Rapper T.I. Confronts Apollo Nida, Watch The Video


As we previously reported, Real Housewives of Atlanta husband Apollo Nida reached a plea deal in his bank fraud and identity theft case. Part of Nida’s plea deal was to be an informant, TMZ reports, which means he will be snitching on other criminals to the feds.

Nida tried to downplay his informant role, claiming that rapper T.I. and NFL star Michael Vick signed similar “snitching” deals in their cases on Twitter. This did not go over well with T.I., who met Apollo in a parking lot with his bodyguard Killer Mike. The two confronted Nida for speaking of T.I.’s legal case, and put the fear of God in him if he ever spoke of the rapper again.

The whole confrontation was recorded. Check out the video below.

Photo Credit: Bravo


2 Replies to “Rapper T.I. Confronts Apollo Nida, Watch The Video”

  1. Should say, Rapper T.I and his bodyguard confront Apollo, I doubt T.I. would have done anything without Killer Mike

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