Ramona Singer: This Season Was Empowering for Me


Ramona Singer says season eight of the RHONY was very empowering for her. In her blog, she says she appreciates all of the different relationships she has with each of the ladies and insists that although the ladies may think in different ways, no one is out to hurt the other.

“I can’t believe it’s a wrap. Season 8 done and finished. What an amazing ride. I must say that after watching every week and thinking about what has gone on. Friendships, arguments, ups and downs, this season was very empowering for me. The last two episodes were very emotional on everyone. I think in my own way I forgot what a hard weekend it was in Miami. Watching it unfold again brings back so many things. Seeing everything after living it and being able to actually think and listen gives me lots of time to reflect. I truly, truly love these women. They may not always think so, but I do.

Each and every one of them are completely special to me. I have a different bond and relationship with all of them. Some are old friends and some are new friends. After eight seasons there is a lot of history. I never knew I could grow so close to Bethenny and Carole. Truthfully we all are different, but that’s what makes for more interesting friendships. I love that Bethenny, through her tough-as-nails personality, really has a huge heart. She feels, she hurts and she cares. Carole is just so easy to be with and kind-hearted and so sweet. I am so happy to have become close to both of them.

We are a group of strong-minded women. We all don’t always agree how we do things. We all may see things very different as is the case with Luann, but there is no one in our group that is out to hurt anyone directly. I could go into everything again and recap, but I don’t think that at this point it is necessary. I have my opinion as others have theirs. No one really knows what they would do if they were in the other persons’ shoes, right?

We all signed up to be on a reality show, and sometimes things get exposed that we wish didn’t. If you chose to be in the public eye, then the public sees and hears what they want.

It’s been a summer of fun for me, and I have seen several of the women socially, whether it be dinner or going away together or even just a quick hello. I am sticking to what I said: I am cautious about who I date, and I try to get to know someone first. As they say, it takes a long time to get to know someone! Look at me. I am a prime example of having the least expected thing happen, but I push forward every day for the love I have for my daughter and for myself.”

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  • Amy

    Stfu Ramona.. No one cares what you think. You make an ass out of yourself by the way you act, dress and talk. You embarrass your daughter. Take those Nasty extensions out of your hair. This lady is bat shit crazy.

    • Suze☕️

      Love your comment Amy xoxo

      • Amy

        Hey Suze sweetie
        .. How are you and are you going to get the new below deck that starts in a week or so??

        • Amy

          Funny how they can get the same porn all over the world but can’t get below deck in your viewing area?? Crazy . Still love u !

          • Suze☕️

            Spent ages lastbweek trying to find it or to see if it was coming but no news yet, we will probably get season two first which is annoying. We are getting Potomac which I have no interest in! Typical! Xoxoxo

    • Absolutely!!!!! LOL

  • This woman lives in lala land. She thinks she can say whatever she wants and if someone takes offense, she hops up and apologizes and it is so fake. Poor Avery, I feel sorry for this young woman. She doesn’t have any role model she can look to at home. I wonder where she will get guidance from. Not from her mother who is busy flitting around bars & men. Yuck……wise up Ramona, you have your priorities in the wrong order honey. I’m sure you loved this season because you were all over the place with each and every woman on the show. Grow up and get some taste. And like Amy said, STFU.

    • You know what bothered me the most of all the things Ramona did? ( And, there are a LOT to choose from ) Last season, she was in a bar. She was saying in TH that now Avery is 21 and can come into bars with her. So, Avery comes in with a friend, and Ramona asks the young lady if she goes to school with Avery. Avery proceeds to tell her that the girl has been a friend for years, and that she had in fact SPENT THE WEEKEND last Summer in the Hampton’s with them. Avery has known and been friends with this young lady for YEARS. She had stayed at THEIR HOUSE, all weekend. Ramona says “oh well” like it is of no consequence to be so completely self involved that she doesn’t remember one of Avery’s FRIENDS. Ramona should have been ashamed & humiliated at that. But, NO. She just shrugs it off. No one else, including Avery, matters to her. Just not remembering someone’s name is bad, but to not recall them at all? It isn’t like she had an accident that destroyed her memory, she is just unbelievably unaware. Wow.

      • This woman is living in a plastic bubble that is her world and her world only. I feel so sorry for Avery and I hope she just finishes college and gets the hell away from this stupid b*tch of a mother. I wonder how she got to be so well balanced?! Maybe Ramona was a fairly decent mother waaaay back when! Then again, maybe not. While we don’t know much about her childhood, Ramona has eluded to hers being terrible. Hmmmm

  • I just watched the finale show last night and I actually laughed out loud when her and Bethenny were putting on their theatrical crying in the hotel room after telling Luann. I seriously laughed and rewound to laugh more. I absolutely get that Ramona went through hell with Mario, but that display between the two of them and their fake hysterics was quite amusing. Just ridiculous. Of course Luann’s excuses and stories about Tom and her fighting had more holes in it then swiss cheese. First she didn’t remember that night, tried to change the night it happened, then said she wasn’t with him that night, THEN after talking to him, claimed that she was with him that night and they’d broken up. Are really supposed to be this stupid as viewers. lol. It’s all entertaining, but insulting if we are expected to believe these scenes.

    • Suze☕️

      Nothing to do with this comment but when we have been talking before was it you who said they liked The great British Bake Off? I am driving myself mad trying to remember! If it was the new series started Wednesday night! If it wasn’t you I’m giving up! Xoxoxoxxo

      • Sorry Suze, it wasn’t me. I actually don’t like cooking shows at all.lol. I usually tell you about below deck or the housewives of Melbourne but not a British baking show. Maybe whoever did watch it will see your post and hit you up 😀

        • Suze☕️

          Oh well unless someone mentions it to me again I’m stuck! Never mind! My memory stinks! Xoxoxo

          • I’ve seen it and was wondering if it was a new show. I have never seen it before. Too bad I didn’t look at the description of the show so I could have seen when it was recorded. What station do you get it on Suze???

            • Suze☕️

              Karen it’s in UK on BBC but whoever I was chatting to watches it in US so maybe YouTube? It’s a new series that started this week. Some of the other watch programmes from BBC but not sure how.

              • Suze☕️

                Typo others not other!

  • bluebell

    The RHONY is probably my favorite of all (except my favorite housewife of all time LVP). I do think the ladies have differences, but I also believe they all truly want what is best for each other. All of their personalities are what make the show interesting.

    • I agree, bluebell. RHONY and RHOBH are my favorites, too, and I do not believe any of them try to hurt each other.

  • Sophie Fields

    It’s time for her to go…she has no story, the divorce is done, the daughter is in college…..sleeping around is no longer a novelty…she should start thinking about something interesting for the viewers, like taking pole-dancing classes, trying to be a swinger…maybe a disease, tumours seem to be very popular these days…

    • Anonymous

      Amen Sophie. I think we are all tired of watching Ramona talk out of both sides of her mouth regarding men. She acts like she is so friggin picky and look at how she ditched the ladies in Miami to go out with someone and the next day she didn’t want to go with the rest of the ladies to the Sand Bar, but wanted to go somewhere else! She is a rude and selfish woman. The only thing that this season empowered her to do was to go out and get laid like the others have been doing all along. She really contributes nothing to the program anymore!

  • Bon Vivant

    I think I’ll stick to reading Ramona’s private blog instead, lol.