Ramona Singer: I Did Not Steal Bethenny’s Dress


Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer is taking to her blog this week to discuss #BrunchGate and to insist to fans that she did not take the dress from Bethenny’s talk show!

Ramona writes, “It was a brunch mess, but I wasn’t going to let it get to me, though I must admit Sonja was getting to me It seems as if she is always repeating herself to me and never listens to me. Has this always been Sonja?!

I just felt bad for Dorinda that she needed to leave the brunch I hosted in her honor as soon as everyone got there.

Do these ladies have nothing better to talk about than a dress? Talk about “telephone.” The dress was not a Herve Leger seven-figure dress. It was a Halston, a three-figure dress. It did not fall out of my car, but it was in my car that I share with Mario, and I didn’t know where it ended up ’til later (and on my body with Avery in an Instagram shot and cover photo on iPhone. Must say I love that dress.)
I didn’t take the dress, and I never put the dress on, but it was graciously given to me by one of the line producers at the end of co-hosting a segment with Bethenny. When I found out Bethenny needed it back for filming on her already-cancelled talk show, I called up Saks to replace it. Unfortunately they only had a size 10 in stock, and B needed a size 0.

Oh well, it makes a good story though, doesn’t it?! Even if it’s at my expense….

I have not have had Luann at my apartment since she came with Jill years ago. It was the first real conversation I have had with her since I don’t know when. I can’t believe, though, when I said if it’s about Mario, I don’t want to hear about it, she still had to bring him up! There still traces of the old Luann there, LOL.

I was looking forward to going out with the single girls to Beautique and was happy Luann included me. I was surprised to see Kelly there, as I knew Bethenny was coming…
Bethenny handled it well. I don’t know if I would have been so gracious if I was in her shoes.

Having the security of my girlfriends made me relaxed, and I was able to have fun and flirt with some of the men. I enjoyed myself tremendously.”

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5 Replies to “Ramona Singer: I Did Not Steal Bethenny’s Dress”

  1. Oh the shade you throw Ramona when you try to explain away how you TOOK the dress! It’s amazing that a wealthy woman like you needs to feel like you “got one over” on another woman by ripping them off. I think it is hilarious that you were caught red handed! #noshame

  2. Moving on from Dressgate 🙂 I thought Luann was EVIL to blurt out abut Mario being on dating sites when Ramona asked her not to say what she clearly couldn’t wait to say. Luann couldn’t wait to hurt her and some things are just wrong. A cheating husband and subsequent divorce is painful enough. Its beyond mean to rub Ramona’s nose in it. Especially with Ramona trying so hard to be nice to her. I understand Luann was no angel either so where does she get off being so judgmental anyway. Maybe the Countess needs to read someone else’s manners book who actually has some class.

    1. Are you actually kidding? Did you watch the seasons and seasons of Ramona being unbelievably cruel and hateful to LuAnn from the beginning of her divorce to the end. She said things that were so off limit and underhanded and “rubbed LuAnn’s nose in it” ’till she herself was cheated on. Now all of a sudden she has compassion?

  3. Explaining Ramona’s side of dress gate doesn’t make sense. why would ramona call Sacs dor the dress in a size 0 (for Bethany) as she says they were out of when we ALL KNOW Ramona ain’t no 0 size to begin with when she borrowed that dress she did STEAL.

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