Ramona Singer Was Outraged After Being Thrown Out of John Mahdessian’s Party


Ramona Singer is taking to her blog to explain what really happened at John Mahdessian’s party. Singer says she was outraged by the chain of events that got her thrown out of the event in last week’s episode of the RHONY and shares her side of the story.

“I wasn’t originally invited to John’s dry cleaning party, but then when Dorinda saw me at the Sushi Roxx party she asked me personally to please come. Although, watching her being interviewed, she clearly forgot! Or perhaps she conveniently forgot — to take the attention off John. I would never go to a party that I was not invited to.

Dorinda and I were on good terms, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. In retrospect, I probably should have just gone home, but because Dorinda extended the invite to me at Luann’s party, I thought it would be rude if I didn’t show up. I didn’t know I would be meeting Luann’s ex-boyfriend Rey.

I met Rey through Luann during the time she was dating him and getting ready to go away to Ibiza with him, so when I saw Rey I was friendly and we were chatting. I had heard from Bethenny how aggressive John was with her at the bra party, so when he approached me and Rey, I was nervous being around John.

If John had just said, “Luann was attacked by this guy, he must leave,” the situation between John and me would never happen. Instead my protective nature wanted to defend Rey from John as I never heard what John was exactly saying, because I was afraid of his demeanor. I was horribly scared and never knew about how rude and inappropriate Rey was to Luann.

He did say Rey was drunk, which he clearly was, but I didn’t think that would be a reason to have him thrown out of the party. So I did stick up for Rey, but only because of the way John presented himself. I did not get thrown out as John has reported to the press. I actually left — on my own accord! I was outraged! Actually, John scared me. He put his hand in my face in an aggressive way that no man should ever do. Yes, I got angry, but I do think most people would have responded the same way as I did. He came into my space over something that had nothing to do with me. He should have removed Rey quietly instead of creating a scene at his own party. It’s funny because the only reason Page Six reported this event is because John himself called it into the paper. So he created his own drama! But the last laugh is really on him. He keeps making a fool out of himself. Sometimes in life, you get a reaction to your action.

Glad I have the reputation of being the apologizer, but I do own my own stuff! Never in denial at all. I know if I am wrong, and I know if I believe I am right. I only apologize when I do feel like I handled something wrong or I hurt someone. Clearly you can see that I am not the only one that thinks Sonja has some “issues.” The girls are concerned. Dorinda was clear as can be that she did not want to invite Sonja from fear of what may happen. She didn’t want to put Sonja into a situation, so Dorinda protected her. Yes, of course it did hurt Sonja’s feelings but Dorinda’s intentions — as are mine — are to protect her.

Tom and I dated around six times between august and September. He was a great date and fun to be with. Nice guy but not for me. I’m looking for a man that has been married before and has older children. That’s important to me as I love Avery so much, and she is such a big part of my life. A man who never had a child would never understand this relationship.

Luann is very big about girl code. She knew from the article in the press that I was dating him. I don’t understand as a girlfriend why Luann would never mention this to me.”

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  • I didn’t think Ramona crashed Greaser’s party.She didn’t look like she was avoiding anyone when she entered the event and she had a microphone on,some one wanted her there.

  • Suze☕️

    Who knows and who cares! I really have no time for Ramona!

    • Jacks

      Agree…I thought she really changed a few seasons ago…clearly not and she’s just annoying…

      • Suze☕️

        Hi Jacks! Hope alls well with you Xoxoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️

        • Jacks

          You too..!!!!!

          • Suze☕️



    Lose those awful hair extensions, they age her. Also, I agree with Lisa Wilder, she was mike’d so someone wanted her there. Like I said before, her meds do not mix with all the alcohol. And she isn’t handling being single very well and she is jealous of LuAnn.

    • Amy

      Rock on GiGi!!! She’s disgusting

    • moriah

      her face looks so chubby with those fillers now

  • I would have toss Ramona’s butt out the door as soon as she walked in. John probably put his hand in front of her ugly face because she was spitting on him. Ramona is totally insane and I never did like her at all.

  • queenmother8

    Ramona needs to go to rehab – she’s out of control and embarrassing to watch – maybe we could transfer her to Dallas

    • Amy

      Or NJ!!

  • Michelle

    Ramona afraid?! That’s a new one! I do think Dorinda may have forgotten though. And Ramona being Ramona was spoiling for a fight. Plain and simple. Even Sonja backed off. She shouldn’t have backed up a guy she barely knew even if she hates John. If someone is asked to leave a party, you don’t stick around to defend the offender. You back off ’cause something’s happening that you might not be aware of.

