Did Ramona Singer’s Diva Behavior Get Her Fired From Her Hair Extension Company?


In January, Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer announced that she would be promoting her new hair extensions line on the show, but a new report claims that Singer’s diva behavior might have gotten her fired by her business partner.

A source revealed that Ramona wanted “to shake up the hair industry” and would be “trying to get [the cast, including Carole Radziwill and Bethenny Frankel to] try the hair.” But things didn’t go as Ramona had planned.

Page Six is reporting that the relationship between Ramona and her partner Victoria Flores, who set up the Lux Beauty Club, has soured and there are emails to prove their strained relationship and it’s because of Singer’s “diva behavior,” Flores said, telling Ramona, “You are not Angelina Jolie!”

In the email telling Singer that “any agreement we had, written or verbal, is null and void,” Flores complained that Singer had been a let-down at a promotional appearance at beauty store Harmon Face Values. “We were incredibly disappointed with your attitude at Harmons and our [return on investment] on you has been less than overwhelming,” wrote Flores. “I can’t build a business with someone that fights me on everything I need them to do, and I want to partner with people that care about my business and are not motivated by blinding greed. This isn’t working out for me anymore.”

Flores continued, “You have been nothing but disrespectful . . . We would have never agreed to bring you on as a Brand Ambassador if we had been [a bigger company] . . . I would have given [a household name like] Rita Ora a part of my company, NOT Ramona Singer.”

By Sunday things had settled, and Singer told Page Six she was planning to sit down with Flores to work out their differences.

“I can’t be fired as I have a signed contract that last [sic] 2 years, With no termination Clause,” Singer emailed. “They are severely undercapitalized and can not afford to pay what is owed to me. I have fullfilled [sic] all my contractual Obligations.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Yet another housewife who is a joke!

Ramona acts like a diva all the time and always has and always will.

The limo ride in season 7 when they went to Atlantic City was where it showed the best how she treats others. The limo had just gotten there, all the girls had been made to stand outside in Sonja’s veranda in the rain. Finally the limo arrives and Ramona says to the driver, “Are you the one with our luggage, I have some wine in there” Apparently she gets the wine, and she starts actually YELLING, I need a wine opener, HEY, HEY, CAN YOU HEAR ME, I NEED AN OPENER, screaming it. Like the driver who was trying to… Read more »

Cannot stand Ramona. I find her behavior so unattractive. No wonder she’s still single.

To be a successful celebrity endorser don’t you have to be admired or liked or someone people want to look like in the case of beauty products? Ramona is the only one that admires Ramona.