Ramona Singer Single Again

RHONY star Ramona Singer is no longer dating Steven Gerber, according to PageSix.

“Things happen for a reason,” an insider said.

Ramona and Steven Gerber were spotted together this weekend at a charity event in the Hamptons where Michael Bolton performed. However, the source insists that Ramona is not upset over the break-up.

I guess that one was quick.

Photo Credit: Bravo


2 Replies to “Ramona Singer Single Again”

  1. It is not easy dating as an older woman, even when you look great and a lot younger than your years. Most successful guys (not all) want to date younger and younger.
    It seems Ramona wants to date younger too, and maybe she feels she could because she looks and feels younger. Also she may feel entitled, especially since she is wealthy (it seems to help..) and also because her ex was into the younger ladies, she feels better doing the same, since Mario may find out about who she is dating.
    Honestly, even though I cannot stand Ramona, I feel sorry for her. It has to be very hard to start over in your later years after a long marriage to someone you were head over heels in love with for so long. When they had their vow renewal, I was thinking the breakup may happen…since it is not always the case, but sometimes the vow renewal is because one of the couple feels the other may be losing their connection…or straying.
    So, maybe this relationship was not meant to work out. Sometimes, when you aren’t looking and least expect it, someone may enter into your life. Just stop forcing it and relax. In the meantime, Ramona…if you ever read this stuff, you may still be grieving the loss of your husband. It is okay. Just chill and enjoy life. Enjoy your friends and your daughter, and be thankful for being healthy, wealthy and lucky in every thing else, except maybe love….for now. It will happen.

  2. She should go full cougar and “date” younger men, she looks half decent, has some money….I doubt a younger guy would stick around, but in the meantime hooking up is a possible option.

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