Ramona Singer Reveals What Bethenny Said That Set Her Off

RHONY star Ramona Singer recently spoke with Jenny McCarthy on her SiriusXM radio show to talk about what set Bethenny off during their trip to the Berkshires.

Ramona did reveal that she was “totally nervous” to relive what happened with her and Bethenny.¬†“I know I’m a good friend to people, so when someone attacks that and says I’m not a good friend, that is like, whoa, and I just lost it on her,” Ramona told Jenny. “I don’t even remember half the things I said.”

Ramona admitted that it wasn’t easy to get the nervous to talk with Bethenny in the Berkshires after questioning Bethenny about her nude movie scene from the past and if she talked with her daughter about it.

“I was really walking on eggshells with Bethenny. Bethenny can be very intimidating, very threatening, very tough, and she wasn’t giving me an inch for months,” Ramona said. “And I was hoping here at the Berkshires we would have some sort of closure and go on to a better path.”

It was Bethenny’s comment about Ramona not being a good friend to her over the years.

“She provoked me,” Ramona said. “I just saw red, purple, green, and yellow, and every color in the rainbow, and I just lost it. I went on a tirade.”

Ramona said the pain from the comment is what caused her to say some things she might not normally.

“I was extremely hurt. I was so hurt, and I think I just lashed out because I was so, so upset,” she told Jenny. “Had I had my wits about me or a little less wine, I probably would have just walked out the room. That probably would have been the right thing to do, because why make something bad worse? Why make something escalate, because there’s no going back sometimes.”

What do you think of Ramona’s comments?

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  • Watching in Ohio

    I don’t know why ANY of you think BF is friend material! She’s a taker not a giver.. a sender and not a receiver! It’s always about her and “what have you done for me lately! Why any of you “go the extra mile with her” is beyond me! I know she’s ostheyic but unfetstsndvthus: “Friendship or relationships ARE NOT important to this person. She suffers from bulimia .. she’s literally destroying herself over her psychological issues…look at her hair and skin! She’s not healthy emotionally or physically! Everyone who gets close to her ends up a casualty! No one can ever give her enough love or attention! Love her from a distance but don’t be sucked in by her phony facade (it varies from day to day)!

    • 3D\’s Forever

      What I find confusing is what it is folks thinks Bethenny takes. She gives an incredible mount of money to charity, has events and trips for the ladies, frequently has them to her home and shares what she has to offer. Just because it is different than the mushy, lying BS those like Ramona offer doesn’t make her bad, IMO. I would be her friend WAY, WAY, WAY before even sharing a dinner with Ramona or people like Jules. It is true that she is in an explosively emotional place. That is why she is super thin. Have you seen some of the texts and emails Jason, the psychopath writes her? He was the taker. SHE worked for 20 years to buy the apartment they lived in, then he lived there FREE for 4 years. She paid his legal bills, all the bills relating to the apartment, PLUS $12, 000 effing dollars monthly in spousal support. What a prick he was and is. She has many friends lasting from when she was a teen ager, not many people can say that. What has she taken from anyone? As humans and women we must learn to accept others for who they really are to be friends. She is unusual, for sure. She grew up in the most damaging household imaginable. She came out of it with brains and drive. What Ramona said about F***ing her way to the top was a total lie. Those of us with difficult pasts need more understanding, maybe, but not more of anything else. She is very good to her friends and her many employees. The people she works with in magazines and other business deals say she is fair and generous. Just because she holds her own, tells the truth, and has risen above where most of her male peers could EVER be, she is seen as a bitch. Well, keep it up girl. TEAM BETHENNY.

  • Mufffie

    What i find amusing is that Ramona is so concerned about BF’s daughter Bryn and how she may be affected by her moms’ past, when she should be thinking how acting like a drugged out loon affects her own daughter Avery? ‘Avery has got to be so ashamed and embarrassed of her own mom !

  • cassandra

    Funny is Ramona claims she was hurt which is why she lashed out…….but at least when BF says it she says it is what she was feeling at the moment and was just being honest in her thoughts. Sorta the same thing but yet BF gets slammed for it by Ramona and others but Ramona thinks it is ok if she does it. Neither one is perfect, but at least when it comes down to it BF says she owns what she says. …and if Ramona was sooo concerned BF was right…why not ask over the summer in private why wait til a party to announce it and question it. Also while what BF said to her may have hurt her feelings BF was speaking quietly and trying to get it all out in a calm manner when Ramona went off the rail with the REALLY….all of them act like Jr High girls…but I don’t get how she could say BF slept her way to the top….I mean who would she have slept with? She created her skinny girl stuff as we saw in earlier seasons her trying to sell it and on her own…

  • JMo

    Ramona remebers what she said. Proof? When Ramona was packing to leave Dorindas house they show her actually going over what happened the night before while she was folding her clothes. Ramona is a loon! She drinks too much and I suspect she is taking prescription meds too. Ramona showed her ass when she said all of those things to BF. Ramonas raw feelings of jealousy and resentment came out! Ouch! On top of all that she immediately started to campaign against BF to the other ladies by making up lies and trying to get them to go against BF. Although it backfired because the other ladies didn’t believe Ramona. Ramona should be so very ashamed now that the episode aired.

    Ramona, instead of making excuses why not blame it in the alcohol! Lol

  • Bon Vivant

    Meh. If they both come back next season, I’m putting 20 on them making up to keep the circus going.

  • Miss M

    Two egocentric Scorpio women going at it is never a pretty thing. They’re both vengeful and want the upper hand, the control…power in the relationship. These two will always sting one another because I don’t think they have ever had a basis for a true loving friendship. I think they’re both capable of loving personal relationships but not with each other. They’re competitors at heart. It would be nice if they could learn to just respect each other’s boundaries and leave it at that. As an added measure I don’t think Bethenny ever forgot that horrible walk they had on the bridge years ago when B was at a low point and R told her she had no friends. Who *could* ever forget that – that was so incredibly mean to say.

    • Daisy

      Hi sissy , how are you

      • Miss M

        Hi cutie pie I’m doing pretty ok