Ramona Wishes Bethenny And Sonja’s Fight Could Have Happened At A Different Time


Ramona Singer is taking to her blog this week to explain why she was so adamant about finding a good room on the Turks and Caicos trip. Singer also discusses Bethenny and Sonja’s confrontation. She says there was no stopping Bethenny, but she wishes that Frankel could have picked a better time for such a heated argument.

“I can’t tell you how thrilled and excited I was to get out of the city with cold and snow and into the warm sunshine.

I felt like a little kid looking for the room for Sonja and me to share. The ladies all take separate rooms, but ever since the Morocco trip, Sonja and I always room together. It was quite humorous with all of us running around like squirrels looking for the nuts.

Who knew that Kristen and I would bond so quickly over her coming to my defense over dating? Sonja and Carole being single for so long have a different viewpoint than I do. It was really comforting that Kristen understood my viewpoint and defended it. Everyone handles dating differently. What is good for one isn’t necessarily good for another.

I wish the heated exchange between Bethenny and Sonja could have happened at a different time. We had a fabulous dinner prepared, it was our first night in a stunning location, and the last thing I wanted was to hear screaming and shouting. No one could stop Bethenny with her heated exchange with Sonja. We ended up all dancing on the coffee table after dinner, so at least we ended up having a great time.”

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  1. I wish ramona would leave, she is such a shit stirrer, and she’s very rude and quite frankly — I find her uber neurotic—some mental issues going on, most people don’t behave the way she does, she needs medication right away (and BTW, she’s always acted like this, she can’t blame the divorce).

    bravo needs to get rid of ramona & sonja—when those 2 open their mouths, I mute the T.V., it’s like they are ADHD or on super speed—-cackling idiots who really never say ANYTHING INTELLIGENT………..

    ramona===wine bottles in the purse, sonja ====sex with anyone who has a pulse==== disgusting menopausal losers……

  2. Anyone notice the horrible cellulite on carole’s backside—Ewww gross, I would cover that up if I were on T.V….And ramona should not wear a yellow bikini—she’s too pale and it washes her out – not flattering, and neither were carole’s shorts—Ugggg…..

  3. So far this year this franchise doesn’t have the same interesting goings on I look for. Maybe next week. I enjoyed the car ride to Atlantic City for some reason, but the other events are just harried. Like I was thinking, in BH they find a place to have their camera time that isn’t within the din of people. Maybe it is unique to New York that there are more people per square foot.

  4. From what I read about that famous New York mob restaurant in Queens, people reserve tables for years, so you most likely have to know somebody just to get in the door, hence the odd looks from the men in there and the busy restaurant. No way can they clear a room for anyone…except maybe the boss/owner who has some reputation. I guess Bethenny has some connections. She did say she frequented these places growing up.
    In NY, square feet are at a premium in most places too.

  5. I just can’t with Ramona. I find myself watching her body language at times as much as I.m trying to listen to her ( as I type this I can’t believe I do listen) R. is beyond obnoxious. Scripting aside, watch what she’s like to people even when she’s in the background. I’m thinking for ex. the unpacking scene with that poor man. She acts as though she’s some big deal who is used to VIP treatment nano-seconds after she runs around calling room shot gun like she’s never been anywhere requiring some modicum of behavior. If I was traveling with a friend who even began that snotty hypocrite act I’d give a quick assist into the pool.Get over yourself lady and find a better hairdresser! (Petty I know but anything deeper would be lost on her phony, in realty trailer trash self) her and a whole lot of those trash picking hse wives are better suited for Jerry Springer’s show.JMHO

  6. Well, I’ve packed the entire house for our cross country move and I have NOTHING to do so I’ll admit it; I caved and caught up on this season of RHONY. I’m EMBARRASSED for Ramona! I’m all about women being empowered and comfortable with their bodies at any weight, at any age (yes, I did just call Camera Tamra ‘geriatric’ on another post, so I’m not a saint. We knew that), but my GOD. Ramona looked like a toddler dropping a load in their diaper squatting around the pool deck! It was just SAD. Ugh! Off topic, I genuinely felt for Sonja when Bethenny was unloading on her. Not even that Bethenny didn’t have valid points, I think she did, but Bethenny, reasoning and alcohol go together like nuts and gum. Stop trying and wait till Sonja is sober (whenever that may be) to try to hash this out with her. I’m out. *Screams “SEXUAL CHOCOLATE”, throws arms out and drops microphone*

  7. I won’t critique Ramona’s figure or swimsuit. She is nearly 60 and can wear a bikini quite well. We all should look so good…minus the eyes. Her behavior on the other hand is extremely immature. She ran around the house as if it was her own private property picking out the perfect bedroom to share a bed in with Sonja…yet again. Whomever arranged the trip should have first dibs on rooms. I am happy she didn’t have a tub too. Then the way she always orders someone to unpack for her. I wouldn’t want a stranger going through my private things, but she feels as if she is royalty and loves to give orders. She has a very domineering personality. Ram. is a hard person to like, and her attitude of being holier than thou is so off-putting.

      1. Monica I think that is what fascinates me about these shows: how ridiculous and juvenile these women act for their age. I can understand going out occasionally and having a good time but these women seem to act this way all the time everywhere. I gave a good circle of friends from work, church and neighborhood and I have never ever seen anyone act like this in my 70 years.

        1. LOL Bee! I fully agree. I’m in my early (ok, soon to be mid) 40s and I think my generation and younger just have the capability of being HORRID. I don’t know why. Was it all the coke everyone did in the 80s so we just have no more social taboos? I’m not sure but it’s definitely “a thing”. Sometimes I wish it WAS back in the days of “Aunt Bee” when this wasn’t considered entertainment. Yet, I can’t look away LOL. I always say it, I DON’T want to see felons, suicides, cat scratching, alcoholism, divorces, kids in horrible situations. I just want to see how the “other half” lives for an hour or two a week!! Glitz and glamour and save the tragedy!

        2. No one would watch me with my friends and family. Maybe my kids and THEIR friends, because sometimes they crack me up. But, seriously, I want to see how the other half lives, beautiful people, or not in Ramona’s case, Beautiful clothes, homes, trips, but then I do wonder how they could really make it worth watching without the infighting. There has to be something to rally behind or against, just like any other movie or television show, IMO. Someone to root for and someone to dislike. Polarity is necessary, but if most viewers really dislike a cast member and can’t find even one redeeming quality the show suffers even when it generates a lot of chatter. Even with Ramona being immature, Sonja being delusional, Carole laughing at herself, Heather trying to be anything, and on and on it is still kind of boring for me personally. I might delete the timer and I certainly won’t buy a season pass and own the season like I do the first three seasons. I really did like those and thought it had all of the qualities to maintain a good fan base. I would like to see Dorinda step into the limelight and show us who she is, and I was hoping Kristen would find her place this season. So, we will see.

  8. When people throw the word menopausal around like it is a character flaw, two things happen. I wonder if it is a man, and why he is too much of a coward to even type in a fake name so to be identified from all of the anonymous commentators. The other is wondering why not being able to bear any more children is some kind of insult, so the person got on their Mom’s computer to try to look like an adult.

  9. Right on 3D. An outgoing wealthy type A personality man of Ramona’s age would be called successful and opinionated not menopausal. What I love about Ramona is she won’t change for anybody she adds interesting dynamics to the show. Without her Kristen’s character would have absolutely no story line except her boring nail polish. You go Ramona and all women 50+ who have strong personalities!

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