Are Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan Still Feuding?


The relationship between Real Housewives of New York City stars Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan was rocky this season and as the ladies revisit what happened during the reunion, some viewers are wondering where do the two currently stand?

On Wednesday, Sonja Morgan took to Twitter to look back at some of her fond moments with Ramona over the years. “Was nice when @ramonasinger was pettin me like the old days #rhony @Bethenny reminded me she is there when ur down,” Morgan wrote after watching the clip of Ramona comforting her on the yacht.

And after one viewer called out Ramona for not being “a great friend” because she “trashes your reputation” and “never defends you to others,” Sonja revealed the two are currently not speaking. “She was trashin me [with Dorinda Medley]. Alllll the tiiiiiime,” Sonja wrote. “They [should check] themselves.”

Whose side are you on? Ramona or Sonja?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Real Sandy⛱

    Whose side am I on? I like Sonja. I think she is harmless and fun loving. Ramona seems to have two sides. Yes, she can be a caring friend, but she can also lose her cool, not think things through and be less than thoughtful. If she is trashing her friend’s reputation, it is not right.
    Sonja seems to be a what you see is what you get kind of girl. I honestly think she tried to be discreet about her times with Tom in the past, but when he was with Luann and she herself was with him not too long before, she felt the need to mention it.
    I think Dorinda is the troublemaker, and if Ramona wants a friendship with her, she better watch her back. Dorinda can be sweet and a backstabber at the same time IMO.


    Hi Real Sandy. Do you mean that Sonja is what you see is what you get meaning that she is living a delusional life. No heat in that townhouse? All her side jobs? Her lies about being a world traveler? Yes, she’s probably harmless, but she isn’t living in the real world.

    • One Rotten Egg

      Bitchany’s reality is making fun of everyone and then calls “joke” when called out. Her reality is also claiming “homeless” when she didn’t just rent/buy a new place and had to stay in luxury hotels.

      Delusional is LuAnn, thinking her fiance isn’t a cheater.

  • Amy

    They are ALL batshit crazy. Btw… Housewives?? Are any of them actual housewives? Time to clean house and replace these negative backstabbers with some new blood

  • vanonna

    I’m just amazed at grown women behaving this way. It seems the “fame” from being on the show goes to their head and ruins whatever friendship they ever had. Truly sad.

    • Amy

      It is sad isn’t it? Think of the families it has ruined. Not to mention how embarrassed the kids of these ill women must be. My children would disown me if I acted that way even for a second on TV. And for the women that have smaller kids.. No way of getting around it… They will eventually see their trashy behavior on line. Most likely from their friends when they get a bit older. How they think the money was worth it. No among of money would be worth that to the majority of us. They look, dress and act like trash. At this point all of them do. Disgusting