Ramona Singer Sends Mario’s Mistress Kasey Dexter Cease And Desist Letter


Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer has revealed she is taking her husband Mario back after she found him cheating with his mistress Kasey Dexter. Now, Life & Style is reporting that Ramona had her and Mario’s attorney send Dexter a cease and desist letter… warning her to keep quiet!

According to the report, the letter told Dexter not to contact them “in any manner, fashion, or form… in person, telephonically, electronically, by mail or by any other means.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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6 Comments on "Ramona Singer Sends Mario’s Mistress Kasey Dexter Cease And Desist Letter"

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Didn’t I just read Mario is still contacting the girlfriend? Maybe Ramona ought to send him a cease and desist.

Ramona is a D A. Plain & simple.

nothing good to say when it comes to cheating…

whats wrong ramona does it make you mad to see the truth in writing or to hear it in person ? wake up and smell the roses you ding dong they are making a laughing stock out of you and you are letting them ! you are icing their cake ! somebody please smack her into reality

I have said it many times, but one more time…..she is a JOKE!

I agree…cheating is no joke. After all those years. The pig.
Let him go …YOU be the other woman! He’ll cheat on her too!
He’s beyond “mid-life”…and a tool.