Why Did Ramona Singer’s Father Leave Her Out Of His Will?


Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer has been very open about her troubled childhood, including her abusive, alcoholic father. In an attempt to keep promoting his book, Ramona’s brother, Bohdan Mazur, is revealing that Singer was purposely left out of their father’s will. Ramona, who is the oldest of four children, was one of two of the siblings that was secretly left out of their father’s will.

Mazur tells RadarOnline, “Naturally, us four children would have inherited my parents estate, if my father would have died first. That was not the case. When our mother died, he changed the will. Tanya and I were the only ones named.”

“My father left Ramona out because she already had millions,” he claimed, adding that in addition to Singer, her sister Sonya was also left out of the will. But Mazur doesn’t feel sorry for Ramona, adding that she owned a “two million dollar pad” in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, had a “live in Filipina maid,” and drove a “one-hundred thousand dollar Jaguar.”

Photo Credit: Bravo