Ramona Singer: I Feel Amazing


After filing for divorce from her longtime husband, Mario, Ramona Singer was happy to report she is doing well. “I’m feeling good,” she told FOX411 at a bash at Tokya Sushi Lounge & Nightclub. “I feel amazing,” she later added to a group of reporters. Ramona, accompanied by her daughter, Avery, admitted she has enjoyed having some alone time since her daughter left for college.

“I just think for so many years, I was on this like mouse wheel and I was just taking on too much. With the HSN jewelry [line] and my skin care line and the True Faith jewelry and the Pinot Grigio and the TV show and my business and my daughter and my husband… It was just overwhelming. I said ‘You know what? Take care of me.’ And I think I look a lot better for it,” the slimmed down RHONY star said.

“One of the reasons why I made up with Aviva was for the good of the group, and then you’ll see I’m a little bit annoyed because I made up for the good of the group, and then all of the sudden some of the people in the group aren’t happy with Aviva, and I’m like ‘Why did I make up with her then?’” Ramona revealed.

But she’s still not on good terms with Countess LuAnn de Lesseps. “I don’t have a lot of chemistry with LuAnn,” Singer said, explaining that the two clashed during the sixth season.

Photo Credit: WireImage