Ramona Singer Reveals What Bethenny Said That Set Her Off

RHONY star Ramona Singer recently spoke with Jenny McCarthy on her SiriusXM radio show to talk about what set Bethenny off during their trip to the Berkshires.

Ramona did reveal that she was “totally nervous” to relive what happened with her and Bethenny. “I know I’m a good friend to people, so when someone attacks that and says I’m not a good friend, that is like, whoa, and I just lost it on her,” Ramona told Jenny. “I don’t even remember half the things I said.”

Ramona admitted that it wasn’t easy to get the nervous to talk with Bethenny in the Berkshires after questioning Bethenny about her nude movie scene from the past and if she talked with her daughter about it.

“I was really walking on eggshells with Bethenny. Bethenny can be very intimidating, very threatening, very tough, and she wasn’t giving me an inch for months,” Ramona said. “And I was hoping here at the Berkshires we would have some sort of closure and go on to a better path.”

It was Bethenny’s comment about Ramona not being a good friend to her over the years.

“She provoked me,” Ramona said. “I just saw red, purple, green, and yellow, and every color in the rainbow, and I just lost it. I went on a tirade.”

Ramona said the pain from the comment is what caused her to say some things she might not normally.

“I was extremely hurt. I was so hurt, and I think I just lashed out because I was so, so upset,” she told Jenny. “Had I had my wits about me or a little less wine, I probably would have just walked out the room. That probably would have been the right thing to do, because why make something bad worse? Why make something escalate, because there’s no going back sometimes.”

What do you think of Ramona’s comments?

Photo Credit: Bravo