Ramona Singer Never Wants To See Aviva’s Dad George Again


Ramona Singer is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss her encounter with Aviva’s dad George on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Ramona says she never wants to see George again and admits she regrets tuning Sonja out.

Ramona writes, “I really thought Cody seemed very nice. When Sonja told me Cody had no parents, that was all I heard. I never took in that Sonja said I should not mention Cody’s parents to her or speak about them. I had tuned Sonja out, and I must say I regret that.

I had no clue that Cody would react and be so upset when I said she had no parents because I did not listen to Sonja’s entire conversation to me. It was never my intention to upset or hurt her.

At Aviva’s home I also told her how sorry I was that I upset Cody.
I was quite shocked when George walked in. The conversation we had was shocking, to say the least. If I I never see George again, it would be too soon

I don’t know why the ladies all left Sonja at the race track. Sonja is very social and knows lots of people, and I am sure she was making great connections and having fun and wanted her friends to join her. They really should of been looking for her.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • LocoForBravo

    LOL… I’ll second the motion. Hey, I don’t want to see George again and I don’t want to see Ramon again.

  • Aunt Bee

    The ladies did not leave Sonya. She left them because she was jealous of their win. They tried to contact her over and over again. Did she try to contact them? NO.

    Ramona, for a supposed lady with class you were very rude with your questions to Cody. I am so sick of your sorry-assed excuses. I am so sorry I used to like both you and Sonya.

    George is a disgusting pervert and Bravo is @ the bottom of the pit to have him on the show.

  • Cin

    Not sure why anyone would want to spend time with George. As for Ramona…. geezz… she can be truly rude……..

  • MamaJ

    Not a fan of Aviva’s father but was glad he let Ramona have it…

  • funkypinky

    Same here, not a fan of George at all but at least he told crazy eyed Ramona off. That woman is relentless in another form from George.