Ramona Slams LuAnn de Lesseps’ Fiancé Thomas D’Agostino Jr.


LuAnn de Lesseps believes she has found the love of her life in her fiancé Thomas D’Agostino Jr., but in a new interview, LuAnn’s RHONY co-star Ramona Singer is revealing why she thinks he has other intentions.

“I don’t think relationships should be built on lies,” Singer said. “He said him and I went out once or twice. Why? We went out a dozen times! Why be deceitful?”

D’Agostino also fibbed about his relationship with Sonja Morgan. “LuAnn, he knew was living with Sonja and he never told her that they were lovers,” Singer continued. “Why would he not disclose he was with Sonja repeatedly? Who cares!”

“With Luann, of course she can date whomever she wants,” Singer told RadarOnline. “I thought we were developing a true friendship. I was disappointed. She should’ve said, ‘The guy you were dating, I am now.’ Just giving the heads up, not permission, the courtesy!”

“I find it very strange that he would ask me on dates knowing I’m so close to Sonja and that they were lovers,” Ramona added.

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34 Replies to “Ramona Slams LuAnn de Lesseps’ Fiancé Thomas D’Agostino Jr.”

    1. what I mean is bring him on the show he is another Bobby from RHoNJ Tom is going through the ladies and No I do not think there is any jealousy they probably are thinking WTH

  1. Lol…Ramona is sooo jealous. The special about Luann was more interesting than the entire episode last night. What a fantastic life she has had…and looks like there is still more to come.
    Anyone want to hear more about Bethenny bleeding… Ramona’s bathing suit….Carole’s Diet Coke?

    1. I agree 100%. I found the special on LuAnn very interesting. Ramona and her “girl code” response was so STUPID and immature. When she said that I almost spit out some really good wine that I had in mouth at the time.

      1. I admire Luann’s fearlessness…she just jumps…and she has led such an interesting life because of it. I can see why men are so drawn to her….and also why some women are so ‘put off.”

    2. Ahhh… Apple I agree with you 100%… Bethany is so ridiculous in every way… If she’s not crying about her life, she’s trying to take everyone down or trying to let us all know she’s a business women.. We get it, you’re going through a hard divorce and have to share time with your kid with her FATHER and you were homeless for a bit and now you are bleeding.

  2. I don’t give any thought to anything that comes out of Ramona’s mouth, but in this case, I did wonder, when Sonja was calling him “my Tom” and talking about doing him….Did Ramona know this on her alleged, 2, 7, or 12 dates? I also think these ladies are wasting their breath. There doesn’t seem to be anything that is going to deter Luann from being with this guy, so why keep trying.

  3. OMG Apple, thanks for that laugh!! “Bethenny bleeding… Ramona’s bathing suit….Carole’s Diet Coke?” They are really reaching for storylines at this point…. And FYI – ENOUGH WITH THE MEDICAL CRAP ON THESE SHOWS! STOP ALREADY.

    1. I have to agree about the medical stuff as long as Beth drops the bleeding thing now it would be ok but if she is traumatized by it then she needs to seek help and not share
      she was on Extra or some show last night talking about bleeding fibroids

  4. Has Ramona ever heard the words “Mind your own F..ing business”. Who gives a crap what Mona says and as far Sonja is concerned all the women in NY assume SOnja has slept with a huge percentage of the men. Problem with SOnja is she thinks it is a conquest and she just looks so pathetic and crazy. Men date SOnja for the sex that is it. No self respecting man is going to bring Sonja home and make her part of the family. Both of these women are so jealous that TIm chose Lu.

  5. Doesn’t anyone but me think this whole thing with LuAnn is fabricated? We have a guy that defies odds by nailing almost half the cast of a particular show. Anybody think he might have wanted ON the show? We have LuAnn, who has said “He wants to marry me,” “We might get married,” We are getting married.” Her excitement sounds so manufactured to me and false in its delivery, unless it’s her drug use that makes it sound off. I think she’s got a deal with him that they will make this her story line this year (she didn’t have one), he’d get publicity for his business (or whatever it is that makes him want on the show), and they can just call it off at some point after it serves their purposes.

    1. I never thought of that but I have to admit it sounds true! 2 weeks dating and he wants to marry her! And he’s dated Sonya and Ramona??!! New York is a huge city… Just saying…

  6. I thought it was interesting that Carole is writing a book about healthy eating and ordered a Diet Coke. She should take more tips from Adam…pun not exactly intended. 😮

    1. You have always written with true wit, which is a great quality to have. THAT was funny. Yes, Diet coke is full of the bed stuff, and if anyone does not need anything diet, it’s her. Maybe she doesn’t like the feeling she gets from a sugar rush though, and I know it is easy to get a taste for coke, diet or not. I am not a soda person, once in a while with pizza, which is a rare food for me.

  7. Lu is delusional and desperate, Tom is a climber, Ramona is NOT jealous, neither is Sonja. Please don’t put Sonja down for doing what she likes. We don’t usually do that when it’s a man. Let’s not be sexist.

  8. I have heard before that Luann uses drugs. Do you know what kind? Because Bethenny was right that she seemed like she blew a few lines before she came to the bar that night. She actually interrupted WHILE Bethenny was saying she was interrupting. Bethenny has never before said she was ill. This time she said she was medically ill, that at that moment she was ill, & Luann didn’t even hear it.
    I am going to time the segment given to Bethenny’s emergency. It was about 4 minutes from what I could see, but I am going to watch again today and time it. It happened during filming, and they are actually filming a REALITY show. It was an acute emergency, and she is getting slammed for not going to the E.R. before. She made an appt. with her own doctor, and no matter who you are, you don’t get into the exam room in a hospital emergency room before a more serious emergency, & you don’t want some strange male doctor doing a pelvic exam on you, take my word for it. Especially when something is seriously wrong. I mean, jeeze, I know she has some detractors here, but she could maybe have one little break being she is a Mom and a woman. From what the previews show, she gets over it as fast as is possible and doesn’t belabor it. She was likely asked about it in her interviews, being it happened right there on national TV!
    Luann is always wiping the corners of her mouth, a habit cocaine and speed users have. I have a grudging admiration for Luann, whom I have never been a fan of, for backing Bethenny up all the time, especially when the preacher, Heather, was there. Like I said, I believe she does that because Bethenny’s message to her has always been the SAME EXACT THING. Be who you are. Don’t lie about who you really are. “I like you, the real Luann, not the one who has to do all this proper countessness.” That is what Bethenny has been saying to her for years. She’s not going around picking fights about a bunch of different petty crap. I believe, truly, that Luann wants to be who she is and show the world who she really is, but is afraid she won’t be liked. Which is ironic, being that she would be so much more likable and liked if she would be herself, and be honest about who she is and what she wants out of life. Bethenny’s true fondness for Luann is the reason, IMO, that Luann forgave Bethenny. She feels the truth of Bethenny’s genuine love for her & their real friendship.

      1. Hi sweetie I’m just now seeing this and I responded right quick back with a letter! ♥️❌⭕️

  9. Forgot to say hey 3D! How are you lady? How’s that beautiful garden growing? I just pulled some huge radishes this morning they grew from seed to fruit in 3 weeks! That’s a record 😉

  10. Well I happen to have both, the sugar snaps aren’t ready yet but when they are I wish We could belly up to the bar with a salt shaker and eat some together ♥️:)

  11. I don’t understand what’s wrong with these women. Eww. Is there not an entire world of men out there? Why is everyone doing this one? They are all disgusting and wrong. They are all treating each other with an enormous amount of disrespect and dishonesty. All of them. This story line should be called “Enough STDs to go Around”

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