Ramona Singer Talks Sending Avery To Off College


Ramona Singer is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss sending her daughter Avery off to college. Ramona explains that she can’t believe how fast the time flew by, discusses Sonja Morgan’s relationship with Harry Dubin and Carole’s party.

Ramona writes, “I was amused by all of Carole’s requests for her party. I entertain constantly at my homes. To me, a successful party is not built not upon the ambiance, but rather the correct combination of guests, alcoholic beverages, and, naturally, great food. We know Carole does not eat, so she could care less about that LOL.

I thought Heather had the patience of a saint with Carole and did a great job of pulling everything together.

I really don’t know what happened to LuAnn and Heather’s voices that night. They were both so off-key. It must of been too much tequila on their parts!

When Avery called me in to help her pack, the reality of her leaving was finally here. It was a very emotional moment helping Avery pack for college. It’s the first major move to her adulthood and separation from her family.

Taking her to the airport, I was flooded with emotions. How did this happen so fast? Where did the time go? It seemed like yesterday I was still picking her up at kindergarten.

Harry and Sonja always had a special bond. I was happy to hear he wanted to make a commitment to making a commitment. . .And it may not of been “the ring” but it was at least a ring. To each their own and whatever works.”

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  1. So Ramona, putting down and complaining about everything. If it isn’t her idea – it’s not a good idea. They say people who are always putting others down are just trying to make themselves feel better about themselves. With Ramona that just makes her look envious and mean spirited. Hang it up girl and now that your daughter is gone work on keeping the hubby at home

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