Ramona Singer Opens Up About Her Divorce


Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer is finally breaking her silence about announcing her split from her husband of 25 years, Mario.

“[The end of my marriage] was not filmed on the show, but it is still, as Andy said, part of my current reality,” Ramona writes in her last Bravo Blog of the season. “I must say I was not as respectful as I should have been to Andy. I also now understand what LuAnn went through and should have been more kind to her no matter how she pushed my buttons.”

Ramona reveals that while season 6 was being filmed, she was seeking help to save her marriage.

“I felt at times as if I was walking on eggshells,” she writes. “We were working with a marriage counselor. I was in a fragile state.” She also says that she had asked Mario, who was allegedly having an affair, to leave their home just before taping the Reunion. “Having your husband betray you is the worst feeling in the world,” she says. “And I wish it on no one.”

Singer also opened up about the details of the end of her marriage in a new interview with US Weekly.

“We were doing great, but when I got suspicious July 24th and questioned him, he admitted he was still seeing her,” Ramona revealed. “I screamed, ‘We’re done!’”

“He used to have morals and believe in family,” Ramona said of Mario, adding, he “is not the man I married!”

“I just couldn’t trust him anymore,” Ramona explained to People Magazine. “I have no regrets. I have a new life, and I think this means better and bigger things.”

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14 Replies to “Ramona Singer Opens Up About Her Divorce”

  1. I guess it took being publically humiliated for Ramona to feel what it was like to be deeply hurt, and finally realize just how vicious and cruel she was to LuAnne (and to LuAnf’s underage children.) But I bet she still will not and will never truly apologize to Lu.

  2. That said ^ ^ .. It must be a real kick in the gut to lose your husband and have your only child move out (even if it’s just for college) and be facing 60 all alone. That’s pretty rough and it’s going to be very hard to deal with.

  3. Ramona is such an asshole on the show but I feel bad for her. Mario has always been slimy in my opinion. Does anyone else remember when they were in the Middle East and the psychic told her he was cheating? He’s a total womanizer!

  4. I think Ramona is trying hard now to back peddle and damage control. Apologizing to Andy Cohen was just so she wouldn’t be fired cause she needs the money?

  5. Yes, I remember when they were in Morocco and the fortune teller. But, then I found it very
    suspicious that Jill happened to run into her husbands employee in one of the shops.
    He then invites her to the party in which the fortune teller was and Jill and Lu kept prompting
    Ramona to be read.
    Jill was busting she was so happy at the reading and Lu had to translate. I still think it was a
    set up.

  6. Set up or not, the truth was revealed, Ramona for whatever reason didn’t want to realize that her marriage wasn’t as perfect as she made it out to be. If Ramona showed any compassion towards another human being, I’d be more sympathetic But because she’s totally a mean spirited individual, I can’t help but feel karma has bit her in her arse. Mario will get his just desserts, give him time. #Asshole

  7. I still think she had Mario stay with her through the filming so she wouldn’t have to talk about it. Now she’s sucking up to Andy because she is going to need the money. Like LuAnn said Karma.

  8. I actually think that Ramona and Mario’s “time” is up. They raised what seems to be a smart and beautiful daughter and it’s time for them to grow and be apart. I think Mario would have found any excuse to bang a young girl sooner or later…..I mean really—-doesn’t it sound really stupid/immature to blame it on the show? How about just being an old man going through a mid life crisis wanting validating that he can still get a girl. He is not even that good looking. 🙁

  9. You are all right about Ramona apologizing to Andy to keep her job— anyone that hasn’t–got fired!

    She was rude to Andy (her boss)so either way, I glad she apologized to him.

  10. Ramona and Mario were really very ugly to Heather when Heather joined RHONY. Both of them gained up on her at some sort of function at the very beginning. I’ll never forget their hostility toward Heather. And Ramona was EXTRA EXTRA vicious to her fir quite a while. I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears. And I hate to see a man verbally attack a woman like that. There was NOTHING to attack Heather for. Mario thinks he’s all that and then some.

    Yes Andy, Ramona wants to makeup with you and be all kissy kissy now . Don’t be stupid. Ramona reamed you out in front of all of us TV viewers. Fire her!! NOW YOU SEE HER TRUE COLORS!! I LOVE YOU ANDY! I’m behind you all the way!!!

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