Ramona Singer Happy to be Single


Ramona Singer is happy to announce that she is over her ex-husband Mario. At the RHONY premiere party she said, “I am having the best time of my life!”

“I’m single,” she told RadarOnline at the bash she threw with Sonja Morgan. “I’m not really involved with anyone seriously, and I’m just enjoying my freedom and I’ve never been happier.”

Ramona promises she will take on a whole new role this season compared to last. “I have to say, I’m finally in a happy place,” she stated. “A year ago, the viewers [saw me in] season 7, upset, really distraught. They’re going to see a lighter Ramona, a more fun Ramona and actually a warmer Ramona.”

And she’s ready to show off her new body. “I actually had my breasts enhanced two, three years ago,” Singer admitted. “I was always a 34c, and I’m still a 34c. My breasts were always a great asset, and they still are.”

Are you ready for the premiere of RHONY?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Suze☕️

    Boring! Can’t stand Ramona

  • apple

    The crazy is strong with this one.

  • Kim2020

    AMAZING! How strange. Ramona is an interesting person as she has several successful businesses and has a platform to really mentor and help young women. However, I’m disappointed that she has reduced her self worth to breast size.

    • Bon Vivant

      I always wondered what is it that makes big,new boobies such an important asset for women in society? I grew up in the 70s when breast jobs weren’t as common, and I come from the world of fashion and dance where it’s more standard to be of smaller cup size. I must be lost in nostalgia or something because I’d rather be more svelte than super curvy…although I have to say I do LOVE RHoBHs Erika Jayne’s body: she’s not afraid to EAT and she’s very meaty in a “retro pop culture-showgirl” kind of way. I like classic “swan” bodies, and then bigger-boned curves, like Ann Margret and Rachel Welch, but with things kind of balanced out and not extremely exaggerated frames. For example Brandi and LisaR would be too thin for my taste, and Porsha Williams’ plastic surgery experiment body is overboard for me…

      • Bon Vivant

        What’s worse is that lately in an effort to be cheap and save money, average everyday women are now going to “basement” practitioners to get illegal injections…and they don’t actually even know what’s been injected into their bodies!!!! People are getting sick left and right trying to keep up with these plastic surgery trends. I know the Kim K. family is immensely popular and have made a fortune off of transforming themselves with plastic surgery, but frankly when not all posed up for a photo shoot, I find that she and everyone who knocks off that her look actually look like they’re wearing a saggy diaper full of poo. I look at that & think, “what happened to the naturally curvaceous beauties like Sofia Loren, or 70s star Pam Grier..?” I’m so over bum injections & hard melon boobies.

  • daisy

    I don’t want to like Ramona but I do feel bad for her.I hope that’s not me in 10 years

  • Duchess of Wienerschintzel

    OK, she has a new pair of boobs….that will be her story this season…her knockers

  • PJ

    As much as the Ramona-coaster has driven me nuts since the show started, I must say I’m glad she’s kicked that sleazeball Mario to the curb. What a slime-doggy.

  • Real Sandy⛱

    She said she had her boobs enhanced three years ago and is still the same size, a 34C. To me, that means she had her breasts lifted and the sagging skin tightened…. She just wanted more youthful looking boobs for herself. I do not think she had silicone or saline implants. She turns 60 this year and she still can wear a bikini..not bad.