Ramona Singer Reveals Her Current Status With John Mahdessian


Ramona Singer has not been getting along with her good friend Dorinda Medley this season on the RHONY. Singer has been sharing too many of her thoughts about Dorinda’s boyfriend John Mahdessian. Now, Ramona is speaking out about the strain on their friendship in a new interview.

“When you do a reality show, yes, it is our life. Yes, it is real. Yes, it’s not scripted. But you can’t dwell on it, because if you do, I mean, my God, you’ll just hide under the couch forever and never come out of your room,” Ramona told US Weekly. “So we’re in a good place. We’re definitely in a good place. She adores me. I adore her.”

“She’s hurt because she always felt I had her back, and I do have her back, but I am unfiltered,” Ramona explained. “I say what I’m feeling. If I think something’s going on I’m going to call you out on it.”

So how does Ramona feel about John now? “John and I are actually on cordial terms,” she said.

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22 Replies to “Ramona Singer Reveals Her Current Status With John Mahdessian”

  1. Who gives a rats ass about Ramonas suitation with anyone. She’s like a bad train wreck. People just can’t help but not to watch it crash and burn.. How rude it was of her to walk in late to a medium reading then to talk during it. She is just all around trash. She needs to dress her age because her body is not all that and keep her opinions on others and their relationships to herself. She may not like John but at least he wasn’t out screwing a 30 year old then going back in Dorindas bed at night acting like the perfect husband.. Ramona makes an ass of herself every time she opens her mouth and the only victim is her daughter having to explain to her friends why her mom acts like a 22 year old. For the love of God… Leave John alone and worry about your own life Ramona.

    1. OH my Gosh, she made a COMPLETE ass out of herself at that party, as usual. She is so full of herself and the only time she was funny was when she had her nerve to chime in that “Sonja”was the narcissist….deflect much moron? Lol.

      1. Totally. You would think she would watch these episodes and realize what a tacky no class ass she looks like. Instead she justifies her disgusting trashy behavior.. I think she would fit better in the NJ franchise. Especially with the way she dresses

  2. I would never have had someone like Ramona n my house anway! I’m surprised she has any friends left at all.

  3. God these middle aged women getting breat implants — do they not realise it just makes them look matronly & dowdy? Blech!!!

    1. Omg it looks terrible doesn’t it??? The rest of their body is sagging except for their boobs.. Seriously just get good bras and own their 50 year old boobies!!! Apparently Ramona didn’t realize her gut sticking out of those horrific dresses she wears draws all the attention.. Not her boobs!!!

    2. The thing is she had perfectly nice boobs BEFORE. I do not understand that. I do get having perfectly nice boobs and having them go to pot after breast feeding kids or something. Feeling like you really lost your figure and wanting them put back the size they were. Not this ridiculous size that very few women really have. It looks like a deformity to me honestly some of the women. These tiny women with boobs that fill up the entire top of their torso! I know it’s none of my business, but it had to be said !! 🙂

  4. Most of them are 50 or over.. What ever happened with embracing your body and owning it!!! Ramona dresses like a day shift stripper at a place that serves a free buffet for lunch. And when she opens her mouth, it just confirms it!!!

  5. Those hair extensions age her, her implants age her, the way she dresses ages her and her mouth just seals the deal. Trainwreck, a drunk and desperate.

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