Ramona Singer Humiliated After Mario And Kasey Dexter Go Public


As we previously reported, Mario Singer was photographed gallivanting around Bridehampton with his longtime mistress Kasey Dexter this past weekend and according to a new report, Ramona is absolutely humiliated.

“Kasey has now dyed her blond hair black, and Mario was all over her at the Women’s Health Party Under the Stars in Bridgehampton on Saturday night. Mario was openly grabbing her butt, and the two were making out in front of everyone. It was very awkward,” a source tells RadarOnline. “Ramona is humiliated and embarrassed because she has rented a house in the Hamptons for the month of August. Ramona and Mario chose to rent out their family mansion in the Hamptons for financial reasons.”

“Mario is staying with a good friend of his, who also has a much younger girlfriend. Ramona thought she would be able to relax and get away from all of the drama, but Mario has now made that impossible,” the source continued.

Ramona “is taking this all really badly. She really tried to make it work out with Mario. She wanted to make the marriage work, and doesn’t know what to do now with her life,” the insider adds.

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11 Replies to “Ramona Singer Humiliated After Mario And Kasey Dexter Go Public”

  1. Yes blah blah Mario is a prat, blah blah Mario is a wanker no one cares anymore, this crap has been going on for so long now it’s time Ramona shake herself off and get on with it, I am not heartless but this sh*t has gone on for too long…Come on Ramona show us what you are made of and do a fabulous show of new man I know you have it in you!!!

  2. Ramona is not stupid or deaf or blind. She is vicious towards others, taking every opportunity to say horrible things publicly abt other’s marriages and children. No sympathy here except for Avery. Cheating is an awful thing. It appear R chose to stay with him long after his actions shoqwed he wanted out. Interesting_that he was quiet with the gf directly before and after the reunion. He could have come clean and been very public a long time ago.

  3. He may be having all the fun now, but that won’t last forever. Mario is in for a huge let down once divorce proceedings begin I have a feeling. I hope the both of them move on and enjoy their lives. All break ups are shocking and difficult whether you are in the Hamptons or anywhere else on the planet.

  4. seeing how Ramona is, she probably made a deal with hubby to stay together until after the reunion so she wouldn’t have to talk about it.

  5. Mario is a stereotype. GF is a child.
    Romans 8:28.
    I pray Roman-a can overcome.
    One thing R., this is NOT your problem…it is THEIRS!
    That helped me.

  6. Mario only cares for Mario or he wouldn’t be prancing around with the Kasey at a place he knows
    that he may run into either his daughter or wife of both.
    As for the crazy Kasey, she should have wanted to go elsewhere also.
    As God made them he matched them. Wait, Ramona they’ll get theirs.

  7. Ramona’s life is a cautionary tale. Act decent, be compassionate, pick a mate with those same traits, and realize pride in oneself should come from being a good person, not one-upping others. She put herself on a pedestal, so it was just a matter of time before she got knocked off of it.

  8. I would be surprised to see Ramona return to RHNY next season. She has talked so much crap about all the other women in the past and has always acted like her life is so perfect. I don’t think she can take the public humiliation played out that her “perfect husband” left her for a younger woman. Even though that has been happening for thousands of years.

    1. You’re probably right. I’m not sure whether financially she can keep up the better-than-thou appearance she requires without her RH $$$$. Does anybody buy her wine? What else does she do for work? Anything?

      1. i wonder if she will it could actually make for some serious story line as she now realizes how wrong she was to others and now knows what it is like to be in the other persons shoes. i dont like her so much but his horrible behavior makes me feel bad for her and especially their daughter :/

  9. kasey is a homewrecking whore and mario is a perverted cheater = they deserve one another and i look forward to the day he cheats on kasey or she cheats on him with another married man. we all know it will happen lol he is soooo disgusting and so is she . thank goodness ramona can move on and do far better than this loser

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