Does Ramona Singer Know Something About Tom?


Part three of the Real Housewives of New York City reunion aired tonight and the ladies hashed out the rest of their issues in front of host Andy Cohen.

After a montage of Sonja Morgan at her drunkest moments played, Morgan revealed that she has stopped drinking alcohol, but admitted that she does take a sip of red wine from time to time.

Next, Bethenny addressed her attacks about Morgan over the “TipsyGirl” name, but Dorinda wanted Frankel to know just how mean she was to Sonja. However, Sonja dropped the big bomb when she shared that Ramona knew about the project the entire time and was even going to be a partner in the business. “I was until I heard the name,” Ramona said, but Bethenny called her out, “That’s when? Okay.”

Morgan also got extremely upset at Dorinda when the topic of the Berkshires was brought up and how Medley excluded her from the trip. “You don’t care about my feelings!” Sonja yelled. Bethenny tried to comfort Sonja, but she continued to yell and cry and stormed off the stage.

Andy asked Bethenny why she called Dorinda the village idiot. Bethenny explained it was because she thought Dorinda faked ignorance too often. “Opinions are like assholes, we all have them,” Bethenny said. “Well that’s an asshole opinion,” Dorinda quipped, in a snappy comeback.

Finally, the topic of LuAnn and Tom’s cheating scandal was brought up. When asked how Bethenny received the photo of Tom kissing the random woman, she shared it was a friend “from the same circle.”

LuAnn also denied ever having an open marriage to her husband Alex, however Bravo played a clip where LuAnn actually said, “We had an open marriage.”

The group confronts Bethenny about how she should have gone to Dorinda with the information about Tom cheating. Bethenny also gets up from the couch and leaves the stage. She quickly returns and explains her thought process and that she was trying to figure out the best plan of action at the time. Frankel continues to insist she did nothing wrong, but Luann says, “You should’ve told me as soon as you knew.”

LuAnn finally tells us (from her perspective), what Tom did that night. According to her, he was drunk, went to a bar, and ran into an old girlfriend who was “ready and willing” to kiss him. However, Luann doesn’t blame the woman and thinks Tom just “made a mistake.”

The phone call between Tom and Dorinda is brought up for conversation and Dorinda admitted she was panicked about discussing. Tom asked Dorinda to defend him, but LuAnn says this phone call never took place.

“What would you do if he did this again? What if he did it a month ago?” Ramona asked LuAnn. This prompted Andy and others to ask Singer if she knew something else about Tom, to which she coyly replied, “No.”

LuAnn explained her love for Tom, sharing, “We love the same sports; he’s a male version of me.”

When asked if they had any regrets from the season, Ramona wished she hadn’t been hurtful to Dorinda about her boyfriend John and LuAnn wished she hadn’t fought with Tom, but didn’t acknowledge that he kissed someone else.

What did you think of the reunion?

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  • Janet K

    Bethenny the alpha? I think not. An alpha is strong, calm, secure and protective of the pack. Bethenny is a freakin nut who tears down everyone around her, all the while feeling like she is the victim. Her anger and bitterness make her weak. She is all bark and no bite. If anyone were to come at her with half of the force she consistently uses on others, she would crumple immediately. Often, when someone constantly attacks others, it’s because they really hate themselves. It is so sad to see such a lack of remorse for such ongoing vile behavior. This is more than just being a bitch. She has serious psychological problems. I hope she gets help for the sake of her daughter. It’s too bad that Jason does not have sole custody. I can’t imagine the damage she’s doing to that little girl.

    • DeeDee

      I could not agree more

    • Anonymous

      Love Andy Cohen, strongly like RHONY- this is the only one I watch and I have since the beginning. But please tell me Bethanny is off the show. If not, this was my last season. I used to think she was bright, funny and sometimes abrasive. Now I just think she’s horrifying and when she starts with her nasal screechy hateful comments I just want to hit mute. Also she is a such a baby if she faces the slightest challenge, and like all bullies, is probably inwardly insecure.
      (just as an aside I went through the exact medical issue when I was 39, excessive bleeding, anemic, hospital visits, because of huge and multiple horrible fibroids. I DID end up with a hysterectomy-at 39- and handled it way better. People have been through so much worse)
      I don’t mind when they argue -it’s entertaining and I can relate to some of it- just not Bethanny. She adds nothing to this show. Plus I agree Carole would be a lot nicer if she was gone.

