Ramona Singer Sounds Off About Tom D’Agostino’s Cheating; Reveals If She’s Been Invited to the Wedding


Ramona Singer has been highly involved in LuAnn de Lesseps’ love life ever since she got engaged to Tom D’Agostino and now, Singer is reacting to the news that Tom cheated on LuAnn.

“Knowing Tom, Bethenny’s information did not surprise at all,” Ramona Singer shared during a live Facebook chat before the season finale last Wednesday. “I mean, listen, he likes to date a lot. I mean, I only went out with him five or six times, but I found out after the fact, all these girls were telling me how they were dating him and how he was putting hearts on their legs and how he was making them feel like they were the ones. So this is a man who just likes to womanize.”

Ramona even went as far to say that if she was LuAnn, she would have felt like Tom was “a piece of sh**.” Given the fact that Ramona’s husband Mario cheated on her, she elaborated that she wanted to console LuAnn in Miami. “I go, ‘You know what, Luann? You are special. He’s a sh**head. You are special in every way. It’s not about you, it’s about him. He doesn’t feel good about himself. Men who cheat, men who treat women badly, it’s not about you women out there; it’s about men,'” she told Luann after the news came out. That’s what I realize about my ex. He did things, he acted out, it had nothing to do with me. He doesn’t feel good about himself. Tom needs reaffirmation from women to feel good about himself, which is kind of sad, but it is what it is.”

“Bethenny handled it the best she could when she told Luann about Tom. I mean, she was really freaking out. That’s why she didn’t come to Palm Beach to meet us on the boat because she knew this information, and she just didn’t know what to do, and she waited until the last day because she didn’t want to spoil everyone’s time. And she wasn’t even sure she was going to tell her,” she said. “And you know what, how do you tell someone? How do you tell them?”

But Ramona says if LuAnn and Tom’s relationship wasn’t so new, she wouldn’t have relayed the information at all. “I don’t know about all of you, but I had that happen to me too where I had women whose husbands had been fooling around on the side, and you make a choice: Do you tell them or don’t tell them? But you know what, my girlfriends are married for plus-20 years, and guess what, I’m not going there,” she explained. “And that’s what Bethenny said. She said, ‘You know what, if Luann was with this gentleman for 20 years and had kids with him that were young, she’d keep her mouth shut.’ But because Luann is just newly engaged, she felt, and I think she was right, that, you know what, we should just give her the information. So we gave her the information.”

Ramona also confirmed that she has NOT received a save the date for LuAnn’s wedding. “Luann did [send] save the dates. At the reunion, she did say she has yet to decide if she’s gonna invite any of us or all of us. She would wait until after the reunion,” she said. “I do know a few months ago, I’m with a really good girlfriend, and my good girlfriend says, ‘You know what? Luann invited me to her wedding. She told me she wanted me to go to her wedding.’ I’m like, ‘Gosh, she invites my good girlfriend three months ago, but not me?’ So listen, maybe I’m invited, maybe I’m not. Whatever happens, happens.”

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13 Replies to “Ramona Singer Sounds Off About Tom D’Agostino’s Cheating; Reveals If She’s Been Invited to the Wedding”

  1. Oh Ramona, Ramona……..here you are babbling on and on about something you don’t seem to know anything about. Men cheat because they want to, it has nothing to do with them feeling bad about themselves. Where oh where do you get all this information from??? In a marriage, it is NEVER a good idea to turn outside the marriage and there are men who do the right thing. Then we have the other schmucks who go out and cheat. So what if you don’t get a “save the date” or wedding invitation. Do you really want to see this guy, that a lot of you dated, walk down the aisle and pretend that you are happy for them? Not that YOU couldn’t pull it off, but you would have to put on your act of pretending to be happy for them. You are so shallow and transparent Ramona. You say and do whatever suits the situation and then you go and take the opposite stance when you are in company where you can say how you really and truly feel. G-d forbid you ever say how you truly feel to the person(s) you are dealing with.

    1. Ramona is fatal attraction. She never dated Tom. and he has been saying that since 2015 way before Luann. Tom denied dating her in September 2015 right after her publicist or she put it in the press. In that release she said she had finally met someone on her level. That is when Tom’s $50,000,000 was mentioned. The press called Tom to confirm and he said then he was single and not dating Ramona. Sonya claims when she offered to not see him be cause he was dating Ramona he told her he was not dating her. Check out Sonya’s blog. Ramona is the only one who believes she was dating Tom and she sicced Bethany on Luann. Ramona is a sociopath and everyone knows it.

