Ramona Singer Wants Mario Back, Doesn’t Want A Divorce


Ramona Singer is willing to take back her husband, Mario, after she called the police claiming he choked her last weekend in their Southampton home. Even though the NY Post has stated that Ramona and Mario are separated and dating other people, RadarOnline is reporting that Ramona would take Mario back. An insider tells the site that Ramona “would take Mario back in a heartbeat … she depends on Mario for everything.”

“Despite being publicly humiliated by him, Ramona doesn’t want a divorce,” the insider says. “She has begged Mario to break it off, but he refused. It’s really sad because Mario is telling their friends how desperate Ramona is to get him back.”

And Ramona isn’t telling anyone about her martial woes. “Ramona hasn’t confided to ANY of her friends,” the source shares. “She is in denial about what is really going on with Mario. It’s really sad, and her friends are growing more concerned about her.”

Photo Credit: Bravo