Ramona Singer Teases Feud With Aviva Drescher For Season 6 Of RHONY!


Real Housewives of New York Stars Ramona Singer and Aviva Drescher attended the We Are Family Foundation’s (WAFF) Humanitarian Award Gala at the Manhattan Center’s Grand Ballroom in NYC this week, and according to Tom Murro the two New York ladies were mingling, but not with each other!

Ramona dished about Season 6 of RHONY to Tom, “Yes, I am happy to be coming back.  As long as I have fun doing the show, I will keep doing it. My daughter Avery will be off to college this August, which is bittersweet for me.  All moms watching will see me trying to cope with this as we are so close and she is my only child. It will be interesting to see where my relationship will go with Aviva for as of now we have what viewers saw at the end of season 5.”

When Tom caught up with Aviva at the event, he asked her if anything had changed with Ramona since we last saw the women, and Aviva replied with a simple, “NO.”

Are YOU excited for Ramona and Aviva to be back for Season 6?

Photo Credit: Bravo


4 Replies to “Ramona Singer Teases Feud With Aviva Drescher For Season 6 Of RHONY!”

  1. So pretty much the same as last season? Both those woman need to get off the show IMO!!! Bravo loves Ramona but she has become boring and nothing with her changes.

  2. ADiva will be trying to come across softer and not as snotty privileged as she did at the end of last season. I think those were here true stripes.

    Ramona is Ramona and it will be interesting to see the dynamics of this relationship play out next season.

  3. Aviva will not be able to hide her true colors, and as much as RHONY is one of my favorite housewives shows, I won’t be tuning in if Aviva is on. She’s too stressful and I had to take Xanax just to get through her scenes. What a shrew. Time to call it a day and find new shows to enjoy!

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