  2. I think that Bethenny made the right call in this situation. Luann became defensive, supporting Tom and blaming the other woman’s clutches, but she is in denial.
    If Luann decided not to invite Ramona or Bethenny or whomever, so be it. I would not want to be in attendance at that farce of a wedding, anyway, though Luann is entitled to choose whomever she wants to marry.
    Tom just seems to be someone who I would worry about, given how much he has wanted to be with the Real Housewives, and not just Luann. He seems to want any one or every one of them…and others too. I would not trust this man.

  3. If all this crap is true, I mean Luman and Tomcat then HE was just given a marriage long pass to do this again as Luman will keep forgiving his little antics so that she can show off that ring and claim she is in love and happily married.

    How many ways can you say desperate !

  4. Ramona is entitled 2her opinion. Screw Lu if she won’t invite the gals.She doesn’t want 2B reminded that he’s scum. Ramona has lived thru betrayal. I will say that Lu will have the media there so she can gloat! But he that laughs 1st laughs last Lu! Ur marriage is DOA. I’m out, I’m exhausted with this topic.Peace!

    1. She’ll have her real friends there. Obviously, none of these women are her true friend and I’m not sure if any of them know how. Especially Ramona. She is extremely self-absorbed.

    2. These women are not her friends. Bethany hates Luann and has said so. Ramona went around her engagement party vamping and tramping. Sonja was in tears. Absurd. Bethany spied on Luann’s boyfriend and this was all she could come up with. She did this to ruin her happiness and humiliate her. She spun this nonsense for days before we saw the ‘proof’ and she told Luann. She then told her how to handle it. Luann would be a fool to break up with him. They have one photo of him kissing an ex. That was exaggerated and lied into a two hour make out session. That is nonsense. Bethany is the one dating a married man. She is the low life. I would not leave my man over a drunken kiss in front of everyone. I would be pissed but that’s it. Ridiculous.

  5. Tom drunken kissed an ex. That’s it. This big cheater spin is BS. I am married and I kissed an ex after the engagement. I had forgotten about it until this stupid show. That this guy is some huge cheater is BS. These women are jealous and envious that Luann got the guy. Tom didn’t date Ramona. She gave an interview in September saying she had met someone worthy, meaning Tom. That is the article where Tom’s fifty million dollars is mentioned. The paper tried to get a confirmation from Tom. He said, in September before he met Lu, that he and Ramona were not dating and that he was single. There was another article two weeks later that mentioned Tom talking to a younger blonde. They asked him again about Ramona and he repeated that he was single and not dating Ramona. This was way before he met Luann. Sonja’s claims are nonsense. She claims she had sex with him around Thanksgiving. Luann and he hooked up after Thanksgiving. He told Sonja he loved Luann. He has no interest in Housewives. How many times have you seen him on camera. He s very uncomfortable. He is in love with Luann and wants to marry her.

  6. I just re-watched the last episode of RHONY. I guess I must have “zoned” out or something when it was on, but am I the only person who thinks that LuAnn is being incredibly stupid and naive about this instance with Tom at the Regency??? I mean, c’mon already, he was drunk and didn’t know what he was doing?? If that wasn’t bad enough, she waltzes into Bethenny’s party and starts telling everyone to quit talking about Tom & her???? I think she has seriously gone off the deep end. I thought she was one smart cookie when I first started watching this show, but now I think she is absolutely so desperate to get married, she is willing to overlook any & maybe every indiscretion this ass is going to give her. The “I love Tom and he loves me” line is getting very nauseating. She has thrown all logic & reasoning out the window for this guy and I hope to hell he doesn’t f**k up again! Him wanting Dorinda to go and tell the other ladies a lie was the most preposterous thing I have ever heard. And, trust me, I heard some real whoppers from the master of lies, my deceased husband. This guy is an amateur compared to him. Oh well, as I have said before, one reaps what one sows, so I guess LuAnn won’t be too surprised if this isn’t the only incident. Well, tonight at the reunion, it should be very interesting. I have only seen a clip of the show, but I’m going to record it so I can skip through the commercials! BTW, Happy “Hump” Day everyone. It is almost the weekend & it is a long one with the Labor Day holiday on Monday!!!!!

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