Ramona Singer Reportedly Asked To Leave Private Party


Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer was reportedly asked to leave a private party at Philippe on Wednesday.

According to Fox News, the Bravo star and a male pal crashed a private dinner as part of the venue’s “Golden Revolution” party, and Singer’s guest offered to splash his cash at the open-bar event.

“He thought it was a bottle-service situation. He kept saying, ‘We can buy nine tables!’ They didn’t realize it was an invite-only seated dinner,” an eye-witness revealed.

They finally got the message and went downstairs.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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What a surprise!


Ever since Ramona got divorced, she seems to want to be younger and act younger. There is nothing wrong with that, but when it gets to be embarrassing for her daughter to see her out acting like an immature teenager, then it is too much. Not only is Mario running around with young girls, but mom is acting like a horny teenager. Making a scene is just fine for her, since she loves the attention too. I think, Ramona, your birthday is tomorrow (just looked it up), the 17th of November and you will be 60. Isn’t it about time… Read more »

It sounds a little off, you can usually tell that you’ve walked into a private party even if it’s taking place at a public venue, you can measure the mood and temperature of room and guests almost immediately. It sounds like they may have been tipsy to not have it all register a bit faster, or just tipsy enough to be emboldened to see if they could get away with crashing simply for the sport of it. At just the THOUGHT of endless nightlife at this age is putting wrinkles in my forehead, lol

Oh no wrinkles for you, please. Lucky you. Black doesn’t crack. 🙂 (Black don’t crack?)
I agree about the feel of the room at a provate party. Maybe Ramona did have too much of her Pinot Grigio, yes.

I’m with you on this one. To me? Nothing better than clean sheets and a good book. What is the allure, at 60 years old, of constantly having to go out every night? Exhaustive.

Any chance this was an accident? Sounds like once they understood the mistake they left. Not like they demanded entry or caused a scene. I understand Ramona is a nut but this is a desperate reach for a headline.

doesn’t sound like they were pushing themselves in…. looks like they weren’t aware it was private….. but then I could be wrong…

How can something so tiny always manage to kick up so much dust at social events? Ramona reminds me of my SIL’s obnoxious little Chihuahua: all eyes on them at all times – or else you either get yapped at by your heels or humped on by the ankles. Ironically, in her private blog (not related to the show) Ramona actually expresses herself like a mature woman with good sense. Into my 30s I had phases where I loved to go out and revel a bit, but at 60…someone needs to put her in a high chair with a block… Read more »