The Real Housewives of Dallas’ Biggest Scandals


This season of the Real Housewives of Dallas is just getting started, but the drama is already underway. From Tiffany Hendra’s x-rated past to LeeAnne Locken growing up as a carny kid we are taking a look at some of the ladies biggest scandals.

“To see it in black and white that you’re a porn star, it’s shocking,” Hendra told OK! Magazine of her adult film past. “But God is using this earlier than I thought. People can call you anything, but it’s whether you allow it to stick to you. The term porn star is a label I don’t take on.”

Hendra confessed she was sexually abused as a teenager, which sparked her “bad choices.” “I started drugs and I was very promiscuous,” she said. “Everything was based out of fear.”

Stephanie Hollman is known as the sweet one on the RHOD, but her husband Travis has a record of a DUI. “[The defendant] did unlawfully drive a motor vehicle on a public highway and premises open to the public while under the influence of intoxicants, intoxicating liquor,” the court documents obtained by RadarOnline revealed of Mr. Hollman, who was pulled over for driving 87mph in a 55mph speed zone. He also received a citation for refusing to take a Breathalyzer test. He was required to take DUII education/treatment programs following the arrest.

LeeAnne Locken admitted to working on the carnival circuit before becoming involved in the Dallas charity world. I started working during the summers when I was 3 years old,” she told the mag. “I worked for my mom and then other people. When I was 11 I bought my own game and I had adults working for me.”

“A lot of bad happened to me,” Locken said of her dark past. “I attribute a lot of it to how I looked and who I was. I had a lot of therapy along the way to discover who I was as a human.”

LeAnne has been called a “wannabe” in Dallas, as an insider revealed she would do “anything to get in front of the camera.” The source added, “She’s one of those people who just has to be in front of a camera. She tries to show up on the scene everywhere and she does a good job of it. She’s always been looking to get her 15 minutes of fame.”

What are your thoughts on the RHOD so far?

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8 Replies to “The Real Housewives of Dallas’ Biggest Scandals”

  1. I watched a little here and there. Not interested. If I wanted to discuss poop I have a 3 year-old handy who would love to tell me all about it.

    1. This is but your website is amazing! I wish I was younger I would have one, not the kinky ones but one of the beautiful ones!

  2. I never thought I’d say this because I’ve watched every franchise, every season, every ep and I like some cities more than others but I really don’t like this franchise! RHOD chose the suckiest cast ever. My favorite is LeeAnne but not because she’s is likeable, rather she is the least dislikeable if that makes any sense… oh vey! I don’t think I can stomach any more of this show, and I’m already dreading the poop talk at the reunion. urrrgh.

  3. One was a porno actress…the other was a man…the other was a pothead….nothing new…this show is as boring a bat$hit

  4. Locken comes across as a pathetic aging woman who is clearly certifiable. She is the class bully, always tooting her horn, patting her own back, must prove she is right and you are wrong. Her need to put others down to build herself up is very clear. She is loud, obnoxious & curses like a sailor, not good behaivor for a social climber. I find it strange that she plans charity events to raise money for important causes, yet she is not a humble person.
    That little prayer scene she & BFF Tiffany did before attacking M Reyes had me laughing until my side hurt. I bet God really loved your poop in the mouth cursing Had I been Mrs Reyes I would have asked the producers to please remove the 2 bags of garbage from my sofa and home!

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