Real Housewives Join In Women’s March In D.C.

Hundreds of thousands of women stepped out on Saturday to march for women’s rights and among some of those were Real Housewives stars Carole Radziwill and Dorinda Medley. That’s right, Dorinda and Carole said goodbye to New York and headed to D.C. to take part in the rallies.

“I was humbled to be a part of the biggest protest march to ever assemble in the history of our country,” Carole wrote on her Instagram.

Proud to stand in a sea of pink. #womensmarch #DC @Dorindamedley 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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Kathy and Rich Wakile also posted a selfie at the Inauguration.

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25 Replies to “Real Housewives Join In Women’s March In D.C.”

    1. I have friends to went to Washington. So proud of them. I need knee surgery and was unable to go, but cheered in front of my T.V set!

        1. I would have done the same. There was a march in Wilmington, N.C, where I live and over 1000 folks participated. Proud to be a “Nasty” woman.

            1. It was truly wonderful. It took me back to my youth in the 60’s when my political consciousness was awakened. We just have to carry it through till we can vote once again in 2 more years. Women rocked this weekend, we really did! 🙂

                    1. Awe, to be young, care free and up for anything with no fear again….sigh..I had a great time to……If only you could see my face now. The sweetest smile ever!

      1. A group from my Church had looked into marching and were told that this was not the march for them. Apparently Catholic, pro-life women were not welcomed. It’s sad that all women can’t come together for a common good.

    2. I tried to reply below, but disqus had an error. I didn’t take anything rude or disrespectful from your comment here, I think it is admirable and brave that you marched for whatever it was you are passionate about. I very much enjoy reading you, and I really like this blog. The only thing I have a problem with is the occasional bashing of other posters, just people coming in saying stupid insulting remarks or telling others they are morons for their opinion. It is unusual for there to be any political article here, but being the HW were there it made the page. We don’t get too many trolls & I think we self moderate pretty well here, and I like very much reading the opinions of others and reasons for them here. I have learned so much being here, not just about housewives. I have met some life long friends here, and hope we can be friends. It is a long story my journey here, but now I have learned how to speak without offending others as much as possible with my hot blood sometimes. I only go in after people who go after me or my friends here, and the owner is incredible about keeping tabs on it. My remark below won’t post, so I will delete it and hopefully this one will post. This is a great blog and I am so pleased you joined us here. Some of the reality blogs, wow, like a verbal boxing ring with no ref.

  1. Usually politics don’t come here, but since it did, I would have liked to see the same outrage at Clinton’s use of the Oval Office, even the memorialized John F. Kennedy was a womanizer. I used to have debates with Nana about why it as we couldn’t have a GOOD MAN as President during one such scandal. She said no man is always good, and we all have flaws. She also said one must have b***s of steel to even run for President, so the ego charges are debunked. One must have a superior confidence in oneself to think they could be the President of one of the greatest country’s in the world.
    I don’t want Roe v Wade overturned, but I don’t believe “abortion” should be legal at the time of delivery. We all take the chance when becoming pregnant that there will be some congenital or other physical problem, no matter how heartbreaking, with our child. 9th month “abortion” is murder not abortion. And PP has gotten themselves into the trouble they are in all by themselves.
    I don’t want to have any bad feelings with anyone here, just put in my 2 cents since the article was here. His locker room vulgarity that was taped without his knowledge was 11 years ago, so maybe time to give our President of the United States a chance.

    1. Sorry 3D- but I really wasn’t trying to be political and also would not bash either party on these sites… it’s good for the country to have different opinions – and the extremists on each side of the rope help bring us to somewhere in the middle…..

    2. This weekend wasn’t about one issue or cause, it was about women standing together on many that effect our lives and letting our voices be heard and taken seriously. But I also don’t want any bad feelings here as well. 🙂

      1. I googled the marches, and they all seemed to have a different feeling as I read the articles. Some were vulgar, but mostly they were women speaking up for what they believe. Always an important thing IMO. There are so many parts to opinions on these things, too. All of us have likely had some personal experience somewhere in the breadth of women’s rights. I believe that a person would have to have b**ls or ov****s of steel to even run for President. Having also a big ego and a lot of self confidence to the point of arrogance seems necessary to do what I think is one of the hardest jobs in the world. I mean, they start aging in the first week, and look to have aged triple the time they are in the Whitehouse by the time they walk out. We also all have a different opinion on what honorable is. That is why we vote. People vote differently for all kinds of different reasons. It is very complicated and I believe there is too much “government” telling us what we can do. I believe we deserve to be a sovereign country, as all others are. I mean we Americans can’t live or own property in Mexico, or many other countries around the world. We certainly can not march in and collect cash, a place to stay and dinner the day we arrive. That’s only for people coming here, and I have to say just once I dislike that VERY MUCH. Anyway, I am glad the housewives went, and that we had one nice article with purely respectful, lovely or gentlemanly posters all around. Off to bed. I always strive and pray to know that other women are being given what they need and deserve, as humans, as Americans and as women. Love you ladies.

    3. 3D’s…. I’m pro choice but there are limits and lines that should not be crossed …. in my opinion… I agree with you – I don’t want Roe vs Wade overturned… and I also agree there should not be any late term abortions… but I don’t think that happens too often – not as often as they want you to believe. I also asked that question several times regarding why we can’t come up with someone honorable to be President ….. we weren’t given any good choices this time around…. lol – not use to politics on this site but we are behaving unlike facebook… omg – it’s awful…

      1. also… I’ve never met any of you on this site but still feel a good connection and we all seem to be so much more respectful of each other than the folks on fb…

  2. I have no problem with anybody’s political stance, none, no mater what their reason, because it’s theirs and everyone has the right to have it. With that being said, the ONLY thing I do have a problem with in expressing those beliefs, is in being disrespectful, radically judgmental and evilizing another for their opinion. When are we as a society, as friends, as family units going to get it that visceral hatred and fear based reactions towards anothers’ beliefs is never going to bring us closer to what should matter to us the most, a peaceful calmer nation that can reason and compromise for the greater good. Am I insane to hope for that? Maybe but I’ll keep hoping.

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