Ramona Singer To Release Memoir-Opens Up About Her Marriage


Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer is known to be newly single as she and her soon to be ex husband Mario Singer are in the process of finalizing their divorce. Although Ramona has claimed to be back on the dating scene and enjoying herself, her divorce has had a major impact on her life. As we’ve seen proof on the show of her going through this struggle, she recently opened up to People magazine a bit on the topic of her marriage, and that she is releasing a memoir.

“It was my success a a celebrity reality star and notoriety that bothered him. If someone said, ‘Can I take a photo with Ramona?’ or interrupt our conversation at dinner, he would get upset.”

The “dream couple” (as friends called them) was married for 22 years, and although they shared a long history and a daughter together they just drifted apart. “I think he felt that we were no longer a team.”

“He could have jumped in but he continued to be passive,” she continued. As his resentment grew, Mario began an affair — something that eventually was unforgivable to Ramona. “The affair was really a symptom of unhappieness,” she said. “It’s still betrayal.”

In a previous episode of RHONY, we saw Ramona asking for book title ideas as she told the ladies she plans on writing a book about her life and now it has been shared that fans will be able to get their hands-on it next month! The memoir is set to be called Life on the Ramonacoaster. 

Photo Credit: Bravo