Ramona Singer Gives Mystery Man a Lap Dance


According to the New York Daily News, Ramona Singer was caught giving a mystery man a lap dance!

“Ramona Singer is a dirty dancer. A spywitness watched in awe as the Real Housewife of New York gave a not-so-private lap dance to a “mystery man” at the bawdy Midtown Sushi Roxx supper club.”

The eyewitness to this talks about how Ramona was all over this gentleman and it even caught the eye of some guest who might not have been so pleased.

“She fervidly made out with the man and was all over him in front of startled diners, one of whom loudly said ‘Get a room!’” according to an onlooker at the eatery last week. Considering that the restaurant is situated in the Tuscany Hotel, that actually would have been possible. The insider also said that Singer wasn’t shy about recruiting restaurant employees for her impromptu performance.

Singer was also very impatient with the staff as well.

“Ramona was very pushy with the staff,” said the insider, who also said that singer was having her way with the house DJ.

“She kept asking the DJ to play the ‘hot music’ so she could do a sexy lap dance for her new man,” we’re told.

“There were no cameras anywhere,” said the source. “This was the real Ramona.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo


32 Replies to “Ramona Singer Gives Mystery Man a Lap Dance”

      1. maybe the guy had a great sense of humor and just thought she was trying to be funny? 🙂 Gosh her daughter must be so embarrassed.

  1. This sounds hilarious! Sounds like someone is on the prowl and serious rebound. I’m kinda bummed there was no camera. Seeing that disaster would be comical.

    1. Me too, Gemini…its like when Sonja does her weird rambling old lady drunk dances. I am embarrassed for her…and kinda grossed out…but I just can’t look away.

      1. I honestly love drunk Sonja and Ramona. They’re like girls gone wild, golden girls, and a splash of jersey shore all together. I laugh so damn hard cause they’re such a hot mess. I love how the chicks in new York party when they’re drunk because it’s so obscene and hilarious.

        1. Well…they are no Shahs of Sunset…who are the best drunks on Bravo, IMHO, but they are pretty good…especially when they are on vacation together.

  2. Ramona has shown a very low classed, desperate, gaudy, man hungry side & it’s very uiimpressive given her age. How shameful for her young daughter & the worst example of a mother to look up to or follow.

      1. (((Sally))) that was my own little take on a phrase that goes something like… bow chicka bow … which is a little irreverent musical take when a hot woman comes on the scene or such and is being referenced.
        ? Does that make sense ? Lol

  3. Yawnnnn Ramona! Get a hold of yourself woman !! Is that her misguided way letting her ex and everyone else that she’s ‘moved on’ ?

  4. You got to hand it to her since she lost most of her RHoNY salary, she’s just trying to generate new income streams. $10/ lap dance, only 50,000 more lap dances to go. On a side note, I’m 42yrs old & the last time I tried to do a lap dance it was more like a flap dance.

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