Ramona Singer Files For Divorce From Mario After 27 Years Of Marriage


Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer filed for divorce from her husband of 27 years on Tuesday, the NY Post reports. Ramona filed for divorce just days after she called the police to the couple’s home in the Hamptons. In that incident, Ramona was reportedly infuriated after catching Mario with rumored girlfriend Kasey Dexter. Ramona claimed Mario choked her.

Ramona reportedly went on a date a week ago with a much younger guy named Travis Millard, who “had his hand on her back as they were walking out” of a date at New York eatery, The General. Ramona and Travis “were leaning in towards each other the whole dinner,” a source told Us Weekly. “They were holding each other’s hands at one point … they were just overall very touchy with each other all throughout dinner. They didn’t look like they were trying to hide the affection other than the fact there was no kissing.”

Ramona and Mario have a daughter named Avery who is currently in college. The Post report’s they tried to put a positive spin on their relationship until it was no longer feasible.

“Thank you all for the love & support!” Ramona tweeted. “For my daughter’s sake, I would appreciate everyone respecting our privacy during this difficult time.”

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  1. They’ll be fine. Bless them and may they be on their way to new chapters. They definitely have the resources to move on.
    Although, Mario better watch out for the probable sting that follows a Scorpio scorned.

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