealth was hardly lost during WWII, and even if it was, they would still have money. You don’t just go from a multi-millionaire family to begging in the streets, they obviously had money left, and yes, it was millions. Carole is worth 50 million and I can just sense your lustful envy.

thank you , you said it so right, i live in Europe and when i watch some of these programs and those participating in it, parading themselves as princesses and countess, i just laugh, because it is pack of lies

They need a RH for ALL the metros… Phoenix, Seattle, Miami, Boston, Chicago….!


How about a RHW with all of the ones who have been kicked off so far? Now THAT would be interesting…lol

Absolutely great idea!! I wish we could make that happen & definitely would be MORE INTERESTING….

You need to ask the networth of the cast of the Real Housewives of Melbourne. The cast has a much higher networth than most of the RHO series with the exception of New York and Beverly Hills. Please add them as there are many Aussie fans of the RHO series.

@Gina….. She was a journalist before her husband. Wow you sure are judgmental especially since you obviously haven’t done any research on the subject before you just have diarrhea of the mouth.

love them ALL whatever they make GOD BLESS THEM!!!! HOPE they enjoy in health and HAPPINESS they all make ME LAUGH CRY & get ANGRY all in 1 SECOND ha ha LOVE U HOUSEWIVES!!!!!!!

I like watching all crazy housewife’s. There ‘re very interesting and funny, stupid non educational and I such take a shotgun and take one to the HEAD…lol I love it

An urge only one who noticed that in most cases the wives and husbands have the same net worth?? My guess is Kyle and Mauricio’s net income is combined as well as the Beadors, the Dubrows, Manzos, Wakiles etc…..

yesssssss, i have noticed, it’s questionable isn’t it?


why am I the only one puzzled by Kim Richard’s only getting a paltry (in comparison) 100,000 dollars? Did I read this correctly, is her sister Kyle getting 370,000 dollars?? Why? How? Also, I suspect that if this article is even remotely ballpark- accurate, such a massive financial gulf between the sisters would exacerbate all sorts of frictions between them. Think about if this were you and your sibling/friend doing the same job but with different salaries. This makes no sense. How can this be even remotely correct? Anybody have a fresh perspective on this?

P, Didn’t Kim join the cast after it had been on a season or more? I’m sure they all started out with lower salaries, and then are paid according to their worth to Bravo.

A very slippery slope when talking about money… how one makes it, spends it, etc. We all judge others based on our own personal experiences and complexes. But thats life! There’s a reason why the subject is usually lumped together with religion and politics.

I don’t get it. Somehow one is brave or “gut”sy for adding some username to the comments section of a site dedicated to a reality tv franchise. For all we know, you (or I for that matter) could be one of these Rhousewives trolling the web.

I shall admit. I use my nom de plume as my name on here.

I need five bucks to get me a Big Mac….

These arguments over B.S. internet information is delightful! Y’all believe everything you read on here too huh? Do y’all have French boyfriends that wear fannypacks? Uhhh, oui oui….
What a bunch of marroons. But thanks for the laughs!

Isn’t it interesting you felt the need to post? RELAX its all in fun, I laughed at the salaries and your post. Take a breathe there will ALWAYS be the haves and the have nots. I wonder more about the people who follow the shows. Haven’t watched a reunion (only time to watch) and hear someone say “oh that scene that was set up?” How about we dump the shows -you still paid brooks & T’s in prison that money is owed to someone!! Let’s help hungry families and computers in schools? Just more rockets and bullets?


Self absorption demands never cease

These numbers are false

First of all are Heather and Terry Dubrow are pretentious asses. Heather is a crazy person and the house ridiculous who needs that crap. Carol is cool and I love her and I believe she has the cash. Candy in Atlanta yeah she’s got some major cash but best of all is Lisa Vanderpump lady is real and so is Ken I enjoy them and believe they have every dime. As far as New Jersey they’re all mobbed up. And I don’t care what anybody else says! but my question is with the exception of a few that do pull… Read more »
Thank you for your honest post that I totally agree w/your POV & pretty sure most of us on this site/viewers share the same opinion. The Dubrow’s are disgusting imo-They could do so much good charitable things-ex-helping people who are born w/deformities like cleft palate for ex..No instead they develop “over priced” skin care products, Vitamins,etc where Heather “takes” over the segment. They fall into the category-There is never enough money & c/o of stupid rich people problems-what $3K cabinet knob from blah blah should I choose??! I am an RN btw & they are just gross!! Lastly, I am… Read more »
CELEBRITY NET WORTH is a Joke! I can’t believe you all are using that BOGUS website as your “source” for reporting on the Real Housewives’ net worths and salaries. Might as well as have made stuff up yourselves (because that’s what they do). That website has been debunked sooo many times by reputable sources, and it has been reported that they have been known to base their so-called financials on how well they like the person/celebrity. Additionally, the information on their site is NEVER updated. Everyone knows that financial assets increase/decrease as time goes along, yet you will find the… Read more »
This is a general comment, not aimed @ Kathy: I think these ppl got it wrong. “Net worth” is what is left after all debts are subtracted from the total value. So, if you have a home that has an estimated market value of say, ten million dollars, but you owe a mortgage balance of 12 million dollars including interest on the loan, that’s a minus. And so on. Most of these ppl are spending close to what they’re bringing in. I used to work for a CPA whose clients were the “rich & famous” . You’d be surprised how… Read more »

I could just imagine . that’s why they do a lot of fundraising and donation to take from paying tax and receiving that money back. That’s what got Theresa and no in that predicament they got to use to a life style that they start living beyond their needs

That, my dear Anonymous, was a great example of the bastardization of the English language. It, in it’s form that you provided, made absolutely no sense at all.

I meant ” one day might help you”….

The only one who looks like she is doing it all on her own is doing Kandi Buresss..35 million?
You go girl! She seems to be one of the few that does not live above her means.

Kandi was smart. She made a lot of money in the music business and Xscape sold a lot of records. She didn’t make that $35 million thanks to Andy Cohen, that’s for sure. Plus, I loved Xscape…before they kind of pushed her out because she was good AND pretty. As I recall, you didn’t hear much about them starting with her leaving the girl group.

Heather works! Besides tending home and kids she just finished a stint on TV other than housewives.Heather is great in my opinion so why talk about her this way?Why not discuss the new problematic wife,Kelly.What a problem!She is always apologizing to someone.She drinks way too much and acts like an idiot!

Heather’s only drawback is that she tends to be a little too holier than thou at times. Kelly’s just plain troubled. She needs help and I don’t mean just about her drinking. She’s got real issues or she wouldn’t be the way she is. I really think what we see from Kelly is the real thing.

Rhoc not nj

If you look closely both the Guidice & Gorga are in the negative.

I don’t know for sure but I believe Joanna Krupa is worth more than a million

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A lot of money for doing nothing but acting like middle school idiots. My 13 yr old has more character than all the house wives combined. Makes me ashamed to be a woman. But thank God I have principles and morals.

They act like animals with money on vaca, but conniving, vindictive, envious an just miserable, old ratchet bitches!

Frank Van Der Heijden

According to whom ?…this smells like FAKE NEWS !!!!