Ramona Singer On This Week’s RHONY “Awkward Get-Together”

Ramona Singer is talking about the get-together in her blog that occurred on this week’s episode of RHONY. Ramona says there’s a story behind those “hickies,” and tells the real story. She also shares her thoughts about Sonja’s new friend Tinsley Mortimer. See what else she had to say below.

“Watching ep 2 really made me laugh! Hickies?! Well, to be honest, I did not have hickies. I decided to tell Carole that just to throw her off. I wanted to get the shock value from her. I always think Carole comes off so sweet and innocent, but I know and love the real Carole! I loved that she admitted that she loves getting hickies! Now for the honest truth: I had a mole that needed to be removed and had it done earlier in the day, so I thought wearing the scarf was better then showing up with a big gauze pad bandage. Hickies Hmmmm haven’t had one since high school.

As far as Tinsley, my first thoughts of her were that she is a very beautiful women and comes off very sweet and nice. I always ask questions, both personal and general. How else do you start to get to know someone? I actually felt that she was very responsive to my questions. I think she has a great attitude and a lot of confidence!

The get-together was a bit awkward, especially for her. She was the center and guest star of the party and was meeting a lot of different types of people. I actually wonder how she felt about all my questions.

But the most annoying part of the day was the “man in the kitchen” at Sonja’s. I do not know him, or at least I don’t remember him. He was a “bitter” butler. I am not always good at remembering people right away. I found him rude! I really did. He was supposed to be working at the party, and instead he was busy making faces and comments behind people’s backs. After watching tonight’s episode, I truly know that my first opinion was the right one.

Although tonight’s episode has nothing to do with me and Luann directly, I find it amazing that she still believes that both Sonja and I are jealous. Or want Tom!

She really must be kidding. All I have to say is good for her and good luck. I hope all good things happen in her relationship with her husband.”

Photo Credit: Bravo