Ramona Singer Fighting With Dorinda Medley For RHONY Camera Time?

Dorinda Ramona

According to a new report, Ramona Singer and socialite Dorina Medley are the ones bringing the drama to season 7 of The Real Housewives of New York City. Insiders say that Ramona is openly feuding with Medley and wants producers to cut her out of the show.

“Ramona is drawing a line in the sand, and demanding that Dorinda not be made a full-time housewife. It’s bad enough for Ramona that Dorinda at this point will have a recurring role. The ladies had been close friends before Dorinda joined the show, but now Ramona is completely freezing her out,” a show insider reveals.

“Ramona is insanely jealous of Dorinda because of her wealth and social status in New York society,” the source told RadarOnline. “Out of her mind with craziness, Ramona has even told Bravo to cut Dorinda out of the upcoming season!”

“Ramona is freaking out that she has been replaced by someone who she brought on the show to help her!” the site reports. “Dorinda had wanted to be on the show for a very long time, and simply used Ramona in a weak moment to get it done. Ramona was fearful the show would be canceled because of lagging ratings, and she thought Dorinda would be a great fit. If she had to do it again, she wouldn’t!”




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  • Karen

    This could be the usual “a source said” BS, but I could see Ramona not wanting to give up the Queen Bee status, she doesn’t like to share, and she is kind of a bully. It would be a tad bit delicious if she ran into a woman whose wealth, social status and backbone could put Ramona in he place!

  • Tom

    It isn’t up to Ramona who gets how much air time and how the show is produced and edited. It is a business and she doesn’t own it.

  • Aunt Bee

    I’ve always felt Ramona needs counseling for her behavior but think the divorce, her daughter off to college, and her downgrade have put her over the line between ditsy and just plain crazy. Get help Ramona

  • VaNonna

    Who doesn’t Ramona fight with, she’s such an insecure mean person. They should have gotten rid of her.

  • Jayden McCaraughney

    wish aviva was returning

  • Anonymous

    I’m so looking forward to Bethany and Dorinda maybe another fresh face can help this show. I also think they should add a women of African American background to the show .theirs plenty of Wealth Black women in New York city

  • Hi every1 I read somewhere in the comments tat married to medacine has been canceled, is this really true?