Does Ramona Singer Know Something About Tom?


Part three of the Real Housewives of New York City reunion aired tonight and the ladies hashed out the rest of their issues in front of host Andy Cohen.

After a montage of Sonja Morgan at her drunkest moments played, Morgan revealed that she has stopped drinking alcohol, but admitted that she does take a sip of red wine from time to time.

Next, Bethenny addressed her attacks about Morgan over the “TipsyGirl” name, but Dorinda wanted Frankel to know just how mean she was to Sonja. However, Sonja dropped the big bomb when she shared that Ramona knew about the project the entire time and was even going to be a partner in the business. “I was until I heard the name,” Ramona said, but Bethenny called her out, “That’s when? Okay.”

Morgan also got extremely upset at Dorinda when the topic of the Berkshires was brought up and how Medley excluded her from the trip. “You don’t care about my feelings!” Sonja yelled. Bethenny tried to comfort Sonja, but she continued to yell and cry and stormed off the stage.

Andy asked Bethenny why she called Dorinda the village idiot. Bethenny explained it was because she thought Dorinda faked ignorance too often. “Opinions are like assholes, we all have them,” Bethenny said. “Well that’s an asshole opinion,” Dorinda quipped, in a snappy comeback.

Finally, the topic of LuAnn and Tom’s cheating scandal was brought up. When asked how Bethenny received the photo of Tom kissing the random woman, she shared it was a friend “from the same circle.”

LuAnn also denied ever having an open marriage to her husband Alex, however Bravo played a clip where LuAnn actually said, “We had an open marriage.”

The group confronts Bethenny about how she should have gone to Dorinda with the information about Tom cheating. Bethenny also gets up from the couch and leaves the stage. She quickly returns and explains her thought process and that she was trying to figure out the best plan of action at the time. Frankel continues to insist she did nothing wrong, but Luann says, “You should’ve told me as soon as you knew.”

LuAnn finally tells us (from her perspective), what Tom did that night. According to her, he was drunk, went to a bar, and ran into an old girlfriend who was “ready and willing” to kiss him. However, Luann doesn’t blame the woman and thinks Tom just “made a mistake.”

The phone call between Tom and Dorinda is brought up for conversation and Dorinda admitted she was panicked about discussing. Tom asked Dorinda to defend him, but LuAnn says this phone call never took place.

“What would you do if he did this again? What if he did it a month ago?” Ramona asked LuAnn. This prompted Andy and others to ask Singer if she knew something else about Tom, to which she coyly replied, “No.”

LuAnn explained her love for Tom, sharing, “We love the same sports; he’s a male version of me.”

When asked if they had any regrets from the season, Ramona wished she hadn’t been hurtful to Dorinda about her boyfriend John and LuAnn wished she hadn’t fought with Tom, but didn’t acknowledge that he kissed someone else.

What did you think of the reunion?

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