  • Bethenny does have psychological, emotional problems. I only saw her attack Luann, myself. She had some stuff to say about Jules, at the beginning, all of it true. IMO, when they sat down for lunch and Bethenny apologized, IMO anything said before that is forgiven. Bethenny never said one more thing about Jule’s in that fashion. Jules blurted out all her secrets, none of which Bethenny repeated. The accusation was incorrect that it was BETHENNY who said Jules parented her kids with bribery…it was JULES who said that. Plain as day, in the beginning of the season. She said herself in talking head that “talking to them, explaining things doesn’t work, bribery is the way.” And, she wasn’t kidding either. This was after her son whined all through dinner about wanting a popsicle, and he got one too, without eating his dinner. It was more important that the nanny she was interviewing could wait on the bon point sample sale
    ( whatever the hell that is ) and what clothes she would put on Rio for school than ANYTHING that matters. She never said “What I care about is that you are good to my children. That you take good care of my children. That you are kind at all times to my children. This is how we discipline our children, without spanking, for example. She didn’t ask if she had her own kids, NOTHING. It was disgusting. And, what got me ( and this is without including her illness in the opinion ) was her total lack of ability to parent her own children. “When we go somewhere with them, I have to pack the DIAPERS…said with the utmost fatigue, the snacks, the toys….” As if this was just physically and emotionally too draining for her, seriously? When her son was screaming his ear hurt, she wanted an UBER to remove herself from the car. She actually SAID “I don’t KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!” I don’t know what to do when my son has an ear ache, unphuckingbelievable. Have you heard of a doctor for someone besides yourself? Urgent care? Guess not. So, IMO, whatever Bethenny said about Jules representation of the Jewish race and religion was right on.
    Bethenny got in a tiff with Sonja when Sonja tried to use her, and ws hurt and upset when Sonja then lied about how it all happened. They made up. She didn’t freak out on Sonja, simply told her how she felt about what Sonja did, and she did do it. Sonja absolutely used Bethenny and it didn’t work, that’s all. What Carole said right after Sonja’s party, that Sonja expects everyone to constantly support her, but never returns the favor by supporting any of their goals was another truth.
    Bethenny spoke to Dorinda exactly once in a mean fashion, in MIami, but Dorinda ran from one place to the next all season spilling every single thing she had just heard that would rile whoever it was, up. So, she is no saint. B also said some wonderful things about Dorinda, and thanked her effusively for how kind and helpful Dorinda was during her illness.
    So, the statement that Bethenny “constantly attacks others,” and then can’t take it when it’s returned is bull.

    • I totally agree with everything you said 3D’s Forever!!!

    • Absolutely spot on!!! Bethenny can handle the truth and dishes it when needed. Sadly, not many others on this show can. I love B and without her on this show, why bother? 🙂

    • YoYo’sRobe

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. On point with everything 3D’s

    • Miss Moneypenny☂

      ♥️You are again, spot on, 3D. I believe B grew up in a very psychologically damaging home and I wouldn’t rule out that she has PTSD. At the very least a serious fight or flight condition and it’s definitely the fight response she utilizes for self preservation. Look. I think we have to put B in perspective. Take away the celebrity, the status in life, off tv, everything. She’s a person like many in real normal life that are just as high strung and indiscriminate with their words. At least I know a few cause I grew up in a large very passionate and demonstrative Italian family. (Please no tomatoes thrown. It isn’t a cut. It is well known that the Latin countries and other Mediterranean nations share this personality trait.) My point being isn’t it time to get beyond what we know about B. She’s not perfect, she’s easily triggered, she’s highly passionate and she’s reactively charged. If anyone recalls, Ramona was very similar to B in her earlier years. R has definitely calmed down considerably either by possibly using therapy along with medication, I don’t know. But she is definitely very much more in control of her outbursts than ever before. Not to mention (because I practice astrology) they’re both Scorpios highly passionate, dramatic and intense individuals, known for their stingers.

      B herself has stated she desires to be less aggressive. She has seen herself in playbacks and she’s disappointed in herself. It’s a start to transformation. It’s a step in the right direction. She’s ‘getting’ it.

      • You mentioned some very important explanations as to why Bethenny is easily triggered. But she isn’t cruel, just speaks first, thinks later. But, the difference is, she does think. Unlike Luann who is a liar, and a total hypocrite. And Dorinda who doesn’t say how she thinks others should feel, she TELLS them what they felt, even when they say not! That’s a new characteristic I haven’t seen before. How arrogant to believe you know better than the person FEELING it than they do, wow. I used to like her so much, now I am just disheartened.

