Ramona Singer Finally Admits To Getting A Boob Job


Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer adamantly denied getting a boob job when confronted by her cast mates this season, but according to a new excerpt from her book Life On The RamonaCoaster, Singer is finally coming clean about going under the knife.

“I’ve never had any surgery on my face, but I recently did have my breasts done,” she admits in the book, obtained by RadarOnline. “I went to see Dr. [Sharon] Giese and she didn’t even want to do them. She said, ‘You have great breasts. They’re better than most women half your age.’”

“Some women go crazy and get huge implants, but I didn’t want to be bigger,” she admits. “I just wanted to enhance what I already had. I was always a 34C and I’m still a 34C… I didn’t want to be top heavy, I just wanted to be more enhanced.”

“It was a fairly quick procedure and I went home that day,” she says, adding that she has no regrets about undergoing the surgery. “The truth is that getting my breasts done was the right choice for me when the time came. The most important thing is that you feel as healthy on the inside as you look on the outside.”

“At that point I hadn’t decided if I wanted to tell anyone,” she says, “but I’ve always been honest about the work I’ve had done and I don’t believe it’s anything to be ashamed of.”

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19 Replies to “Ramona Singer Finally Admits To Getting A Boob Job”

  1. she needs a brain transplant. and a behaviourial readjustement.

    This is the most self obsessed person in the whole franchise.

    I can understand Mario leaving..he needs to stay away from her.

    1. Mario is a cheating pig who was too selfish to go to his wife and tell her he wanted something different in the marriage. He was all great with her until some strange stuff came along. I am sure she was just like herself when they married and when they renewed their vows a few years ago. She has faults like everyone, but he was her husband, not a viewer. He should have asked for a divorce then go with any strange stuff he wanted. But he is a greedy douche who wanted her money and other women. I hope he gets neither.

      1. Yes, because people cheat out of fun, right… go watch all 7 seasons of RHONY and study this woman thoroughly.

  2. I thought she was looking a little fuller in the boobage department. Well, thankfully they at least look tastefully done…I’ve never understood why some women choose to go so large until they end up looking like the letter “P” when you turn them sideways. In any event, as irritating as she is, she’s an attractive enough gal for a woman in her mid-late 50’s- I suppose a little sprucing up is in order if you’re a new divorcee, particularly when it’s been over 20 years since you’ve been ” out there”…

  3. This is probably the only thing Ramona has ever admitted to! Good for her if it makes her feel better go for it!

  4. ‘She’s alway honest about what she has done ?’ Really? lol
    And by the way, going from a 34C to a 34C is no enhancement. If Heather & the other girls noticed it IS because she wen bigger. I don’t buy anything Ramona says, she’s really “in the zone”.

  5. She should have done us all a favor and had the doctor staple her mouth shut. The lady is wacked. She treated Mario like a dog. She should have had her ADD addressed by a doctor instead of a boob job.

  6. Ok she had a boob job, I don’t think any of us were stupid enough to believe she didn’t. I do think it’s also ok for her not to tell people. Weather she got her boobs, face, tummy done is not really our business.

  7. It is no ones business but If she is going to put them on display for everyone too see she needs to own it!!! Why did she attempt to lie about it? Because she wanted everyone to think she’s the fountain of youth that’s exactly why. Her poor daughter has to be embarrassed by her mothers actions on TV for the world to see.

  8. ya know, it still bugs me that gretchen in OC lied about getting her lips done and said it was all down to the ‘lip plumper’ she sold online. trying to profit out of lies is gross. ramona lying about her boobs doesn’t hurt anyone.

    it is typical ramona of her to say how the surgeon was all “your boobs are the best ever!!!!” before the surgery though, haha.

  9. Ramoaner looks great. She really should be proud of how she looks. Inside, she is still a work in progress but at least there is some progress being made even if it is slow.

  10. This quote of hers attributed to the doctor, “You have great breasts. They’re better than women half your age….” is sooo her! Who says crap like that but her? She’s always saying how smart and beautiful, etc. she is, which is ridiculous. I would lay odds the doctor did not say that to her. I’m at once shocked by her lack of self reflection and am embarrassed for her and her daughter at the same time. I wonder if she has Asberger’s Syndrome, and that’s why she’s so tone deaf to the rest of the world. Except Asberger’s sufferers are usually more cerebral.

    1. Your exactly correct. Not to mention seeing her prance around in a tiny bikini with wedges is hilarious . She thinks she looks good, however, she is actually making a total ass of herself and embarrassing her daughter. She does NOT have the Bethany body and she looks and acts like a clown. I’m most positive her doctor told her she didn’t need a boob job! If that was the case she went to a cheap doctor right over the border in Mexico. RUN Mario RUN. She is not even good entertainment anymore. Andy needs to give her the AX.

  11. Ramona DOES look good. She has a great body (lose the dopey wedges) and a very young face. Not buying that she didn’t have any work done on her face but whatever. She looks great. (She cray-cray tho LOL)

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