Ramona Singer’s Brother Reveals Secrets Of Their Childhood And His Past Involving Prison And Drugs


Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer’s brother is coming forward to reveal his life story that involves cocaine, jail and addiction. Ramona’s younger brother, who lives in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is speaking to RadarOnline and revealing details about the sibling’s childhood. Bohdan Mazur claims the pair’s father encouraged him to be a criminal… and even wanted him to join the mob.

“I took it to heart. I’m not sure how much of his advice I was supposed to take literally, but I made sure to put some of it to good use,” Mazur tells the site. At 17 years-old, Mazur began selling pot and hash, and his family supported his lucrative business.

“When I told my father how much I could make, he was impressed. He was my greatest advocate,” he said.

After graduating high school and moving to Aspen, he expanded his business… into selling cocaine. “It was easy money, and after a while, I almost forgot it was illegal,” he admitted.

When asked if Ramona was aware of what he was doing, he responded, “Yes. She did. Everyone in my family knew what I was doing.”

Mazur claimed he was making upwards of $10,000 a week selling drugs and despite his dad’s warnings, decided to “dip” into his stash. “A small bump [of cocaine] is addicting. That’s why it’s so easy to sell. Once you try it, you need more of it. I regret trying it… it made me paranoid,” he shared.

On the night of his final arrest, Mazur said he “did so much coke, I would hear my heart valves squishing.” Afraid that the police were onto his trafficking, he grabbed his Charter Arms 38 revolver to protect himself. “I was sure someone was going to kill me,” he said.

As he grabbed his Charter Arms 38 revolver, the gun went off. His neighbors told Aspen police a bullet had come from Mazur’s home and was lodged in their wall. When cops arrived with a search warrant, they discovered eight bundles of cocaine in Mazur’s jacket.

“My paranoia is what got me busted by the cops, and I lost my entire life, my family, my wife and two kids, because of it. I regret ever using the stuff,” he said.

After spending years in prison, he plans to rebuild his life in Mexico. “Here, the cops don’t bother me, and I can live my life,” he said, adding that he hasn’t been in contact with his oldest sister Singer in over two years.”

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