Are The Real Housewives of Dallas Returning For Season 2?


Now that season one of the Real Housewives of Dallas as wrapped, people are wondering, will there be a second season? Well, in a new interview, Andy Cohen recently spoke about this very topic.

When Cohen called into the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show on Dish Nation, he announced that there is potential for a second season of the show.

“There IS a potential second season of the Real Housewives of Dallas, you bet,” he teased. “We always shake it up a little bit. Now that the reunion has aired and all the dust is settling, we’re taking a look back and reevaluating and figuring out who we want to keep and who we want to let go.”

Would you like to see a second season of the RHOD? Comment below.

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  • Chrissi

    I liked everyone except LeeAnn, she was entirely too much of everything negative. I know they want drama, but hers was beyond what I personally like to see with the housewives. You can have drama without being so aggressive and threatening.

  • Real Sandy⛱

    I could not sit through the first episode, so I don’t watch it. I know others do, but it was not my cup of tea.

  • For some reason I couldn’t get into it either, but I agree with Chrissi. Bravo thinks that filming nasty, aggressive people is good for ratings, and maybe it actually is, but it’s not pleasant or entertaining. Some of these shows are getting so hostile that I don’t even want to watch before going to bed. All the more reason I enjoy Southern Charm and Below Deck, IMO.

    • Aunt Bee

      I’m with you Freedomgirl although I like Capt Lee and his crew better. I also enjoy Ben the Chef.

      • Real Sandy⛱

        I love Chef Ben the most too! Have you been watching Below Deck Mediterranean? It is fun too. I do like Captain Lee and hopefully he will be back in the Caribbean for thr next season’s charters.
        Danny was very sick with a high fever on the latest Below Deck Med, I wonder if he makes it back on board after they spoke of calling a Medevac to take him to a hospital somewhere in Greece I imagine. Danny always does something wrong, but is not boring…just can be annoying for sure. Chef Ben makes this (BDMed) for me.

        • Aunt Bee

          Yes I am watching BD MED but don’t enjoy as much as Capt Lee and his crew. I feel sorry for Danny. Immature, young but he tries too hard and should just stick his nose to the work at hand.

          • Real Sandy⛱

            I agree about Danny.
            The new captain on this show is too laid back…and boring. He is not one to act, unlike Captain Lee who doesn’t take crap without saying something. I just like Lee better. He seems real. This captain (what’s his name?) lets the staff fight it out ehen they complain about each other and stays out of it for the most part.

            • Real Sandy⛱

              I should have said the “crew”when they complain and have disagreements among one another.

          • Oh my gosh, LOVE Captain Lee. His lines are hysterical and the best part is that he doesn’t speak unless necessary, but when he does, he means it. I kind of wish I had that quality myself. I like the new Captain, but he is just completely different then Capt Lee. I also agree 100% about Danny, good heart but very unprofessional. I will say this, every season of below deck has a crew member who DOESN’T WANT THE JOB THEY ARE IN…They must cast that for drama. Most seasons it was the Engineer that didn’t like his job as a deck hand, then there was Rocky who didn’t want to be a stew, but a CHEF, and now Danny wants to be social director and Julie from the Love Boat’s job doesn’t even exist on that boat. lol.

  • Jill

    Too much talk about poop and fundraising. Didn’t enjoy show.

  • DeeDee

    I hope he brings them all back! I loved it. It took until the 3rd episode to kind of settle in & not be awkward. after that it was great. LeeAnne has a horrible temper but she admitted it right away. She was ashamed of herself. If it comes back I’ll watch for sure

  • Lauren

    The first few episodes were…interesting…with all the poop and charity talk but I ended up really liking all of the ladies on this first season! I felt like I could relate to all of them in one way or another…including LeeAnne. Bring it back for Season 2!

  • Debbie. Mcguire


  • Heather

    I liked the cast for the most part, but LeeAnne was over the top scary with the way she was acting and threatening others. Unless she gets some kind of serious therapy she doesn’t need to be on TV. I understand she has had a really traumatic childhood but you can’t use that as an excuse for your deplorable actions.

  • lori

    This series was pure boredom. Carey, Tiffany and Stephanie brought nothing to the table, Brandi was just plain immature. Leeann was too in your face about her charity work, which makes me ask, does she do anything else?

  • RichkidNYC

    Dallas is a Major city I just think the casting was wrong btw let’s try something new with a mixed cast of all types of housewives

  • RichkidNYC

    Where are my cury housewives !!!

  • Lee

    I just could not get into the show. Ridiculous conversations. I hope they don’t renew it.

  • mtrae9

    I didn’t watch this show. There are too many housewives shows. So, I don’t care if they come back or not!!!

  • Coochie-Coochie

    I hope not…the show was boring

  • One Rotten Egg

    I liked stephaieand Brandi…definitely get rid of leAnn and her sidekick can’t even remember her name. Lik her Keith urban like husband though.

  • starr

    I watched bits & pieces of the show, looked interesting, not great so I cannot make a fair decision one way or another.

  • Lisa

    Worst show in the history of TV. Poop talk, fart talk, idiots. Unlikable people. BYE

  • ILoveMarieReyes

    For the second season get rid of Tiffany and Carey before they bore us to death.

    Replace those two by having Marie and Mark (Carey’s husband) be full-time housewives.

  • This show was ridiculous. These women are NOT representative of the housewives of Dallas. At least not ones who have integrity anyway! It looks like Brave just interviewed a bunch of women who had money and nothing else in the world to do but act stupid for money! Stephanie Hollman is vapid and comes across as a “dumb blonde”. Sorry ladies, I am also blonde, but don’t consider myself dumb. Brandi is just assanine, LeeAnn is loud-mouthed and doesn’t contribute anything to the show. She is one lucky lady to have nabbed Rich Emberlin. He is a former SWAT officer with the DPD. Not sure if he is doing it still. The rest of them………….eh, could take them or leave them. They are all so phoney and shallow. Sorry for the tardiness, I just found atrh. Having lived in Dallas for 55 yrs, I just would hate for people to think these women are representative of Dallas housewives!!! They are not and so far from it.

  • Anonymous

    awful show