Does Ramona Singer Regret Bringing Up Bethenny’s Daughter?

In one of the strangest dinners in Real Housewives of New York City history, Ramona Singer questioned Bethenny Frankel about whether she’s had a discussion with her 6-year-old daughter, Bryn, about a movie she made in the ’90s in which she appeared topless…

Of course, this made Bethenny furious and drama consumed the table. However, Ramona took to Twitter to publicly apologize to her friend after the episode aired.

She also responded to one viewer’s tweets, calling what Ramona did “absolutely vile.”

Relive the awkward moment below:

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Aunt Bee

    Ramona and Rinna cut from same cloth. Keep those lips closed you stupid broads.

    • Sunshine

      Yes, Aunt Bee!❤️ Self absorbed queens of deflection.

  • barbara

    I call BS on Ramona and her BS apology. Ramona attacked for no good reason and then blames Bethenny? Ramona you are so not in her league. Your not smart enough, quick enough or witty enough. Your lucky she didn’t rip you a new one. Instead, she simply left the restaurant and saved your sorry butt!

  • Rusty Bumper

    I usually don’t watch this show sorry I missed it (alright Romona) Bethenny can dish it but not take it. Bethenny can be very mean and she holds a grudge .

  • Cin

    Agree… that was nasty of Ramona. LOL – Avery & friends probably had a good laugh watching

    • Sunshine

      Hey Cin,
      Hope you had a good weekend, so hoping we will have a good season of NYC. Anything is better than BH and pantygate, and we won’t even start on Atlanta.
      Romona sure came out of the gate swinging, and more self absorbed than ever.

      • Cin

        thanks… had a great weekend – how about you?…… I’m soooo over pantygate – it was so fake. Yep Ramona is looking for trouble!!!!

    • barbara

      I bit Avery is embarrassed by her mom. She was embarrassed years ago when she was just a child.

  • MaryBoston

    That was beyond ridiculous. Why Ramona did such a horrible thing proves what a horrible person she is. I’m having a hard time watching this show…Ramona’s face lift looks terrible. I hope it settles in more, but she was pretty before it, not so much now. Plus, ugly on the inside. I wouldn’t sit there and have someone say such stupid things to me, I would have left also. Ugh. And, no, you look like your daughter’s mother. No shame in that. Be proud of who you are.

    • Daisy

      Right on Mary B.

  • Dee Onesie

    At first I was irritated but Dorinda made an excellent point! If the roles were reversed Bethenny would definitely be bringing it up every chance she could and she definitely wouldn’t be any nicer than Ramona was about it.

  • Michelle

    Whats wrong with Ramona? Such a stupid and insensitive comment to make to Bethenny. She’s obviously holding onto some kind of grudge. It smacked of that. But Bethenny can be so outspoken and insensitive too. And 2 wrongs don’t make a right………………….. I wonder if B held back because she herself has had thoughts of her past and what they will mean to Bryn as she gets older. Not so much about the nudity, porn etc but the fights with her ex husband, her over reactions and anger? B is so complicated with so many issues. Ramona….well I’ve never been a fan.