Ramona Singer Talks Her Future With Mario


After filing for divorce from her husband Mario, Ramona Singer is opening up about what she sees happening in her future. After rumors of reconciliation, Ramona confirms she is willing to take Mario back. “[We] feel very positive about [our] future together,” she tells People Magazine.

“All marriages hit bumps, some bigger than others,” she says. “We have a history of 25 years together and we have been very happy.”


Posting the photo above, Ramona tweeted this weekend, “What doesn’t break you makes you stronger.”

Photo Credit: Twitter


6 Replies to “Ramona Singer Talks Her Future With Mario”

  1. Ramona once a cheater always a cheater. DOn’t give us this crap that what does not kill you makes you stronger. You found your husband together with his mistress in your vacation home. He got caught. YOu take him back and he will do it again. What do you show to your daughter about being strong and independent. You want this relationship to continue because then you won’t have to be alone. Well being alone is better than living without trust. You will NEVER be able to trust him again and if you go back you deserve everything that you will get.

    1. YOU SAID IT !! And God only knows how many times he has done this and not gotten caught ! What a horrible role model she is being for her daughter ! 25 happy years YEAH THATS WHY HE CHEATED HE WAS SOOOO HAPPY ! Ramona needs to hire a good psychiatrist and go to rehab for her alcoholism and be the kind of woman her daughter can look up to and admire . Betcha he does a whole bunch of money hiding while the ‘reconcile’ then he will be out of there

  2. My 90 year old mother told me, when I was complaining about my husband’s infidelity…
    “Judy, men are pigs. They can’t help it. Accept it and you’ll be happier.” She passed away in ’94. She was right. for the most part.

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