    • Not in Ramona’s case. She only wants air time and she is a delusional narcissist. There are so many inconsistencies in her story above that it’s pathetic. It seems to have taken her a week to come up with bull crap, like she didn’t know that guy was offensive to Luann, that she was being protective of him and she was “horribly scared” of John. lol. What a crock of crap. I think the biggest crap was that she said that John came into her space when it had nothing to do with her??????????????? SHE inserted herself into a situation that had nothing to do with her, and it backfired. I’m not defending John because he was too aggressive with his hand in her face, but she tried that crap with Aviva’s creepy father as well and completely over reacted. She is the furthest thing from a damsel in distress, she’s a train wreck that re-creates her blurry history and it’s just not appealing.

      • You hit the nail, freedomgirl. After a few days the spin these girls can put on something is amazing! Another thing, Ramona talks with her mouth full of food, always has. She is just so disgusting that I go to post and the other stuff is so gagingly disgusting, I forget!

  • Seriously, BRAVO! We see Dorinda’s absolutely beautiful house in the Berkshires, Ramona, who makes me sick, brings her dog, while they are eating it shows her dog pooping on the rug. I mean, COME ON. Why do we always have to see this? This is supposed to be RHONY! Classy, uptown, beauty. This is the 3rd time this season now. Once at Sonja’s, then at Sonja’s with the q-tips while she has her make up put on she is shoving Q-tips up her nose, (GAG, GAG), JHC, then at Dorinda’s. I am sitting here having my espresso, watching on my Season Pass from Amazon, and that is what I have to see.
    This isn’t effing National Geographic FGSakes. It shows them sitting at thIs lovely table eating all the wonderful food and drink Dorinda has prepared, her Christmas decorations all over, all of the splendor of the exquisite taste she has, the bedrooms in that house are all decorated in completely different colors and styles, which I think shows her really classy personality, just the most tasteful colorful house out of all the houses, IMO, she has color everywhere. Not this boring (tasteful) beige with some white with some tan and “splashes” of color. God it makes me sick to see this, my favorite house in all of the housewives franchises and it shows the fucking dog s*****g on the antique rug.

    • Real Sandy⛱

      I think Ramona never let the dog out to go, and the dog went on the closest thing to grass. I blame Ramona for that dog episode, but then she had to track it through the house and all over…nasty to watch too. If she cannot watch her own dog, she should not have one. Maybe Bravo wants the dogs in these scenes, since they know how much LVP is liked for her love of animals…maybe they said bring the dog…just maybe. I think they loved filming her dog going on the rug, instead of having the cameraman stop filming and bring the dog outside maybe? Just a thought. I think it is sickening. I would rather watch the women than a dog relieving itself.
      I am not in love with her decorating, but I like that she decorates it as she likes it and not the way someone else wants it to be, so I am fine with it. It is nice that Dorinda got that house after always admiring it as a child too.

    • OSusieQ

      OMG, I know how you feel about the dog shit. It was like whoever was doing the filming wanted to make sure we saw it as many times as possible. Gross!

    • Mary

      It made me laugh that you wouldn’t type out shitting but fucking was ok.

      • One Rotten Egg

        “and it shows the fucking dog s*****g on the antique rug.”….Yeah, that WAS funny to me too!

        Either way, I totally agree with 3d on this one. Totally GROSS.What’s next? Human feces floating in the toilet before the flush?

      • I could not bring myself to say S****ing on the rug. I am happy it made you laugh, I didn’t even notice till you said it, then I giggled too.

  • Then, I go back to watching after writing the above comment, Ramona has dog shit on her shoes and she is washing it off in the KITCHEN sink. I am thinking to myself, is this really happening? I mean, I already knew money didn’t buy class OK? But I did think ANYONE who had dog shit in their shoes would NOT decide to go right next to where all this food is in the different stages of being prepared and wash the dog shit off of their shoes there. I can’t think of a cuss word strong enough for how sickening this is. Am I really watching this just as Luann and Jules, I think, pull up outside. (Insert disgusted face). This is like one of those disgusting gag jokes. Gag for real.

    • apple

      Kind of amazing how gross some of them are….I guess money can’t buy you class.

  • OSusieQ

    Oh, do shut up Ramona. Quit wasting your time trying to convince anyone that you’re not a shit stirring, pain in the ass.

  • starr

    Happy to know that Ramona did not party crash–even if Dorinda forget she invited her. But for crying out loud, Ramona should act like a lady, she never does. I can take or leave John, he’s a crude man. As for the dog pooping indoors, I blame Ramona for not taking him out, she’s always too busy gabbing away & is forever distracted by her own blabbing mouth. Can she even hear herself think? RHONYC all lack class–little more they’ll be in Brandy’s class.

  • Krista

    Any guest that brings their dog for a weekend get away and then lets the dog sh*t all over the house has sh*t for brains! But oddly I like Ramona on the show because she is outrageous & odd. Jules & Carole are boring and Jules tagline is not in the least bit funny or entertaining. I cringe when I hear it & I don’t think her eating disorder is in the past tense.