Ramona Singer Reveals if She Still Talks to Ex-Husband Mario


Viewers were shocked when RHONY star Ramona Singer announced that she would finally be divorcing her husband of twenty-years, Mario Singer. Ramona previously stated that the two were able to remain amicable for their twenty-one year old daughter Avery, but what’s their relationship like today?

“We’re cordial,” Ramona told a caller during Wednesday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live. “He is the father of our daughter, Avery. He was a great husband for many years, and we’re cordial. That’s all.”

When asked if they are on speaking terms, Ramona told Andy Cohen, “Oh, yeah!”

Ramona also shared what’s going on with her dating life, check that out in the clip below.

Photo Credit: Bravo


7 Replies to “Ramona Singer Reveals if She Still Talks to Ex-Husband Mario”

  1. Not at ALL a fan of Ramona but thank God, SOMEBODY is keeping their divorce details out of the press for the sake of the children. Many other housewives should take a lesson.

  2. I think she got a nose job in addition to the boobs. The sides are very narrow and sculpted now- they weren’t before.

  3. I agree. I never cared for Mario quite frankly. he seemed shady to me. And yes, it looks like she had a nose job. But why get giant boobs at age 55 or however old Ramona “claims” to be. Seems a bit desperate.

    1. It is odd. But I think Mario leaving her probably put a big dent in her self-esteem. She’s still wacko, but she seems to have mellowed out a bit since then too.

  4. I am probably 100% wrong but I bet if Mario crooked his little finger in her direction she would go running back. Not a fan of either but I can only imagine how it must have been married to crackpot Ramona all those years.

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