Ramona Singer Says Her Ex-Husband Mario Is “Dead” To Her


Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer is sitting down with People Now and discussing some of her shocking secrets from her new book Life On The Ramona Coaster, which is available to buy today.

In her book, Ramona shared that as her success grew on the show, Mario began to feel intimidated by her. “I was very successful when I married my ex-husband,” she admits. “He used to always say, ‘Oh you’re great because you can bring home the bacon and cook it.’ But I think what it was is that I became a ‘celebrity,’ and I became out there.”

Singer also wrote about how she tried to mend things with her husband, even after finding out he was having an affair, but recalled one moment where she remembered looking at Mario and thinking that he was dead to her. “He became like jekyll and hyde. There would be moments where he would be very warm and loving and other moments where he was really vicious and mean and would bully me. It was like who are you?”

Ramona said she was “hiding it all” because she didn’t want her daughter Avery to find out what was going on and she didn’t know how to handle the situation. “It’s hard to live a lie,” she admits.

Recalling the moment she confronted Mario’s mistress Kasey Dexter at her Southampton home, she says, “I had a feeling this woman might be there. Mario can be weak, but I figured if she was there I would have to tell her to leave, but his reaction to me made me react differently. It was surreal. But when I went to the home, I was just shocked the way he looked at me and the way he tried to push me out of the house and put his hands on me. It just didn’t seem like it was happening to me and to him. He became another person. He’s another person. I don’t recognize who he is today and that’s the only way I can heal with it, because when he’s across from me he’s not the man that he was two years ago.”

Ramona admits she looks at Mario as “dead.”

Watch the interview below.

Photo Credit: Bravo