        • Miss Moneypenny☂

          I totally totally agree about Dorinda. I too really liked her at first she was refreshing. But as usual, it takes time to really get to know a new lady like a good couple seasons, and I hoped it wouldn’t happen but it did with D. She’s an embellisher. She is controlling absolutely. And overly dramatic. I had high hopes for her but I do still like something about her. She’d be what I call a fun surface friend to go out with once in a while. Not a long term loyal and intimate one, no thanks. Besides I’m very picky about who I let in my heart. It takes years for me to trust a new friend that’s just me though.

  • One Rotten Egg

    There has to be some reason, other than love, why Bitchany’s boyfriend wants to marry her. Tons of footage show Bitchany is broken and bitter.

  • Debbie. Mcguire

    This season sucked!


    B is such a lonely, damaged little girl who made a lot of money and now thinks she’s smarter than everyone else. She’s exhausting to listen to and she BELIEVES she is judge and jury. Boring season, all based around LuAnn’s engagement. Please, reboot the entire cast.

    • Anonymous


  • Real Sandy⛱

    It really seemed to me that Ramona was stifling herself when it came to telling Luann what was really on her mind. She kept saying how happy she was to see Luann so happy, yet, it seems she kept trying to reaffirm that Luann would want to know if Tom was cheating on her if it would happen again. It was like she wanted to be sure before she dropped a bomb and told her about Tom cheating…again, perhaps? That was why Andy said, Ramona knows something….Ramona just stayed silent with a face that showed no real emotion other than maybe trying hard not to show any emotion…and the forced smiles for Luann and the maybe one real smile in the end…happy that Luann was happy. Clearly Ramona does not like Tom and with good reason. Luann is settling and seems to want to be married. She said she did not want an open marriage, but her ex did…so she wants monogamy.
    I like Sonja and even she was hurting. She seems to wear more of her emotions on her face…at least at times lately when it comes to Tom. She wants to be friends with Luann, even so, and it cannot be easy.

    • I felt sad for Sonja, Sandy. Luann said awful, demeaning things about her, and didn’t even accept Sonja’s sincere apology for her snarky day about the ring and the yacht. But Sonja accepted Luann, who dod not apologize, simply lied again when she said she was “sad.” During the showing of the clips where Sonja was speaking, she was snickering derisively the entire time. If I was Sonja, I would stay away from Luann and Dorinda. Dorinda can’t seem to mind her own business, but expects everyone else to. She has the gall and arrogance to tell others how they FEEL, not how she though they felt, but actually argued with THEM, when they said HOW THEY FELT. How effing condescending. I used to like her a lot, but now I see who she is. I also now believe she is on something, which I wouldn’t give a damn about, but that kind of guts has some chemical back-up, IMEO.

  • caily

    Bethenny stayed on the couch instead of joining in the group hug because she is trying to fish out Ramona’s “new evidence” … see her with her arm behind Ramona’s pillow? That’s the same pillow Ramona’s arm was behind when she alluded to new evidence. Bethenny, the snake, is ready to pounce on it. She doesn’t know when to stop.

  • DeeDee

    It’s called “honesty” now to take things your friends tell you in confidence & reveal them to the entire world. Noted.

    • As I asked before, DeeDee, and I ask you because usually you can show or tell me where, since I really don’t see what you mean, where did Bethenny, if that’s who you mean, out the secrets Jules told her? Repeating on WWHL rumors that have been around for months is different than spilling “secrets” Jules told her in confidence. We don’t agree on her, B, but I think you are a wonderful woman and lady, we have always had a good conversation here, and a nice rapport, you shared a little of your story here, and being I know more than a little of that struggle myself, have a great respect and admiration for you, personally and sincerely. I would really like to know where she said ANYTHING Jules told her in confidence. I never saw it, heard it, on the show, on the blogs, in any interview where she was quoted, anytime, or in any rag mag. So, if I could see it I would then see it and know she did that. As far as I can see, Bethenny is harsh, but doesn’t tell secrets. Not about Ramona, Sonja, Jules, Dorinda or anyone. The stuff bout Luann isn’t a secret, everyone in Manhattan knows, & has known for years and years. Since before her divorce from the Count! If you wouldn’t mind, I would genuinely appreciate if you would show me where you saw that. 🙂 🙂

  • Sophie Fields

    Tom swings both ways…half of Manhattan knows that

    • Lisa

      OH NO! Luann is really gullible. I wonder whats in it for her. You cant love someone in a week. You dont even know them.

  • I loved the season, and I am glad Jules was a one off, she needs to take a parenting classes along with her twice weekly psyche appts., and learn what CHILDREN need. They do not need to know they have an apartment bigger than most people’s houses, for example.